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Davies making a miraculous recovery

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As you may know by now, I had the opportunity to interview U.S. national team striker Charlie Davies last Friday in his first detailed interview since the car accident that nearly took his life. What I found was a player in the midst of an amazing recovery, a Charlie Davies who looked much more like the Davies we knew before last October's deadly car cash than the Davies we saw look so swollen and unfamiliar in the interview he did with ESPN in late November.

Here is my story detailing his comeback as well as what he has gone through to come so far, so fast. If you are a U.S. national team fan, it is a must-read and is likely to leave you feeling much more confident about his chances of taking the field in South Africa this summer.

I am currently writing a post for SBI that will provide even more insight into his recovery, as well as details about his ordeal and the time since the accident that I wasn't able to work into the story. Look out for that later this afternoon.

For now, give the story a read and feel free to share your thoughts on it in the comments section below.


  1. Mate, your entire concept is based on “what ifs.” In a thread about CD’s recovery, your making assumptions that have no business in the conversation right now. There is nothing to back up your claims. Assumptions and “what ifs” are only going to get ya so far, good luck with that. You’ll grow up eventually.

    There is also the very poor timing of your comments. Tactfulness is not your strong point.

    Personal attacks? You’re delusional mate. With all due respect, you should look in the mirror here. You’ve done far too much on the personal attacks here at SBI, to go around pointing fingers at others.

    When you grow up and learn to not take every piece of commentary personal, you’ll do a lot better with earning respect through your words. Until then, best of luck with your far fetched ideas.

  2. So Green, you were going to jump on me for saying he is using HGH, which again I have no idea.

    But now you say he is NOT using them ?

    I am all for innocent until proven guilty, but that not guilty doesn’t prove he is innocent. There IS a chance that is what he is doing based on many others behaviour.

    IF he is, it is a mistake in my opinion. After he scores that goal to beat England, don’t think the English won’t do everything they can to find out.

    You must not have been very offended by my grouping of you with the rest, thanks for the personal attack.

  3. Go Charlie! You are the only good thing to ever come out of Boston and the only American who can stretch defenses and open room for Lando and Clintonius. Please, run faster on that treadmill and God bless you young man!

  4. I’m going to defend Charles here. If Davies was a baseball player, everyone would be saying he’s using steroids. That being said, I don’t think he is. The US team doctors would not risk it, and they apparently have him under close supervision.

  5. Ives,

    Long time lurker first time poster. I just wanted to say that this is one of the better interview pieces I have ever read. Not because of the welcome news (but amen!) but because you touched on all parts of the story. Thanks for a great read.


  6. Prayer and hope are very powerful things. Never doubted I’d see him in South Africa. Thank God, hopefully the rest of his rehab goes well.

  7. I wrote here on a SBI thread a few days after Gooch’s injury and before the WC draw that I had a premonition that Gooch would heave a long throw in to Charlie who then turned the Algerian goalkeeper and scored the game winer that advanced the USA to the 2nd round. The Algeria part has already come true. Now all we need is for Gooch and DC9 to complete their respective comebacks! Thanks for the awesome story on Charlie, Ives and Charlie keep fighting the good fight! Allez Charlie!

  8. FIrst to all of the regulars at SBI, its a very fun and informative site so the best to all the posters who help it to be so.

    Just call Charlie – ” Wolverine ” his recuperative powers are truely mutant like.

    I see people at rehabs and nursing homes who never recover from injuries they face he is an inspiration.

  9. Did you not notice that Ives MENTIONED the ESPN article in the very same paragraph you are referencing? It was the very next sentence. Nice catch though, very snarky and impressive.

  10. i looked on the site…no mention of davies recovery (it has been mentioned in past asticles) but just today they signed a 21 year old nigerian striker who had been playing in switzerland for a few years…let’s hope this guy is not the solution so that CD9 can step in and take over….

  11. I guess that I said 5 people flamed me, you didn’t, I apologize.

    It was funny though, when I posted my last post there were 100 comments. Most of them talking about how super human, andoid like, etc he was.

    One, me, talking about how I hope he is not doing another stupid thing…or if he is he doesn’t get caught.

    Ask Barry Bonds how super human people think he is now. People went from worship to hate, very quickly.

    IF he brings down the USMNT all of these people ripping on me will HATE him.

    Sorry if you don’t appreciate it, maybe I am too cynical, but if you don’t think there is that chance that the recovery isn’t superhuman ( non of us know ), I think you are being too niave.

  12. Davies was fast and it really helped him but EJ and Findley are probably just as fast.

    What set Charlie apart was his never say die attitude,his determination and his intelligence. If his speed isn’t what it was he will find a way.

    We’ll see how this goes but if he makes it back I would defy anyone to tell me that this would not light a big time bonfire under the team.

  13. This was not his first interview Ives, so don’t flatter yourself. Jeremy Schapp on ESPN?

    (SBI-Did you even read the post? It was the first “detailed interview.” The ESPN TV piece, at least what wound up airing, wasn’t exactly in-depth or lengthy.)

  14. Thanks for the concise, well-written article. It’s great to have such a fine journalist for the Yanks. Hopefully, we can get some insight on Gooch’s progress, too.

  15. hey does any one know if that November interview that Ives did for ESPN was an article he reported or if he did some sort of on screen interview?

    I’d love to read it or see it if someone can direct me in the right link?

    Or if you know if it was a story of Ives that I can find on his ESPN or SBI archives?

    (SBI-Davies did a TV interview with ESPN in late November. It aired during the World Cup draw.)

    Preciate it thanks!

  16. Wow. Just… wow.

    This is really the first day of hope I’ve had for the USMNT since the day after we qualified. Ever since then, it’s been one piece of bad news after another. Even the day of the draw wasn’t so much hope as relief we didn’t screwed again.

  17. I mean, I know it’s tough to get across a complete thought sometimes on the interwebs, especially with quick comments. But you really came out of left field with your statement. Is there anything remotely close to knowing that CD is using HGH? If not, your statement is truly misplaced here and folks won’t appreciate it one bit, thus flamage.


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