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Adu seals move to Aris FC

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The much-rumored Freddy Adu move to Greece is now official. An 18-month loan deal has been agreed upon between Aris FC and Benfica, and Adu will join fellow American Eddie Johnson at the Greek club.

According to the club's official site (and Adu's Twitter page), Adu will join up through June 2011, with the club retaining an option to buy the attacker from Benfica. Aris is perhaps Adu's last chance to truly succeed in Europe after two failed loan stints at Monaco and Belenenses.

What do you think of Adu's latest destination? Think he will finally turn his European career around? Can you see him playing his way into the World Cup mix, or is he doomed to rot on another bench?

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  1. You probably think President Obama’s birth certificate is fake too. Freddy immigrated to Ghana when he was eight! Do you really think that his mother had the foresight to alter his age then? Look out for the black helicopters, there’s one landing in your back yard!

  2. Racist? Really? Where could you possibly infer any racism in that? That’s all you can bring to this? Give mommy her keyboard back.

  3. “So Greece is a Top Five league?”

    Thats not what the dispute is about Travis…as I stated when I said be it in a top 5 team or “small-time” league.
    Greece is somewhere in that spectrum with every other team in Europe.

    “Back to the original point” “Adu hasn’t even come close to making an impact in his past two clubs, the last being a last-place club in Portugal. Now he’s going to Greece. If he can’t even get off the bench for the FOURTH STRAIGHT CLUB, he’s not finding quality work in any league of consequence in Europe”

    No. Your original point is that Adu is done in Europe if this loan spell doesnt work out.

    Its about whether or not he will be offered opportunities to play. In your original piece, you give him a little better than a snowballs chance in Hell to play in Europe again. Now, by your own admission in your last post, you kind of back off that. So again, how am I off base?

  4. The world is also full of people who are wrong about something everyday. I know you’re just speculating, but what I said is also as much a fact as your statement about football flameouts. People have been wrong about incredible football…no…sports players, and the greatest stories in the world are the ones of athletes going against the odds, whether it be poverty, competition, disability, to come out successful. Nobody thinks Adu is that kind of athlete, but just like with other incredible athletes, it takes a certain someone, whether it be a coach, a teammate, a relative, or a close friend to change a person. I believe that EJ’s work ethic can rub off on Adu, and if this coach is any good, he should be able to help Freddy also.

  5. So were on to team number 5 in 4 years?
    Maybe its a sign.

    As for potential, Aris has 4 offensive players who played u-21 for their countries (the euro u-21 and u-23 tournaments are splendid) these past 2-3 years. All guys of Adu’s age who have had a lot of euro exposure and big game experience. 2 spaniards (from Barca’s youth academy), an irish kid and a greek one who scored 10 goals for the greek U-21.
    They also have potential but they have actually played the past few years.
    The world is full of potential stars. Football is also full of flameouts.
    Maybe when we get to team number 6 in 5yrs, some people will stop humming that tune but I get a feeling that they wont.
    They want to believe that he’s something special but even going back to his RSL fiasco, these people were hoping.
    Hope is like a drug, it doesnt allow you to think straight.

    Oh yeah, argentinian coach and 5-6 argie players doenst help his odds.

  6. Adu, Eddie Johnson, Altidore, C Davies, Onyewu: 37 million US $ spent. Goals scored: 2. Somesing wrong here.

    (SBI-Not sure where in the world you’re getting that number from.)

  7. Really man, do i think it is possible, yeah maybe. But your comments are ridiculous, guess how tall i was when i was 14, 5’6. I am now 24, but i am only 5’8… people grow differently. get over it, and unless you have seen some good evidence other then speculation on his size vs age, then you should probably just stop.

  8. Since I cant directly respond to the SBI contributor He can get it in this response.

    Ok…so because your disclaimer “and by Europe, I’m talking a good league, not some small-time league” came after I responded to your piece…how am I off base?

    fyi, There are many small time leagues in Europe that are ahead of the MLS curve. And I think if you ask any American player winning PT with those clubs if they are a failure or washed up in Europe.I think they would be offended. Of course every player wants to be a star in Europe, but lets face it, the world needs cart fetchers and cash register operators as well as doctors and lawyers. Just because they are not in the top 5 leagues in Europe doesnt make them washed up and busted. Am I off base?

    Its not a stretch to think that in times like these there will be teams looking to add young talent on the cheap…by European standards that is. Also, who is to say when Adu’s contract is over, that he wouldnt take a pay cut just to stay in Europe then make his stock rise? Is that not a possibility?

    Would it not be a good course of action for Adu to cement himself in a lower table team and work his way up Ala Demeritt? Grella? White? Davies? Lewis? And most of them made their impact post 24.

    You make a valid point with regard to Adu not making a good case for himself for repeated offers from clubs in top flight ball…and off-base if you think his career in Europe is over be it in the top 5 or even the “small-time” leagues as you say.

    (SBI-So Greece is a Top Five league? Back to the original point. Adu hasn’t even come close to making an impact in his past two clubs, the last being a last-place club in Portugal. Now he’s going to Greece. If he can’t even get off the bench for the FOURTH STRAIGHT CLUB, he’s not finding quality work in any league of consequence in Europe. I get your point about maybe some team taking a chance on a cheap reclamation project, but the track record will be hard to ignore, no matter how cheap he’s willing to play for. Could he still rebound, return to MLS, find his form, and find success in his mid-to-late 20s? Sure, but it isn’t a stretch to suggest that if he flames out at Aris then he’ll be running REAL low on European options.)

  9. I love all the experts on this board!lol Most folks that bash Adu on this site are always talking about his work ethic and lack of commitment, where are you guys getting this information from??? I have never heard of a staff member,teamate,coach, ever say anything negative about Adu. Please, point me to this resources.

    Here is the deal my U.S fans. We are NOT Brazil,Argentina,Spain,etc… to think that we don’t need ADU on our squad. We don’t produce ball skill players nor great creative midfielders like Adu. If we were any of the countires mention above, than it wouldn’t be a problem letting another youngsta go. Adu has done more for our youth systems and has had great games against powerhouse apponents than any other young player that has ever gone through our system. The only reason Bradley,Sizzo,Sztela,Jozy, got a look at from Europe is because scouts were out there lookling at ADU’s play.

    Rogers,Holden,Beckerman,Casey,Cunningham,Finley,Johnson,Mcarthy,Cooper, is what folks prefer on their roster rather than having ADU??LOL Adu can sit on the bench for 3 years, and I still wouldn’t pick any of those chumps above ADU. Funny how US fans act as if we are filled with talented Donovan at the aget of 28 still hasn’t had a decent break in Europe.

  10. Eh, whatever. Either this will work out or it won’t, but he’ll eventually end up somewhere he can play regularly. Everybody does. It’s just a question of what level club he’ll play regularly for (and how long it’s going to take for him to get there).

  11. I’m now 26, and I’m the same height (6’2″) that I was when I was 14. Should I be worried that my birth certificate is a forgery and I’m really 30?


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