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Altidore delivers assist, draws penalty kick in Hull return

Jozy Altidore 5 (Getty Images)


Jozy Altidore had not seen the field for Hull City since Jan. 2, but that didn't stop him from making a major impact in Hull's 2-2 draw against Wolves.

Returning from compassionate leave due having family members affected by the tragedy in Haiti, Altidore made an immediate impact on Saturday, latching onto a long ball, shielding it with his body and delivering an assist to Jan Vennegoor for the opener in the 11th minute.

Altidore didn't stop there. After an own goal equalized the game, the U.S. national team forward drew a penalty kick that would be converted by Stephen Hunt seven minutes into the second half.

Then, moments before Wolves leveled the score again, and just as he was about to be subbed off, Altidore almost added a goal of his own, making a dangerous run down the left flank before unleashing a shot that goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann knocked away.

If you want to see someof Altidore's performance, the game highlights are below the jump:

What do you think of Altidore's return match? Think he will maintain this level of play until the World Cup? Do you see Altidore scoring his first EPL goal soon?

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  1. Jozy has a crap first touch and cannot hold the ball.

    He plays when the mood strikes him and if he doesn’t feel like it, well they would better off with you in there.

  2. I don’t get any of the hate. This was a great game for Jozy. He was directly responsible for both of Hull’s goals even though he didn’t score, and played very well overall. Also, wtf at that being a dive. He was a *little* dramatic in his fall, but that’s as clear a penalty as there is, 100% no doubt.

  3. I’m absolutely stunned that some of you think that was a dive. He is in position to play the ball and the guy jumps on his back. His reaction is to protect himself.

    Quite honestly, I’m going to chalk it up to some individual’s needs to feel like they are saying something relevant… and that’s being generous.

  4. I could be wrong but isn’t Altidore tied with the most assists on Hull … even if he’s not scoring he’s involved some way in the attack, which I think makes a better all around and more dangerous striker… No!?

  5. his substitution was shocking according to a sky sports member

    i i was surprised by the sub as well, Altidore looked like Hull’s Tevez

  6. I am beginning to think that these forums and blogs are as much for ANTI-fans of the US squad as they are for fans. There can’t be one post about a player making a difference on his team or landing a deal to play somewhere without a rain on negative comments. It’s borderline exhausting.

    Whether he made much of it or not, that was a foul in the box. A combination of Jozy’s size and awareness on the pitch drew that call, and it WAS a foul. Crew is correct.

    A defender for Wolves, even if they are the WORST team in the EPL, is only bad enough to let ~20 other teams score on him, because the EPL is the best league in the world.

    This highlight reel shows Jozy have about as solid an outing as you can have as a striker without scoring; nothing more, nothing less. If you can’t recognize that, you should not be on this blog, because you aren’t a soccer fan.

  7. Jozy played that ball perfectly, it’s all about body positioning. The defender never should have gone up for the ball as he didn’t have a prayer of reaching it due to Jozy shielding him off.

  8. true, i really had no idea what i was saying to be honest. only goals that i seem to remember are always Dempseys and Donavons except for the one against spain when he took his off his jersey

  9. Production alone isn’t what makes a target striker; finishing isn’t what makes a target striker; speed isn’t what makes a target striker. A target striker is a guy who latches onto and make the most of what service he gets, no matter how little that may be. People say Ching is slow and doesn’t score goals and they may be right, but he didn’t need to score goals or be fast or get good service to be an influence on the game. Jozy’s potential in the EPL is better than what Ching is, or ever will be for that matter, but Ching probably would have done more to raise his stock by now; at least he’ll get to games on time. That’s my honest opinion.

  10. Freegle, I wonder if they are the same guys who defended Ching for starting so long and Jozy, Davies, Adu, Cooper or others ever getting a chance in the early stages of qualifying? Hmmmmm

    Isn’t this what the “Target Striker who holds up the ball” is supposed to do?

    I’m sorry but on production alone, Jozy is a much better Target striker than Ching and Casey.

    And he can actually finish and has speed.

    Oh and for Jackie, did you not see the game vs Man Unt? He totally outworked those guys, yeah maybe Rio and Vidic weren’t starting or playing, but still to play the way he did vs Red Devisl says a lot, and he earned a no doubt PK there too!

    Thinking about a 2nd time, he has earned quite a few PK’s, when are they going to let him take one? Maybe that will get his scoring going?

  11. “Put Jozy on a team who could service him and he might very well be scoring for his club. ”

    So all Jozy needs are some hookers?

  12. Aside from national team implications, Brown can’t help but feel like he’s found a good forward combo finally, with Altidore playing off of Venegoor of Hesselink and becoming the Charlie Davies of Hull. As a Celtic fan, I followed Venegoor of Hesselink, and he’s generally like Brian Ching, except a more athletic and a deadlier finisher. The thing about Jozy is that he’s capable of being the target and the man playing off of a target. Like someone stated before, news of Charlie pushing himself makes Jozy want to push himself, and his Haitian pride seems to have kicked in as well.


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