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Luis Gil close to signing MLS deal

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When Major League Soccer finished signing its 2010 Generation adidas class, it succeeding in landing every single one of its top targets save for one and it appears now that the league may still be able to complete the set.

MLS is in negotiations with U.S. Under-17 national team midfielder Luis Gil and are closing in on an agreement, sources with knowledge of the deal told SBI on Thursday. Gil, 17, is still weighing a variety of options, but talks with MLS have progressed after stalling before the 2010 MLS Draft and Gil could sign with the league before the new season.

A technically gifted playmaker who projected to be a first-round pick in the 2010 MLS Draft, Gil has received interest from high-profile clubs such as Arsenal and Real Madrid, but appears close to signing with MLS.

So how will his MLS destination be determined? Based on MLS precedent, Gil is likely to be assigned to a team via a weighted lottery, with the teams with the worst records in MLS last season having the best chance to land him.

The deal is not yet complete, but if MLS succeeds in signing Gil it will have capped a very successful run of landing several top youth prospects and college standouts.

What is our take? Gil would be a great signing for MLS given his impressive potential, but a move to MLS will only be beneficial if he goes to a team equipped to develop him and ready to devote the time and resources into working with one of the best young prospects in American soccer.

What do you think of this development? Like the idea of MLS landing Gil? Where would you like to see him wind up?

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  1. Galaxy if he wants to stay home or Dynamo if he wants to develop the best he can in the US…really wishing he could still go to a Spanish side…

    (Hoping he doesn’t burn out before 20)

  2. If he wants to stay at home (the US) he should do so. But why couldn’t he explore some options in S. America? That’s a real question. Are there factors I’m unaware of that preclude that from being a good option. Uruguay, Argentina and of course Brazil produce players like it’s their job. Uh wait, it is their job.

  3. Even if they have the best the crazy MLS rules and lack of a reserve league defeats the purpose. They added a kid last year but he’s not getting to get any run in the MLS. We can sign Kassel or Agduelo as well but how much are they going to play without a reserve league


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