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Beasley looking to extend Rangers contract

DaMarcus Beasley 3 (Getty Images)

DaMarcus Beasley figured to be heading out of Rangers in search of playing time when the winter transfer window opened. That all changed when Beasley went on a tear in December, displaying an impressive run of form that has given the U.S. national team midfielder a change of heart.

Beasley is in the final six months of his current contract, and would like to stay with the reigning Scottish Premier League champs, but Rangers have yet to contact him about a contract extension. Beasley, who is currently sidelined with a thigh tear, is hoping Rangers makes a move for him soon, but he has not ruled out talking to other teams.

Beasley scored two goals and assisted on four others in his four games in December.

What do you think of this development? Should Beasley extend his contract with Rangers, or should he look for an offer elsewhere? Where would you like to see Beasley play next if not in Scotland?

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  1. Any idea where I can watch the Everton Aresenal match this weekend. Fox Soccer Channel would be smart to swtich matches (Right now its Hull Chelsea), but I doubt they can/will do that. My guess is that I am going to the local pub to watch, but I want to exhaust all options of watching at home. Hopefully Landon will get a run, wonder how he has been in training?


  2. I tore my quad playing lacrosse, and it was nasty…I wasn’t able to do any hard sports for a while (maybe a month or so?). Then again, I took a particularly nasty hit which caused blood to buildup on my knee and drain down to my foot…it was disgusting. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like his is that serious, so I’m sure he’ll be good to go soon.

  3. Why would anyone give this guy a long-term contract? He’s fragile, and when he is healthy is extremely streaky.

    Hate to say it, but he peaked in his early 20s. Where should he go next? Retirement, coaching . . .

    Funny how he has one good month and everyone is talking about how great he is, how he should return to the national team . . . give me a break.


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