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Monday Ticker: On Donovan, Bocanegra and more

LandonDonovanEverton (Reuters) 

Landon Donovan is loving life in the English Premier League, and it appears he wouldn't be opposed to staying a bit longer than first planned.

Donovan's Everton loan spell is set to last ten weeks, but after his second straight solid performance for the Toffees, Donovan admitted that he would be open to extending the stay if all parties involved could agree.

“The future is out of my control," Donovan told the Liverpool Echo. "I want to enjoy this experience. That means I show up for training and I’m ready. I show up for the game and I’m ready.

“But who knows what will happen in the future. Football’s funny and you never know what could happen," Donovan said. “If I look back after 10 weeks and say I really want to stay then maybe I can make that happen. If I say OK it was good, but I’m ready to go then I can go, but for now I’m taking it week by week.”

Donovan had been set to rejoin the Galaxy for the start of the 2010 season after having signed a new four-year, $9 million deal with MLS.

Here are some other stories to get your Monday going:

Hull land Zaki on loan

Jozy Altidore's battle for playing time just got a bit tougher after Hull City secured the services of controversial Egyptian striker Amr Zaki.

Having been dropped from Egypt's African Cup of Nations squad, Zaki was last seen bailing on his most recent club side, Egyptian club Zamalek, but has now re-appeared with Hull on Loan. His arrival could cut into the minutes Altidore was already battling for.

Altidore did not dress in Hull's 0-0 tie vs. Tottenham on Saturday. He has been given time off by head coach Phil Brown to deal with his family's plight in Haiti.

Bocanegra loan looms

Carlos Bocanegra was on the bench for Stade Rennes yet again this past weekend, but his struggle for playing time could come to an end if a long-rumored loan deal to St. Etienne comes to fruition this week.

Bocanegra has lost his starting left back spot at Rennes to Romain Danze, and looks like he will need to make a move of some sort to avoid spending the months before the 2010 World Cup on the bench and not playing. While a loan in France seems like the most likely next step, there are a handful of MLS teams hoping he considers a return to Major League Soccer.


What do you think of Donovan staying at Everton beyond the original 10-week loan deal? Hoping he stays until the World Cup? Worried about Altidore's playing time? Could you see Bocanegra returning to MLS, or are you hoping he stays in France?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. MLS gets nothing out of a free transfer; Donovan was doing them a favor. If they can get $15 or $20 million for him (assuming he plays well at Everton and then has a big World Cup), then he has “repaid” whatever he may have “owed” MLS.

    The Holden situation is the absolute worst case scenario for MLS because they don’t get anything for him. My guess is that MLS offered him a last-minute contract as a means to get a transfer fee, not to actually keep him in the league.

    Holden and Donovan are very different commodities at the moment. Donovan is in some respects a proven player whereas Holden is not (compare their international careers, for example), so it’s not useful to compare the two.

    Teams never want player contracts to expire because they want a piece of a transfer fee. Signing players to new contracts means nothing in Europe in terms of whether a guy is actually going to stay.

  2. Those of you commenting on Donovan miss one BIG point: MLS is threatening to lock out its players over the CBA negotiations. You think Donovan isn’t keeping abreast of the situation? Why would he *need* to try to extend his loan if he *knows* the Galaxy’s season will start on time? Donovan isn’t stupid; he probably knows that a lockout is inevitable — and that it could last three months, given MLS’s decision to take a break for the World Cup. Who wants to be idle for that long, especially if that player is pivotal to his national team’s success in the sport’s most important tournament?

  3. I thought Donovan only had like 1 more year on his contract with MLS before he signed this big one. Wouldn’t it be easier for a club like Everton to pick him up on a free transfer a year later? Now they have to pay a large transfer fee that they probably don’t have the funds for. Just thinking maybe he should have done what Holden did, let his contract run out so he can go overseas as a free transfer?

  4. Zaki is an absolute cancer who cares about only one person: himself.

    The problem for Jozy is that Zaki also tends to score goals. But I’m sure he’ll play himself out of Hull in no time. He’s a true a$$hole and an awful teammate. Why anyone would want a guy who clearly doesn’t care about any team he plays for (including his own country) is beyond me.

  5. As a Hull fan before Altidore got there, I hope Zaki keeps his ego in check. But I think a pairing of the two would be interesting. 🙂

  6. So by yor assertation if Manchester United goes and plays uribe unito and loses thats nnot a big deal? Or if Bayern Munich plays Aljazeera and loses thats not a big deal? To debunk an argument cause you don’t agree is clueless, if any athlete aproaches a game trying not to get hurt they will, secondly preseason is a time to set you up for the season many of the guys on Evertons team are blue collar guys not premadonnas who take wearing the shirt for granted so I’m pretty sure they give a damn about the performance they put out there. Landon hasn’t played since november for him to come in and pass at 70% using your numbers and the guys around him to be in midseason form then yeah, I’ll stick to my assesment.

  7. the reason argentines and brazilians wouldnt bash their league is because they always churn out top class players for export and their national teams are the best in the world. so that would make sense.

    The all star game? Come on, are people really still making this argument? Everton was in preseason, do you get that? The only goal of games like that is do get a little bit more fitness and not get hurt. the european team in these contests have absolutely nothing to prove.

    Also, he’s not even close to being “by FAR” the best passer on Everton. Over the course of his two game, he has completed 42 of his 60 attempted passes, a 70% completion rate. By contrast, Pienaar (50/64) and Fellaini (65/74) completed 78% and 88%, respectively. I guess I’m not sure where you’re coming up with this assertion, as the facts don’t indicate as much.

  8. Calm down sparky, it was a joke. I hope he does get the full transfer to Everton. It’s just hilarious after the book fiasco.

  9. they brought in the russian, bilyaletdinov. I also think that if Chelsea came in with the right offer for Fellaini, they would take it.

  10. SPOT on BCC, That is exactly why he signed with Galaxy. There isn’t a loyalty question. If Donovan proved to play well enough in EPL and wanted to stay, at least MLS would get fees out of it. The only way Donovan comes back is if he doesn’t succeed in Premiership and he gets a good raise at MLS.

  11. Seriously man, that would be ligit, it would also make way for some “new” stars to be born. If some of our lesser known players are forced to step up and do a great job, i would be happy with that.

  12. People, don’t forget, Landon was primarily upset with Becks’ apparent lack of commitment while he was actually with the Galaxy. He thought Beckham was dogging it and not being a team player. The Milan loan stuff was secondary. Landon’s current situation doesn’t make him hypocritical at all.

  13. And Beckham didn’t sign a $250M contract either. If you’re gonna whine about other folks not getting things right, at least get YOUR facts straight. Until then….FAIL.

  14. What are you talking about? Landon is by FAR the best passer on everton right now, after just two weeks, and he himself said the level of play wasn’t anything he wasn’t used too. I mean pull the epl blinders off, everyone is raving about his seemless transition and your talking about how MLS has held him back, guess you didn’t watch the allstar game where the MLS players completly out played this same everton squad. Its crazy to me how many people still bash MLS for not being some kind of equal to an epl club, I don’t think argentines or brazilians bash there players or league as much as Americans do.

  15. “Rescuing his career”? Hardly. He didn’t have success with a couple big German clubs — so what? He could have gone to any number of smaller leagues in Europe. He has done a tremendous amount for MLS, and he’s going to do a lot more for them if and when he fetches a significant transfer fee.

  16. The allocation process is only for returning US internationals. The discovery process is the weird one where teams can claim the saw someone first. These have nothing to do with Freddy Montero, Foreign players can sign with whatever team they want to, Its returning National teamers that get screwed.

  17. You have to look at the business side of this.

    He signed the extension to increase his transfer value. I do not think that anyone in MLS thought Donovan was going to fulfill this most recent contract.

    It is common for players to sign extensions and then make a transfer. I can’t even remember how many times I have heard a guy commit to his team forever shortly before leaving. It’s all a ploy to extract the max amount from a potential suitor.

    Everton will extend the loan if both sides want, but I doubt that will be Donovan’s eventual destination because I don’t think they have the funds to pay a transfer fee. LD and MLS have to be hoping that a big money club will step in at some point.

    Anyone who thought Donovan was going to actually see out this latest contract with the Galaxy is either naive or simply doesn’t understand how the business side of soccer works.

  18. I think he owes them for rescuing his career, without MLS we might have never even heard of Landon Donovan. It was MLS who arranged his loan back to them and paid the transfer fee, so Yeah he does owe them, and they also owe him, He’s done his time and if he stays til the end of the season good for him and if he doesn’t good for him, this story is a win win, Landon has silenced all his critics who said he would have trouble stepping in and dealing with the greatest league on the planet, all of this after not having played since november, it says to me the gap is closing.

  19. What we have seen in Donovan’s play for Everton is that, yes, Landon probably has as much potential as we always wanted to believe, but also that his soccer intuition and some refinement have been held back by playing in the MLS.

    If you want to get better in soccer, you play with the best players you can. Better teams play not just better, but differently. The game teaches.

    In some ways Donovan pales compared to his Everton teammates, but for no fault of his own. He simply hasn’t been playing with that level of club play for the time the others around him have.

    It looks to me like Donovan might just raise his play to a whole new level. He has his work cut out for him, but he seems motivated and is playing with a squad that seems to appreciate what he brings them.

    This is Landon’s moment — not for easy glory — but for the growth his talent begs for.

  20. LD owes MLS NOTHING! He topped out there being the “big fish in a small pond”. His skills were topped out at LA. He’s in his prime right now and owes it to himself if he chooses to stay in the EPL.

    He also doesn’t owe any explanation for the Beckham fiasco. They seem to have “made up”.

    The 2 situations are apples and oranges.

    Have a great time LD and best of luck!

  21. With the sadness of Dempsey’s W.C. hopes possibly shattered, Im looking forward to a big “step-up” by Holden! We all saw what he can do in the Gold Cup. He Stepped up there, now it’s a much bigger stage. I am so ready for a big surprise from him.

  22. Aaron,

    I will agree with you on the money part. I also fully expected Donovan to want to stay. I also had a feeling he would be a hit for Everton where he had a chance to play and everyone on the team works their socks off.

    I hope they just sign him permanently unless he starts to suck.

  23. In hat interview, Brian McBride said if there’s a crazy number of injuries to US National team, he won’t turn down offer to come back to the national team.

  24. I think they may have, but originally he was a loaner. So I don’t know if it’s different because they were an expansion franchise. Maybe loans a team can avoid allocation? I don’t know.

  25. How much did they make on Lescott? 22 million? They didn’t even bring anyone else in this year – they have at least 10 million to spend.

  26. Whitbread is like late 20’s himself along with simek, I like Marshall he shut down costly very well in the gold cup his problem in the final was having to cover for heath pearce who kept pushing up too far and leaving him and goodson exposed to faster players. I was referring to Gonzalez coming up not conrad, but for the sake of 2010 conrad should be in the discussion, if he dosen’t get hurt I don’t think mexico wins the way they did. And Orozco has a chance he just needs to play vs the players he will e going up against thats why his move to MLS makes sense, to me.

  27. They did make a good chunk of change off the Lescott to Man City deal. They have enough probably to tempt MLS.

    With the way Fellani is playing he could possibly move for a hefty fee as well, although Moyes wouldn’t want to unload him for any price.

  28. Don’t forget he signed Cahill from MILLWALL after he saw him in the FA Cup against Machester United. He also signed McBride for a loan spell. He is like Martin O’Neill – he can get the best out of otherwise average players.

  29. Not to sounds like a Bio/Nursing nerd but PCL is Posterior Cruciate Ligament.

    PCL = Posterior Cruciate Ligament
    ACL = Anterior Cruciate Ligament
    LCL = Lateral Collateral Ligament
    MCL = Medial Collateral Ligament

    So yeah, there’s no such thing as a Posterior Collateral Ligament in your knee. 🙂

  30. Conrad is how old? I don’t think Marshall has what it takes either, but I could be wrong. What ever happened to Whitbread and that Sheffield Wednesday guy?

    Spector is a good crosser of the ball, keep him out wide. Maybe Orozco can make the jump, though I haven’t seen enough him to know any better.

  31. double agreed! Jozy looks way over his head in the EPL. In fact, it was only his athleticism that had him making an impact in the MLS. I think it was the right time for him to leave MLS, but I had a feeling this was going to happen.

  32. Nah, I think Spector needs to stay outside, he plays there regularly, i think if it is last resort then yeah, but we have Marshall, conrad and gonzalez coming up, so I’m not worried about our cb’s really, personally I hope Boca doesn’t play, he never closes down defenders, he always stops and turns his back, Boca goes to the bench for leadership and Landon becomes the full time captain on the field.

  33. While looking for Clint Dempsey news on Fulham FC website, I watched Brian McBride exclusive interview video on their site. Looks like he returned to England last week (when all the games were canceled due to the weather) to take a peek at the bar they named after him.

  34. I know this isnt the place for this but I’ve got to say it, I am completly over ManUre supporters and there whole the owners are ruining our club campaign,If I was the glazers I would put the club up for sale for three billion pounds, then I’d sell the club to Jerry Jones and see how the fans like that. If I feel bad for anyone its Tampa fans who have to watch their club go down the tubes to support Manchester United, thats ridiculous.

  35. I was wondering the same. I know that Seattle has Montero on loan technically, did that go throught the allocation process?

    If he’s not being outright sold, I wonder if the the rules change?

  36. Money shouldn’t be a prevailing factor in loyalty to your club. And we all know the real money in his contract comes from marketing/advertising agreements.

    I don’t hold it against Donovan for wanting to go, he deserves his chance. He’s earned it. I agree that Becks was being a turd trying to get out of his responsibilities so quickly, but it doesn’t discount that LD is in a very similar situation. And I just find it funny he’s talking like this after only 2 games. I expected it later, but he’s come out pretty quickly.


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