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Clint Dempsey’s wonder goal

ClintDempsey (Getty) 

It wasn't a good day for Fulham on Tuesday, what with a first-half beatdown at the hands of Stoke City. The Cottagers nearly fought all the way back from a 3-0 deficit though thanks to a ridiculous goal from U.S. national team star Clint Dempsey.

Here is the goal:

Fulham went on to lose 3-2.

Wat did you think of the goal? Starting to like the idea of Dempsey moving up to play forward for the national team?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Dempsey has been doing this all year. Just look at how he really just sets himself up by starting the move by winning the first header. When Zamora was tearing it up, it was because Dempsey was his partner. He makes the strikers around him better because he can win balls in the air, he has vision for players around him, and he is as willing to deal the ball as he is to rip it. The guy is a better striker than he is a winger, luckily for us Americans he is good at both. Which other American has put up a brace against a top 4 side? (BIG) If Davies is match fit for the world cup, those two are our pair to lead the way with Jozy coming on in the second half.

  2. I get that, I’m just saying that when you take a good player and put great players around him, that player has a chance to become great.

    Dempsey can be a ‘big man’ at Fulham, but he won’t truly reach his potential unless he fights for that status against players who are above his level of quality.

  3. Someone earlier mentioned Demspey’s humble beginnings having played a big role in his make-up and I agree. Not all, but a lot of U.S. soccer players come from fairly privileged backgrounds compared to a lot of the worlds’ players and they just haven’t had that certain something special that it takes to go against the best in the world and win. I still remember Dempsey running at Italy with his first World Cup touch (I believe) stepping over a couple of times and hammering a cross. It honestly moved me to tears to see someone with such belief in themselves going against the best in the world and expecting to win when nobody gave them a shot. And… that was a ridiculous goal too!

  4. Greatest raw soccer talent ever. I remember watching his first season in the MLS. I knew he was a superstar immediately. Bought a dempsey jersey for 300$. And there was a time when bloggers didnt think he could play for the USMNT. I remember seeing Live against the England National Team. He poured his heart into the game. He was butchered by the English. And schooled them the whole way. They had no answer to him. But he was barely given a chance by the college scouts. And why wasnt he on the U15 U17 U20 national teams? Why wasnt he in the ODP?


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