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Bolton considering offer for Holden

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Stuart Holden's trial with Bolton is going well, and manager Owen Coyle has revealed that he is considering offering Holden a contract.

Coyle wouldn't say anything definite about a contract, but he did state that Holden was doing well during his trial.

"Stuart has come in and trained well with us," Coyle told Sky Sports. "It is something we will look at in the next few days.

"We have a good group of players but we are looking to improve the squad we have. That's an ongoing process," Coyle said. "He's obviously got talent, good technique and quick feet.

"We just have to make that judgment about whether he is better than what we have already got. "

Starting to think Holden will wind up with Bolton? Worried that an offer still hasn't come yet?

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  1. I agree with Micah. He’s may be ready to headline a USA B-roster at the Gold Cup or an MLS Best IX match, but I don’t think he’s ready to step up and play week in – week out in the EPL, IMO.

    I think he has the potential, but he will need to develop first. At this stage in his career, I think he’s your ideal 70th minute substitute at this level.

  2. As a Bolton fan i would be in favor of signing him. The biggest problem we have is a lack of any sort of creative presence in central midfield. Lee has been a breath of fresh air on the wing, but Taylor and Muamba have been out of form and while Cohen and McCann are hard workers, they don’t offer much beyond that. Even if Holden could get in the squad as a late game sub, I think his his passing skills would make him a useful signing, particularly on a free transfer. I think if Coyle didn’t think he could play a role this season, he wouldn’t have taken Holden with him after he moved.

    Also I would make the case that Bolton isn’t a prime candidate for relegation this season. We have three games in hand on most of the table and are still only five points out of 12th. If you look at some of the other teams at the bottom (Pompey, Wolves, Hull, Blackburn, Burnley) they’re in a lot more trouble than we are, especially now that Coyle is in charge and the attitude around the club is a lot more positive than it’s been in quite some time.

  3. I’m concerned by this move. If he transfers to England and promptly finds himself on the bench through the World Cup we’ll be out another excellent contributor. If he plays a lot then it’s a great move. Of course, if MLS closes its doors than training in the Prem is far more valuable. I personally wish he’d stick it out for another year in MLS, then make the move. Regardless, I’ll be behind his decision but I sure hope it’s for the better for not only him but the Nats as well.

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  5. I am going to say you will be seeing Holden playing for the Dynamo next season. I just see Bolton making some excuse to why they wont sign him now but maybe later. As for Jozy, I think if he is going to go down in England, then he might as well go back to the MLS, because I really do think that they are equal in play. He should come to the MLS where you know he will be a starter and wait to go back to Europe in 2 or 3 years. If Jozy where to stay in England, I would love if he went to Arsenal. If he were to be coached by Arsene Wenger, I think he would deffently become the best player the US national team has ever had.

  6. this blog is getting so annoying with all these Debbie downer, sky is falling, chicken little, ignorant comments. Guys, celebrate Stu’s success. If he succeeds great, if he doesn’t- at least he’ll still get paid. The world won’t end if it doesn’t work out. US soccer won’t die if Stu fails. Lighten up.

  7. Here are six for good measure just off the top of my head… Geremi, Marek Cech, Jay Bothroyd, Robbie Savage, Wayne Routledge, and of course, Jay Demerit. Whats more, I would argue that some of your list would be no better than average in CCLC…with Conor Casey being downright poor.

    But I think you are missing the point… the quality of a league is not determined by the quality of its best players, but of its middling-worst. We can take 5 of the best players from many “lower” leagues (Poland, Greece, Argentina, even Japanese) and they can contribute at a high level in MLS.

    We may disagree about this point as well, but I consider the DEPTH of the Championship infinitely better than that of the MLS, and not just in talent. Facilities, coaching, competition in training, training itself, pressure environments, etc. are all superior in the “Fizzy Drink” league.

    It is definately an upgrade and as for “style,” it would be better for his development were he being challenged to adapt to all types of styles right?

    Im with Ryan.

  8. Keep in mind that Holden will add something that Coyle has specifically said he wants to bring to the team. Coyle had a specific style of play at Burnley– kinda like West Brom last year, with a better defense. One can imagine that the reason he wanted Holden on trial at Burnley is that he thought Holden would fit in with that system. Upon taking the job at Bolton he said he wanted to get away from the direct style that Bolton has been playing. I’d say Holden has a good chance if that’s what Coyle really wants to bring.

  9. Holden has played a bit more for the national team as far as that goes though…..definately more than Jozy and Edu at that time

    and Donovan seems to be pretty loyal to LA right now, so i wouldnt be surprised if he just stayed in MLS the rest of his career and kept going on loan to Europe

  10. No, you go when you have the chance, because for all we know there may not even be an MLS next season, or he may get injured, etc.

    Doors like these don’t stay open for eternity, Holden needs to make the jump while he can and it’s a free transfer.

  11. I realize MLS offered him a lot of cash, but his is unproven as far as playing in a high level European league (as was/is Jozy).

    He and Edu aren’t really comparable situations, Edu was pretty raw and just a great athlete. You better believe Holden, who will become the poster boy of MLS if Donovan leaves, would cost a LOT more than Edu did.

  12. I hate to burst the bubble for many of you, but Holden has mentioned in several interviews since the end of the MLS season that the World Cup will not immediately affect his decision on where he goes. He has stated that he believes in his ability and believes that he will be able to succeed wherever he goes, so he is going to make the best decision for his long term career. He obviously knows that he has a great opportunity to play in South Africa, but he isn’t going to let the fear of not playing (or not making the WC squad) drive his decision on whether he goes or stays.

  13. I hope so, and I hate Houston.

    But the money is probably a lot more. Obviously MLS is going to have trouble competing with England’s wages with the amount of $ the big teams bring in, but hopefully there are other things to consider.

    You CAN win the league here

    You live in the US…he might like both

    but Houston vs England for weather ?

    No playing for 21st place next year

  14. MLS offered him a very lucrative contract and he most certainly is not unproven and wouldnt be unproven after more time with the US like at the world cup….European clubs will have no problem coming back for Holden with a transfer fee

    Rangers bought Edu from Toronto and you can say Holden is unproven now then you could say Edu was unproven back then

  15. Isn’t Holden a free transfer? I am wondering if Coyle was more interested in Holden at Burnley than at Bolton. My guess is that his transfer budget and player salary budgets are limited and if his midfield has decent depth (I don’t follow Bolton closely) than he needs to be careful where he spends his money….This Season. Maybe the need help elsewhere on the field.

  16. Holden needs to go over, his ability is more highlighted when there are better players around him to finish those incredible crosses he bends in. He is the US Beckham

  17. did you read the article?

    “Stuart has come in and trained well with us”

    sounds to me like he is doing WELL….getting loaned out would mean he wasnt ready, i dont know how “well” translates to getting loaned out in your brain Turgid

    They also said that they wouldnt sign him unless they knew he would be an upgrade for the team

  18. Celtic, Burnley, Livorno, and Bolton have all been suiters…..

    Rico is just looking for the perfect offer, if he doesnt get on with a club in time for the close of the january market then he will just sign back on with MLS, not a big deal….

  19. People keep saying that Holden should resign with the Dynamo but he can’t just resign a year long contract as MLS doesn’t offer one. If he resigns with MLS any team wanting him is going to have to pay a large transfer fee to MLS which many will have a hard time doing for an unproven player. He’s now a free transfer, hence a much more attractive prospect.

    I also wonder if the potential work stoppage in MLS has some guys more strongly considering Europe, especially those with World Cup aspirations.


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