Landon Donovan's (hilarious) Mexican commercial

Landon Donovan's (hilarious) Mexican commercial

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Landon Donovan's (hilarious) Mexican commercial


Landon Donovan ( 

If you have ever wondered just how much of a star Landon Donovan is in Mexico, consider that he's now starring in his own Mexican lottery commercial.

Here is one of the funniest soccer-themed commercials you'll ever see (especially if you're a USA fan who speaks Spanish):

For the Spanish-deficient, the premise of the commercial is that Donovan is sneaking into Mexico to play the Mexican lottery because it's easier to win. "Winning in Mexico is much easier," Donovan says at one point, drawing the ire of the border guard.

Wondering when this commercial was made? It looks a bit old but was actually just filmed three weeks ago.

Between his new Gatorade sponsorship deal and now the Mexican lottery, Donovan's endorsement power is growing. He also showed off his comedic talent in this commercial, though I'm not sure acting is in his future.

What did you think of the commercial? Laugh out loud? Was the humor lost in translation? Wishing the Mexican lottery had gotten Rafa Marquez to play the role of the border guard? (then again, if Marquez had been the guard, Donovan would have just outrun him).

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