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Bradley downplays talk of Mexico friendly

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The U.S. men's national team opened training camp in California on Tuesday and head coach Bob Bradley started proceedings by downplaying talk of a potential match against Mexico in February.

“There are a number of conversations going on with different teams,” said Bradley after the U.S. national team's practice on Tuesday. “At the moment, I don’t think that (Mexico) is one of the top conversations. You never know, but I don’t think that’s one of those (conversations) that at the moment seems the most likely.”

Rumors had been circulating about a potential fixture in February against Mexico in California, which would fall between the Jan. 23 match against Honduras at Home Depot Center and the March 3 match against the Netherlands in Amsterdam.

Bradley sounded hopeful that a February match could be arranged to give fringe players a chance to play themselves into consideration for the Netherlands match, and improve their overall chances of making the U.S. World Cup roster.

Bradley also acknowledged the possibility for another camp ahead of a February friendly, which could wind up being even more important if MLS winds up in a work stoppage, which could happen given the current negotiations between the league and the player's union.

"We'll need to have something in order to make sure that some of the players that are here are kept in right kind of form and fitness to be considered for that roster if this camp ends and especially then if there's a work stoppage," Bradley said.

"Now, that could change if this camp ends and there is no work stoppage and these guys are in a regular preseason then fair enough, those guys are also players that can be considered. Nonetheless, a game between (the Honduras and Netherlands matches) would be a plus.”

What do you think of Bradley downplaying the chances of a Mexico match? Still holding out hope for a match against Mexico? Who else would you like to see the USMNT face?

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  1. And risk one of our key players getting hurt playing on that godawful pitch?

    I don’t care to see us play Mexico in a pre-cup friendly either though.

  2. good competition for our MLS based players……..if these guys want to make our WC squad they will have to be able to play against quality players. I know that no US fan wants to see another cinco a cero but we also want to test these guys to see if any of them should be on the WC roster. I would take a 5-0 defeat in a Mexico friendly (with our B-team) over another 3 and out in the WC anyday.

  3. which are none of the points the Union are pushing.

    the cap isnt even mentioned by the Union which leads me to believe they are in fact raising it. They are getting more and more U17 and U20 players GA contracts which makes me think that they are either contemplating on bringing back the reserves league

    the Union are pushing for more Player rights, rather then financial options

  4. Agreed. Mexico would be a good test for fringe players trying to make a case for a WC spot. Many of these players would probably have played in the Gold Cup final and I’m sure they would want some revenge after that 5-0 romping. Also USSF could fill up their coffers……all in all doesn’t sound too bad to me.

  5. MLS you better f’ing step up on these labor negotiations. I’m so sick of clueless decision-makers not paying people a living wage in various fields. Up the cap, let rosters actually be big enough, and give in to the players’ very reasonable demands for a more open market

  6. for a bunch of mls/scandinavian-based players playing a quick and inexpensive game verse Canada isn’t that bad of an idea. i wish that this was more a rivalry and would be a good show for new player to the MLS.

    with continental tournaments in Asia and Africa it is going to be difficult to arrange a match with anyone on a non-fifa date. id say New Zealand, Canada or Uruguay or Mexico with the intent of making a lot of money to bring in some big names down the line.

  7. whats the point of this match. It just anoter potential trashing. Mexico will have many of its first players while the US will only have MLS-based players.

  8. It’s a loan. If Hull go down (and maybe even if they don’t) he’ll be back at Villareal after the season. Then they could loan him out again to another team if they wish to.


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