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European Ticker: Chelsea chase Dzeko, Adebayor given leave and more

Edin Dzeko (Getty)


With the arrival of the transfer window, the speculation of Edin Dzeko's future is once again up in the air.

The Wolfsburg striker, who has been linked to AC Milan, Arsenal, Manchester City and United in the past, is being chased by Milan once again. According to Dzeko's agent, Chelsea has also joined the hunt to land the Bosnian striker.

While a move to Italy looks more likely, Chelsea already has a formidable strike force in Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba. The addition of Dzeko would bring in a much younger attacked, with Anelka and Drogba both in their early 30s. That being said, Wolfsburg won't let the rising star leave easily.

Here are a few more stories for Tuesday morning:

Adebayor given leave from City

The aftermath of the Togo attack continues, as Manchester City gave striker Emmanuel Adebayor a leave of absence from the Eastlands club until he feels suited to return. Adebayor is currently in Togo, mourning the three who were murdered in the horrific attack on Friday.

"I'm very sorry for him because the situation is unbearable," Mancini told The Guardian. "I will wait for him and when he comes back we will speak with him. After that we'll decide when he's ready and OK to play."

No plans are in place for Adebayor's return to England or Manchester City, but it's assumed he'll be unavailable for Saturday's match against Everton.

Glazers take £20 million from Manchester United

A report from England claims that the owners of Manchester United took £20 million from Manchester United over the past few years. In it, the report states the family spent £10 million on administration and management fees while taking out £10 million in loans for six family members. United's debt has soared to over £700 million since the Glazers bought the club.

Higuain out a month

Real Madrid's chase of Barcelona was dealt a blow with the news that striker Gonzalo Higuain will miss nearly a month of action. Higuain, who has been in sensational form for the Spanish club of late, scoring 11 in his last 10 matches, injured his left foot in Madrid's 2-0 win against Mallorca. Madrid is right on the heels of Barcelona, just two points behind at the moment, and will call upon French striker Karim Benzema to step up in Higuain's absence.


Think Dzeko will end up in England? How long will Adebayor be out for? What is going to happen to Manchester United? Will Madrid suffer without Higuain?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. By having the 500 million dollars that the Glazers borrowed to buy the club plus the interest payments from that borrowing foisted upon them.

    Think of it like this: The Glazers took out a subprime mortgage on United, and now they’re underwater.

    There’s a very significant part of me that wants to see United and Liverpool go under, just to rebalance spending and debt structures in world soccer.

  2. I don’t think Dzeko is going to have trouble getting the start at any club. As a chelsea fan, there’s no way Anelka would start over him. No way.

  3. All of you, including the writers at SBI, read WAYYY too much into European transfer speculation. 99% of what they print is FALSE!

  4. i think liverpool need a more physical partner for torres, he takes a beating up top alone against centerback pairings. they also could use a bigger presence on dead ball situations

  5. Maybe Premiership clubs that are looking for new owners should make sure that the owners are actually soccer fans that know the game and its culture. All these guys smell money and come running over to clubs and when the reality set in that turnover isn’t quite as quick as they want, they start pulling bullshit. Maybe they should take a leaf out of Lerner’s book. If you don’t have the money, don’t buy a club. If you’re not in love with the sport, don’t buy a club. If you don’t have financial acumen, don’t buy a club. Don’t do it because the other guy did it. They’re going to ruin these clubs. Look at the Hicks jr. business in Liverpool. Doesn’t he get that the fans play a big part in the club? who does he think pays to come watch Liverpool every week?

  6. As long as Chelsea never gets their hands on Ribery, I’m cool. I hate them, they would be scary.

    What the hell is up with the American owners? They’re not setting a good precedent.

  7. Gasp! How can Madrid possibly replace Gonzalo Higuain??? Praise Jeebus! They have a bench worth 600 million Euros! I feel really bad for them though. It must be tough to lose an awesome player for a month when you only have 10 awesome players ready to step into his spot.

  8. Honestly, I think Benzema may step up and take this chance. He just stated yesterday that he hopes to make it into the starting XI soon. He understands that he is at a big club, and at big clubs, you have to work very hard for your spot. In other words, his attitude is good and now that this chance has come up a day later, I’m hoping he takes it.

  9. Dzeko to Arsenal would be great.

    No mention of new Fox Soccer Plus coming in March. Wonder if it’ll be part of the FSC sportsnpackage for Comcast or an additional pay channel.

  10. Higuain has been a beast the last 2 seasons for RM and (though I hate when cliches like this are thrown around) is easily the most underrated striker on the planet. He’s been keeping both Benzema and Raul on the bench this season.

  11. “allegations”? This was a properly disclosed management fee. I had a chance to look at the financing, there is some interesting information in there.

  12. I remember reading their takeover was all based on future success and money winnings to fund the present, the anti-glazer groups often said if united miss the CL once then their whole plan will blow up.

  13. I’d love him at Villa, that’s for sure. He’s exactly the type of player who could help in the push for a Champions League spot.

  14. I think Dzeko should pick either Arsenal or Manchester United out of those clubs, becuase they seem to be the lightest up top. Then he will have a better shot at getting in the starting 11. The club that I think should really go after him is Liverpool. They could really use his help, and pairing him with Torres, I think could work really well.


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