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Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead

Jonathan Spector 2 (Getty Images)


It is the first weekend of 2010 and despite there being only two different countries with Americans Abroad in action, there is still a plethora of quality matches on tap.

The third round of the FA Cup kicks off this weekend, and for a pair of U.S. national team defenders that means a respective date with a Premier League heavyweight. Jonathan Spector and West Ham United host high-flying Arsenal, while Jay DeMerit and Watford will look to stun the EPL's top team, Chelsea.

Looking for another intriguing match this weekend? Then look no further than the Old Firm showdown between Celtic and Rangers, where Maurice Edu and DaMarcus Beasley could see the field together for the first time this season.

Wondering what other matches might be of interest? Here is a rundown of who the Americans Abroad will be playing this weekend:


Brad Friedel, Brad Guzan and Aston Villa play Blackburn Rovers in the third round of the FA Cup.

Frank Simek and Sheffield Wednesday play Crystal Palace in the third round of the FA Cup.

Tim Howard and Everton play Carlisle United in the third round of the FA Cup.

Clint Dempsey and Fulham play Swindon Town in the third round of the FA Cup.

Zak Whitbread and Millwall play Derby County in the third round of the FA Cup.

Jozy Altidore and Hull City play Wigan Athletic in the third round of the FA Cup.

Jemal Johnson and Milton Keynes Dons play Burnley in the third round of the FA Cup.

Jon-Paul Pittman and Wycombe Wanderers play Norwich City.


Mike Grella and Leeds United play Manchester United in the third round of the FA Cup.

Jay DeMerit and Watford play Chelsea in the third round of the FA Cup.

Jonathan Spector and West Ham United play Arsenal in the third round of the FA Cup.

Marcus Hahnemann and Wolverhampton Wanderers play Tranmere Rovers in the third round of the FA Cup.

Dominic Cervi and Celtic play DaMarcus Beasley, Maurice Edu and Rangers.


Which Americans Abroad match are you most looking forward to? Which player(s) do you see having a big impact? Do you see Spector starting this weekend? Think DeMerit can help lead Watford to a shock win? Who will win the Old Firm?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Eh… It doesn’t bother me that much. There really aren’t a ton of left wingers in the Premier League that have torn it up in the past year. Dempsey’s as good a choice as any. Now, if Deuce was playing on the right, I’d agree; crazy.

  2. The vast majority of sports are non-issues in the UK, at least as regards Olympic participation. Since FIFA essentially sanctions the Olympic tournament, all four of the home nations (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) have the opportunity to qualify their teams. There’s some push to have a unified UK team, but that’s mainly in England, actually, since there’s little chance that it would be anything other than an England U-23 with just a few peripheral players from the other three sprinkled in. Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland would rather fail honorably in their pursuit of qualifying individually than to have their identities subsumed in England in the quest to qualify.

    Now, there are moves afoot in Scotland and Wales to further devolve power in the two places, essentially giving complete home-rule except for military and foreign relations. That could have ramifications on Olympic participation in events other than soccer, but it wouldn’t really change matters for soccer. Northern Ireland isn’t likely to get the kind of independence Scotland and Wales are heading toward in the near future, at least not as long as Loyalism is as strong as it is now, and in any case independence from the UK would likely be nothing more than a step to Irish unification, which is why the Loyalists would be opposed.

  3. also, if anyone knows where online the rangers game is being shown, that will be a fun ticket to watch. I saw edu tear it up once, and beasley has been playing very well lately. go yanks

  4. good call on jozy performance woes…if he doesn’t put some away soon, he could be riding pine. For what is worth I do think jozy produces a good number of chances out in the epl, but at times I get the impression his laziness interfers with his loss of direction. Spector is playing solid, i hope he keeps it up. Dempsey is playing with some confidence lately, I don’t know if there is a link that someone knows but clint nailed the upper 90 crossbar from about 30 yards a couple of weeks ago from a direct kick. I’m glad usa will have a free kick specialist this summer.

  5. For the Olympics they are considered one country – I believe that this is still an issue to be resolved for who (and if) is going to participate for the Olympic team when the Olympics are in England.

  6. He isn’t going back to Vietnam. He quit HAGL. He ignored their emails and phone calls and finally sent his dad to Vietnam to tell them he quit. Its been widely publicised in Vietnam and the fans are very angry.

    I think he will sign with Dallas.

  7. I think this weekend is pivotal for both Spector and Altidore. Jozy’s not going to get a better chance to get on the score sheet (Wigan are awful). Spector needs to prove he’s ready to play against the top teams; if he proves solid against Arsenal, the position is probably his. On the other hand, if Jozy doesn’t score now, a winter transfer could knock him out of the lineup. Hopefully, the right players/formation are employed this time.

  8. Yeah. Nothing like going to a country where you can’t understand what people are saying and can’t protect or defend yourself….

  9. I agree…but its nice to see these kinds of things published. Changing perceptions is what will open the door to more and more players succeeding (or at least having the chance) abroad.

  10. Don’t know if he quite counts as an “American Abroad” but Devin Barclay just kicked a short fieldgoal in the Rose Bowl.

    Just like Roberto Baggio, his shot went over the bar!

  11. Donovan will be fine. He knows what he’s getting himself into, and he knows what his body is capable of. Eventon is a strong club, but isn’t as big as Bayern Munich. Donovan will also be more comfortable from a cultural standpoint. He won’t have to fight the language as he did in Germany, and he has a friend on the club in Howard. Furthermore, Moyes won’t play him until he’s fit, and in decent form. Lastly, the expectations aren’t as high as they were coming into Bayern. He doesn’t need to score goals right away.

    All I want to see from Donovan in January are flashes that show he can be explosive, and dangerous in the offensive third. Hopefully his minutes will increase in February, and he’ll put a few in the back of the net.

  12. Well I’m no wordsmith but I’m pretty sure he covered what you just descrided when he said “…and the sporting world”. As long as were being hypertechnical and all. LOL

  13. “…are only two different countries in the hearts of Scotsmen…” Not really, for the record they are different countries in the eyes of FIFA when it comes to football, and any other sporting event for that matter. Separate FAs, separate leagues, distinct cultural identities, etc. As long as we are being hyper technical and all.


    short little article with Clint Dempsey named best left winger in the Premiership

    I suspect Dempsey will get a rest this Saturday against Swindon

    Guzan will probably be between the pipes

    Hopefully the start of a brand new year can see Jozy put his name on the Scoresheet for the 2nd time at Hull

  15. Thank you Jose S. Too bad I’m too cheap to rent a converter box and get Charter’s Latino view digital tier.

    Also, a correction: Tigres play Puebla Sunday.

    I should have used Femexfut’s site to verify the calendar in the 1st place.

  16. I am very nervous for Donovan’s switch. Imagine tbhe challenge he faces. He is moving to a new team on which the only player who knows and trusts him is the keeper (not a lot of help when you are an attacker). He is moving to a new league, the pace and physicality of which he is unfamiliar (i’m not one of those who believe MLS is not physical, I just think he will quickly notice the difference in athleticism across the board). And he has not played a competitive game for over six weeks. Unlike the Munich loan, he will not benefit from playing any friendlies before jumping into league games. I hope he has been busting his bum the last three or four weeks with a personal trainer or it is going to be a brutal loan that does little for his confidence.

    Despite these worries, I remain optimistic that because Donovan has done this before and knows what to expect regarding the change in quality of play and the short window in which to prepare. All the best Donovan — I wish for your success.

  17. I assume Edgar Castillo will be with Tigres for the game against Jaguares Sunday in the Interliga?

    Although it is in Frisco, TX, so I guess it counts as an American in a foreign league playing domestically…

    “El Universal” has the Interliga schedule at (Spanish).

    No idea who has TV rights.

  18. For the record – Scotland and England are only two different countries in the hearts of Scotsmen and the sporting world. In ever other respect, nunder the international legal regime, neither is a wholly independent country — they are two parts ofa larger United Kingdom.

  19. You can now put Landon on there, Franco 🙂

    (SBI-For the record, Landon Donovan flies to England today so he won’t be playing in Saturday’s FA Cup match.)


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