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A look at American moves to (and within) Europe

Eddie Johnson 1 (AP) 

With Freddy Adu set to join Eddie Johnson at Greek club Aris FC, and several other Americans preparing for loans and transfers to Europe from MLS, I wrote a piece on the subject of winter moves by American players for today.

While it is clear that many fans like the idea of Johnson and Adu heading to Greece to jumpstart their careers, it was interesting to hear Chicago Fire technical director and Greek League veteran Frank Klopas talk positively about the moves. Klopas, who played for AEK Athens and is a native of Greece, believes Johnson and Adu can excel in Greece and thinks the team they are joining and coach they will be playing for could help them re-establish themselves.

Give the story a read and feel free to share your own thoughts on Johnson and Adu heading to Greece, as well as thoughts on any of the proposed winter moves for Americans such as Ricardo Clark and Stuart Holden (who look as good as gone from MLS), in the comments section below.


  1. That is a huge shame that Clark and Holden are leaving. The rivalry between the Sounders and Houston was ( and hopefully still is ) a great one for one year of existance. It was a pleasure to watch him. I am not about to watch a Burnley v. Bolton fiasco anytime soon, so hopefully soon the MLS can afford them and they return.

    The bigger picture still shows MLS cannot keep the talent at home and the fans will continue watching the joke of EPL.


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