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Monday Ticker: On Donovan, Bocanegra and more

LandonDonovanEverton (Reuters) 

Landon Donovan is loving life in the English Premier League, and it appears he wouldn't be opposed to staying a bit longer than first planned.

Donovan's Everton loan spell is set to last ten weeks, but after his second straight solid performance for the Toffees, Donovan admitted that he would be open to extending the stay if all parties involved could agree.

“The future is out of my control," Donovan told the Liverpool Echo. "I want to enjoy this experience. That means I show up for training and I’m ready. I show up for the game and I’m ready.

“But who knows what will happen in the future. Football’s funny and you never know what could happen," Donovan said. “If I look back after 10 weeks and say I really want to stay then maybe I can make that happen. If I say OK it was good, but I’m ready to go then I can go, but for now I’m taking it week by week.”

Donovan had been set to rejoin the Galaxy for the start of the 2010 season after having signed a new four-year, $9 million deal with MLS.

Here are some other stories to get your Monday going:

Hull land Zaki on loan

Jozy Altidore's battle for playing time just got a bit tougher after Hull City secured the services of controversial Egyptian striker Amr Zaki.

Having been dropped from Egypt's African Cup of Nations squad, Zaki was last seen bailing on his most recent club side, Egyptian club Zamalek, but has now re-appeared with Hull on Loan. His arrival could cut into the minutes Altidore was already battling for.

Altidore did not dress in Hull's 0-0 tie vs. Tottenham on Saturday. He has been given time off by head coach Phil Brown to deal with his family's plight in Haiti.

Bocanegra loan looms

Carlos Bocanegra was on the bench for Stade Rennes yet again this past weekend, but his struggle for playing time could come to an end if a long-rumored loan deal to St. Etienne comes to fruition this week.

Bocanegra has lost his starting left back spot at Rennes to Romain Danze, and looks like he will need to make a move of some sort to avoid spending the months before the 2010 World Cup on the bench and not playing. While a loan in France seems like the most likely next step, there are a handful of MLS teams hoping he considers a return to Major League Soccer.


What do you think of Donovan staying at Everton beyond the original 10-week loan deal? Hoping he stays until the World Cup? Worried about Altidore's playing time? Could you see Bocanegra returning to MLS, or are you hoping he stays in France?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I am getting even more worried about the USA’s chances in the W.C. I just do not think the US has the depth to lose Onweyu, and Davies, survive probably losing the inclusion of J. Jones who is still hampered by injury, Bocanegra’s lack of playing time, Altidore unable to get game time and score, Cooper similarly not playing much, now Dempsey possibly out of the W.C. (certainly out for a while). That is a lot of holes to fill. I suppose some combo of Marshall, Goodson, DeMerrit, Cherundolo, Spector, Bornstien and Bocanegra might still work in the back. In midfield, Holden can probably step in for Dempsey (might have any since Dempsey was likely needed up top), defensive mid is the only position with multiple, arguably equal quality players. Up top, I can’t think of a single player who makes me smile in a ggod way: Ching, Cooper, Casey, Finley, Altidore, Cunningham, Adu, Johnson, Twellman … of the group only Finley, Casey and Cunningham did particularly well for their clubs in 2009 and playing in MLS, they will just be getting into form as the W.C. approaches.

    It does require a lot of optimism to be a US fan!

  2. That is if Everton can afford Donovan. Everton does not have the pockets that other EPL clubs have. I am sure they are all keeping their eyes on Donovan as well.

  3. The $250 million contract isn’t the whole pictures. MLS isn’t paying half of that, best to use realistic figures.

    Landycakes is finally able to compete and doesn’t want it to end! Who would want to leave 40,000 fans shouting your name, big bucks, and European aspirations to head back to a league vying for credibility?

    I love MLS and hope it succeeds but if you’re a player, you know where your heart is and MLS isn’t that destination yet.

    Disappointed in Landycakes after all that crap he said about Beckham. Shows, given the right environment, minds change at the drop of a hat!

    On a side note, loving the guy at Everton.

  4. It’s time for Boca to come back to MLS. He can’t learn anymore about the game and he’ll get plenty of Playing Time here. Seems like a no brainer, his career is on the downslide now.

  5. i was looking at Moyes past history..and he has a tendency of taking player on loan and if they perform well he signs them permanently. Here is a list of a few players which he took on a loan and now play a key role in everton (i know arteta is injured, but he was key when he was healthy):

    Joseph Yobo
    Mikel Arteta
    Steven Pienaar
    Tim Howard

    So i wouldn’t be surprised if Donovan is signed permanently during the summer transfer window.

  6. Boca and Demerit are gone after this WC cycle. Time for some new blood, younger players.

    Keep Casey as far away from the MNT as possible, he’s not good enough… sorry.

  7. Again, it’s not about doing a 180 I don’t think. He didn’t come from Europe and sign a 250 million dollar contract only to then leave to Milan as soon as he could. After putting in a shoddy effort (according to Donovan) for his new club team who pays his bills.

  8. I just realized bocanegra is 30 years old and so is Demerit hmmmm. By the way I would love to have Casey as our target striker sorry guys. If he is in great form in the MLS again this season than start him. But if Davies comes back somehow out of nowhere than thats when we need Altidore up top starting

  9. So true Erik, Gerrard might need surgery on his groin, and right now his form and confidence is FAR from where it was last year.

  10. The difference to me from this year and last year with Becks is that he was bad mouthing the league and his teammates and talking about the level of play and bla bla bla, Landon is just saying that if it came up he wold be open to staying, he’s not forcing the issue like David did. I hope everton extend his stay they’ve been playing a helluva alot better, Hey what happend to all the “He won’t play” haters? Where are you guys!!

  11. Hopefully the US can still manage to perform well without some of it’s stars this summer. It won’t be easy but if they can
    make it out of their group I would say it’s a suvces based on the injuries they’ve suffered.

  12. If Bocanegra returned to MLS, would the Red Bulls get first shot at him since they are #1 in the allocation order? How does that work?

  13. We also have to keep in mind that there are many uncertainties in MLS this season. We don’t even know if there is going to be a season at all or that it’s even going to start on time.

  14. We’re freaked out about a “soccer” players knee injury ahead of the WC.


    Footie has arrived in America.

  15. If the PCL is torn, he’s looking at likely surgery and a solid 6 months recovery time. That would essentially put him out of form for the WC.

    This is when having depth matters, and I’ll have to rack my brain a little to think of a viable line-up that doesn’t include Dempsey or Davies and can still make it out of the group. This is assuming Oneywu will be a go.

    You have to think guys like Torres and Holden just moved way up on the consideration list. It would also be awesome if Jermaine Jones could get healthy to help offset this Dempsey injury some.

  16. No worries, injuries happen to every team. Who thinks Gerrard will actually be fit for England? What about Becks?

    Rooney could break his foot again as he has several times already. Roll with the punches – who steps on the field will play their heart out regardless.

  17. ives, how does it feel to know you hold the fate of numerous USMNT fans lives as we all wait to hear word of dempseys prognosis?

    this may well be the first time a blog has triggered a mass suicide in history. dont give us that koolaid ives. DO NOT GIVE US THAT KOOLAID IVES.

  18. I have seen these comments at various sites and it’s amazing to me that people are so ignorant to the facts.

    Wasn’t Donovan claiming that Beckham was being unprofessional as a player and to his team by not being committed to the Galaxy as a whole the year BEFORE he left to Milan? And when he extended his stay it was another example of him being unprofessional in Donovan’s eyes.

    Also, Donovan didn’t sign a 250 million dollar contract and then decide he had to leave to Europe for half the time the MLS was in season.

    Donovan has every right to leave MLS. He’s paid his dues and carried the league long enough.

  19. well i would like to think that we have passed the longball stage at this point. The key here would be the d-mid behing bradley and torres. with either edu or jones locking up the midfield it gives both torres and bradley more freedom to roam higher and send in through balls to landon, jozy and dare i say beasley or whoever plays on the wings. We have three very skilled midfielders in feilhaber torres and to a lesser extent bradley.

  20. Between injuries and playing time, I’m slowing becoming less optimistic about this summer’s World Cup. As long as we make it out of the group this time then I guess it won’t be a complete disappointment.

  21. It was reported that Dempsey injured his Posterior Collateral Ligament (PCL) by his coach. This might be good news. With some time off and proper rehab it is POSSIBLE that he could continue playing without surgery and make the WC squad. But we haven’t heard the MRI results yet. If anything else is damaged all bets are off.

  22. Altidore as a lone striker in the World Cup? Hmm. Listen, I know we don’t have many possibilities left if Dempsey goes out, but the thought of handing our World Cup aspirations to a kid who hasn’t scored one goal in his league — and who has looked out of his depth — is scary. I can’t believe we’re going to be hoofing longballs Jozy’s way, considering how poor his touch has been for so long.

  23. I completely understand Donovan wanting to stay, but he has to realize the complete irony in this statement…especially after 2 games. More power to him though, he has played well so far.

    While a Zaki signing doesn’t seem great for Jozy, it could work out better than we think. With both Cousin and Fagan set to leave, maybe he’ll be able to partner up with Zaki and actually get a little more assistance. Jozy losing minutes is a huge possibility..but I just hope he can form a partnership with Zaki and make it hard for Brown to leave him off. Right now I’m assuming JVoH will get the nod, so Jozy is going to have to really work on being the ‘point man’ if he wants to play, which is what he needs to improve w/the Nats as well. Let’s hope he grows up fast.

  24. Im happy for Landon. As a Galaxy fan I feel he has more than done his duty with us and MLS and if he has the chance to stay.. I say take it.

    As far as dempsey goes, never liked him as a player but he has been one of the most in form players as of late at this will hurt if its a long term injury.

    I guess we could go with:












    with altidore as a loan striker but give donovan the freedom to roam up top..

  25. Jozy didn’t dress on Saturday because he was given compassionate leave. He has family in Haiti and he was given time to find out about their welfare.

  26. And when are we suppose to hear about Dempsey’s knee scan?????

    (SBI-After he actually has it. At this point I would imagine he’s either just had it or is about to have it. I wouldn’t expect word until closer to noon. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the latest.)

  27. Donovan has done his duty to MLS. If he wants to go, he should feel free.

    This Egyptian guy seems like a huge clown. Dropped from an Egypt squad we crushed 3-0 and was called the “most unprofessional player” ever by Wigan boss Steve Bruce. If Jozy is losing time to this guy, that is trouble.

    This is not good news for an aging Bocanegra. Its right now when the defection of Nevin Subotic is really hurting

  28. According to former manager Steve Bruce, Zaki is the most unprofessional footballer he ever saw. I hope Jozy doesn’t get contaminated.

  29. Does this mean Landon isn’t committed to the Galaxy? lol I believe Don Garber just vomited in his mouth. Grant Wahl, sharpen your pencil.


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