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Davies making a miraculous recovery

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As you may know by now, I had the opportunity to interview U.S. national team striker Charlie Davies last Friday in his first detailed interview since the car accident that nearly took his life. What I found was a player in the midst of an amazing recovery, a Charlie Davies who looked much more like the Davies we knew before last October's deadly car cash than the Davies we saw look so swollen and unfamiliar in the interview he did with ESPN in late November.

Here is my story detailing his comeback as well as what he has gone through to come so far, so fast. If you are a U.S. national team fan, it is a must-read and is likely to leave you feeling much more confident about his chances of taking the field in South Africa this summer.

I am currently writing a post for SBI that will provide even more insight into his recovery, as well as details about his ordeal and the time since the accident that I wasn't able to work into the story. Look out for that later this afternoon.

For now, give the story a read and feel free to share your thoughts on it in the comments section below.


  1. First off, great scoop Ives, you are far and away the best soccer journalist in the US. Props.

    Second, thanks for giving the SBI Mafia an early tip a couple of days ago. You left us anxious with anticipation, but we knew we’d get a treat on Monday, and the payoff was fantatistic.

    Third, still a long way to go for Davies, but man oh man would this be the greatest sports injury comeback since…. since…. Tommy John?!? Can’t think of any near-miracles like this!

    Fourth, I wonder what the Sochaux boards are saying … anybody fluent in French?

    Fifth, I’ll never be able to look at Charlie again without thinking of his face peel.

    Can’t wait to see CD back in the USMNT uni, what a day that’ll be.

  2. SO pumped after reading that, thanks Ives. We’re all pulling for you Charlie, get all the way back and do us proud this summer!

  3. This is why you run the best soccer blog in America. Fantastic article and kudos to you for getting such an in-depth and valuable story. Thank you, thank you a million times.

    You are an elite sports journalist in every sense — it transcends soccer. People might find it hyperbolic in America since on the home shores our footie writing is made up of a somewhat marginalized minority of sports writers compared to other sports journalists. However, that benefits you in that you have incredibly close access to the players and their stories. Most people squander that, but you don’t. Fantastic reporting and a true treat.


  4. Wow. Nice people here.

    All I am saying is that don’t follow up a very dumb mistake with another very dumb mistake.

    Getting caught using illegal drugs will have the majority of the 5 people flaming me and the many others from worship to hate, MLB home run hitter style.

    I am not saying he did anything, how would I know ? But these days people are going to get mighty suspecious when you have the greatest recovery of all time in an era where MANY, MANY are using HGH.

    I suppose the people that are flaming me think that Beckham’s “Milan lab” to keep him playing until 40, is ODing on Vitamin C or something.

    (I just played basketball for the first time in four years because of health issues. I am all for his comeback and said so in my previous post)

  5. Inspiring story. It appears that the USMNT now has found a successor to the hard work and toughness of Brian McBride.

    For those of you concerned about the the face thing, think of it this way–at least they didn’t give Charlie John Travolta’s or Nicholas Cage’s face! Though it would be a surreal image to see John Travolta doing the stanky leg after torching the English defense.

    But in all seriousness, get well CD (both of you) and carry on Ives.

  6. I’m glad charlie is recovering well he makes things more interesting when h’s on the field. Hope you can return to seeing the same Chuck Deezy we are use to seeing!

  7. This is terrific, both the news and the reporting, but I’m afraid I couldn’t read past the words “peeled his face off down to his chin.” That image really creeped me out.

  8. I remember two nights before his accident I was watching the US/Honduras game with Charlie’s dad and brothers in a San Diego bar. The next game, we all signed a shirt with well wishes to be sent to charlie and some guy who handed me the shirt wrote:

    “See you in 2014” which upset me that someone would write that on a shirt supposedly for encouraging someone’s whose dream was to play in June of 2010. Needless to say I crossed out that guy’s 2014 and replaced it with 2010.

    What a dumbass

  9. WOW! Great news… I love this news – ChuckD is a warrior. I hope Charlie can get 6-8 good outings with Sochaux and maybe a USA friendly….

    Thanks Ives – by the way…. what’s the outlook on Onyeywu’s return to AC Milan and the NATS for a friendly?

  10. Fantastic. Great ESPN article, Ives.

    Sounds like Charlie has his mind in the right place, and his body is following.

    I don’t understand it, but it seems sometimes US athletes need near fatal tragedy to reach their full potential in some sports. There is precedence for greatness after recovery. Maybe it is that appreciation Charlie speaks of.

    Will CD be our Lance for soccer?

    I hope he is studying futbol while he recovers, it sounds like he is in the right place to take it to another level.

  11. I think we are all aware of the risk of setbacks and we could sit and stew and dwell on the negative. I guess that’s one of the many ways to live a life. I’m just glad Davies chooses the alternative.

    I am no Doctor or anything of the sort. But I have to admit that this article is very inspiring. I pray that the kid does not suffer any setbacks. But it cannot go unsaid that his phsyical and mental strength and positive attitude has done him wonders so far. So why can’t these admirable attributes help him through these next stages of his way back? If your call is for us to be grounded in our expectations, you may have a point. We just can’t expect the guy to be getting stuck in next month. But you have to admit that the kid’s got a lot of heart, and that goes a long way. Where’s the harm in sharing that in an article?

  12. Y’all think Charlie would mind if I ordered a #9 jersey but customized it with ‘Horse Placenta’ instead of ‘Davies’?

  13. I still can’t believe it. I’m afraid he’ll pull a Jermaine Jones and regress from pushing too hard – but wow, this kid is amazing.

    Whenever he puts on that US shirt again for the USA, I can’t wait to see him play.

  14. Yeah, I’m not even convinced I’m offended because of its incoherence. It reads like a Public Service Announcement that can’t decide if it’s about drinking, steroid-use or contraband-smuggling.

  15. It is a grreat story, and gives us a little hope that he’ll be on the plane to SA, but speed was one of Charlie’s great assets and getting back to that speed is going to be a challenge, I hope he gets there!!

  16. Up the Yanks!!!!!! I came to this country when I was a kid and one thing that I noticed about Americans is that they don’t buy all that destiny stuff. Life knocks you on your can and you get up, nothing is predestined. Hard work can often overcome talent and pedigree, and you can’t win unless you try. I will be wearing my Davies jersey when the new shirts come out. As a previous poster stated “COME ON YOU YANKS!!!!!!”

  17. Charlie – If you are reading this all I gotta say is welcome back, keep working hard, and see you at the world cup. Rock on!

  18. i don’t care whether he’s using HGH, heroin, crack, or horse placenta, as long as he’s on the team for SA2010. HGH use is perfectly fine to use when recovering from severe injuries just like this, THATS WHY IT’S PRODUCED. Also, I dont see the head trainer of the US team feeding him HGH to recover. This isn’t china or the soviet union.

  19. Charlie, your’s is a truely inspirational story. You have been in our thoughts and prayers all along and we are all thankful and lucky – that you are still with us and that you have a Lion’s heart and determination. Keep it up. We love you, man. CD9!!!

    Excellent work, Ives. I cannot frame the right words that will help describe how much you have made my day. Thank you.

  20. When they pulled back his face, did the doctors do any type of check to make sure CD is a human and not some sort of android sent from the future to save US soccer?

    I wouldn’t mind if he was, I just think we need to know …

  21. fantastic article. It sounds like this kid is a real freak, in terms of rehabbing. SOunds like he’s got a chip on his shoudlers, and if it’ll help him get to SA, I’m all for it. First step though, is getting him back in rotation for Sochaux. At this point, if he doesnt have setbacks, i think he’s our super sub for the 70th minute or so.

  22. Agreed. I had to read it twice to make sure I didn’t misread it the first time. There are things CD likely went through that we will never know about. The mental toll is something none of us can imagine. I hope and wish him the best.

  23. Nice scoop Ives. I picture Charlie on the treadmill looking at a screen with his Mexico goal playing over and over. I’m kind of glad there’s no video because it’s almost certainly better in my mind.

    Good for Charlie. Hopefully bad for England….

  24. Yeah, same thing with the face-peeling bit. That was a pretty crazy piece of info, which makes it even more amazing how well he is doing physically and so it seem mentally.

  25. Yes! I love his confident demeanor. Other than Dempsey and maybe Donovan we just don’t have that.

    We need more guys like Davies that will take on any defender anywhere without the slightest hesitation.

    If he’s recovers fully (hopefully more of a when than an if) he’s got the potential to become the first America field player consistently playing for one of Europe’s massive clubs.

  26. Ives thanks for raising everyone’s expectations! You left poor Charlie no room for setbacks with that article. The guy still needs to have 1) surgery 2) recovery from surgery 3) run at full-speed 4) scrimmage with teammates 5) get some actual playing time and here you are penciling him in for an April return to Sochaux. We’ve been waiting for Jermaine Jones for what, 12 motnhs now?

    Let this guy rest and recover in peace. Even if he finds his way on the field with Sochaux, he is not automatically the best option for us- he needs to play well, not just play….

    let’s temper down these expectations

  27. AWESOME!!! I agree Ives, you did bang up work on this one, truly great! Davies, you are my hero and many others on here, keep it up. Gooch, awesome job mentoring CD#9 right now, that’s serious quality my man.

    PS, we have new jerseys coming out????!!!!!! Link????

  28. Ives, did you get goosebumps while interviewing him and watching him train? What were you thinking after you saw him and interviewed him? Were you as dumbfounded and amazed as everyone reading this article? I’m curious to know more from your perspective. Thanks.


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