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On the comeback trail

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The recent injury to Clint Dempsey left many a U.S. national team fan worried about injuries and how they will impact the U.S. team's chances at the World Cup this summer.

With Dempsey, Charlie Davies and Oguchi Onyewu currently sidelined, there is certainly cause for concern, but the progress that has been made by Davies and Onyewu has to be seen to be believed. I will be covering this subject in some in-depth stories that will appear on and SBI on Monday so stay tuned.


  1. Even if they our healthy to step on the pitch they will not be in sharp match form by any stretch of the imagination. What made Gooch the quality player he was at the Confed. Cup was 2 years of playing every match for Liege.

    Charlie- nice story if he can wear the colors but no way does he contribute anything but a moral boost.

    Let’s stop dreaming and worry about who will be healthy AND pray Dempsey gets back early enough to regain match fitness and get at least 8 or s matches for Fulham before camp opens.

    Our back line scares the heck out of me. Boca is benched at Rennes, Demerit is playing well at least and there is no 3rd option with a healthy, match sharp Gooch which isn’t going to happen because he got a bad break plus, from a football stand point, stupidity signing with AC Milan. (I don’t blame him for taking the check though-that was a great move, smart move for his future financial security from a very smart guy who I admire very much)

    Defensive wingers – let’ see……..Dolo and….

    ???? Spector has been toast at West Ham all season. Go back and watch the matches or review the ratings.

    At the current rate we will need one midfielder to play the role of constant sweeper in front of the center backs plus our defensive wing play is MLS caliber and that IS NOT WC STANDARD – FULL STOP.

    If you don’t think we are in trouble then you aren’t very knowledgeable or honest with yourself and will be crying in your beer when we go out with one point in SA next summer barring a whole lot of luck and favorable breaks.

    Go ahead- get all ticked off and call me names but the truth is the truth. I look forward to your reply’s; both intelligent and emotional.

  2. Well, count me one who has been strangely optimistic on every front (Davies, Gooch, Jones, Dempsey) from the beginning.

    So I appreciate the good news, but realize there are still hurdles to overcome for each.

    Look how much longer it took Edu get get back. And Jones is WAY behind projections already.

    Still, I’ve a feeling 3/4 (or more) get back in time).

    Gooch is furthest along, then Jones, then Charlie, then Clint.

  3. “first step to use the alter g, turn on treadmill. Second step, turn on techno music. Third step, fist pump like your life depends on it. Uhn-sis Uhn-sis Uhn-sis Uhn-sis….”

  4. Ives I thought you were in So Cal with news on a rising star like Bedoya, Gonzalez, or Finley, but this is even better news. I can’t wait to read the articles. I never doubted Davies would be ready to play in May, but I did doubt his level of fitness and touch on the ball.

    Can’t wait.

  5. ives took down the vid of gooch running on the tredmill like forrest gump without his leg braces!






    *have them flip flop positoins as the game goes on for match up purposes

    i know you guys didnt ask for my line up or care for it but thats my dream line up and im sticking with it!

  6. Correction, Ives will indeed rule if his hints of a Davies recovery is actually reality. If not, he is pulling the collective choir’s leg.

  7. Didn’t Charlies horrific car crash and injuries occur after Jermaine Jones “shin splint stress fracture” (or whatever it was)? Maybe Jones should have come back here to the states to recover…it almost sounds like CD is ahead in the recovery process more than JJ?

  8. Too much’s Friay night and I’m f’ing around on the computer befoe calling it a night.

    I think parts of it are fact and other parts are what i want o happen

  9. ok..ok.. you got me. i originally read this post on my hand held, saw the pic and the first paragraph and jumped the gun.. craziness that davies can even be included in the conversation.

    once again great work on covering a subject we’re all clamoring for..

  10. “Aren’t those for people who can’t really run?”

    For people who can’t put their full bodyweight on their joints and still run. But, point taken. IF you can’t put your bodyweight on your leg, you’re still a fair distance from playing a professional contact sport like soccer.

  11. @Ives — I believe they cost more than that. The original ones that pro teams have cost $100K. They’re coming out with a cheaper version — for PT offices — but will still run at least $40k, I think.

  12. I don’t care if he can run the 100 meter dash in 10 second flat. Gooch and Boca need game time. If they can’t get that then we’re screwed!

  13. Gooch and Dempsey appear to be safe bets to be ready for the WC injury wise. With Gooch it’s a matter if he will get any PT.

    Dempsey should be back in training by March and ready for the WC, he most setanily will get playing time at Fulham.

    Gooch should be back no later than March, playing time is the issue with AC Milan.

    Jones is due to begin rehab in Feb if that goes well he’s in and I do believe he will see PT.

    SO…If everyhting pans out we could see a healthy Dempsey and Gooch, Jones and Davies are still question marks?.

    The two I’m most rooting for are Jones and Dempsey because I think they provide the most value, imho

    I suspect that camp cupcake has had it surprises. Finley, Rogers and Gonzales, all may have may strong impressions that provide more depth than previously considered.

    RE: C Davies he will probably start training in Feb. I think he could be fit , but like Gooch will he have any pt under his belt prior to the WC.

    It comes down to 2 issues are they cleared to played? and are they in WC game form?

    My guess Jones and Dempsey – yes

    Gooch and Davies maybe?

  14. Why, oh, why did Saturday and Sunday have to follow Friday?! If it wasn’t for those wretched days, we’d be getting our update now!!

  15. from
    “FDA cleared and built on NASA technology, AlterG is changing the way people recover and athletes train. Our unique technology allows you to run or walk at a fraction of your body weight, so you can dial in exactly where the pain stops and movement feels good again. Leading medical professionals are using AlterG to help their patients recover better and have a smooth return to activity. Top athletes and teams are using AlterG to recover and train smarter, reducing the frequency of training injuries by minimizing stress on their joints, while still building fitness”

  16. You’ve been hitting the treadmill Ives? New Year’s Resolution?

    (SBI-I need to live on a treadmill for a year. Now if only I had the 30K for the anti-gravity treadmill I could jog at 20 percent of my body weight, which is probably the size of a normal person.)

  17. Yeah that’s a good point actually. I did not notice that. Aren’t those for people who can’t really run? Looks like good progress but maybe not as good as it looked initially. People with more knowledge can hopefully fill us in.

    (SBI-The anti-gravity treadmill helps athletes start their rehabs sooner and control the progress better while limiting the wear and tear. I can tell you that Onyewu was moving extremely well today, and not just on the treadmill.)

  18. This is great…especially if this mention is to Charlie, our boys are gonna come back hungrier than ever ready to prove the confed cup wasn’t a fluke..i love onyewu’s expression as he was getting carried off, it looked like he was thinking no matter what it takes im gonna recover and come back looking forward to being there and having them make us proud..GO USA!!

  19. First the twitter tease.. Now this… Ives killing us.

    Earlier I was thinking had to be gooch and Jones… I dare not dream further.

    (SBI-Come on Russell, I thought this post would help provide some context to the Tweet from earlier today. I’ve got stories coming Monday and now you have some sense of what they’re about.)


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