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What should Stuart Holden Do?

Stuart Holden

One of the biggest names in MLS without a contract this offseason is Stuart Holden. The Houston Dynamo midfielder enjoyed a breakout season in 2009, fitting in nicely in the Dynamo attack. With overseas suitors knocking at his door, the deadline approaches for Holden as he chooses to sign with a European club or stay in Houston.

The effort to re-sign Holden has even caught the attention of Don Garber. Rumors of a new contract offer from MLS that increases his salary by tenfold abound, but it still pales in comparison to what he could make in England or Scotland, two potential destinations. However, that could jeopardize his chances at making the World Cup roster in 2010 if he decides to go abroad and fails to get playing time.

Here’s a question for SBI readers: if you were Stuart Holden, what would you do? Take the money and risk losing your World Cup spot? Or stay in Houston, perhaps try and engineer a move later? Have a vote in the poll below.

What do you think Holden should do? What will he do? Share your thoughts below.


  1. There is no short term deals with the MLS. You get locked into a contract for a while. This is what people fail to understand. MLS DOESN’T OFFER SHORT TERM DEALS.


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