SBI embarks on year three

SBI embarks on year three


SBI embarks on year three


You may have missed it amid all the New Year's hoopla, but last Friday marked the second birthday of Soccer By Ives. It was two years ago on that day when I launched SBI with the hope of establishing one of the top American soccer sites in the business.

Two years later I can say with pride that we have done just that. In 2009, we established new records for pageviews and visitors. With the help of new staff writers Travis Clark and Gianfranco Panizo we added our second U.S. Soccer Best Blog award and have (for now) put a lock on the No. 1 spot in Ballhype's Soccer Blog rankings.

SBI posted 13.7 million pageviews in 2009, with California finishing as the state with the most visits. The rest of the Top Five states included: 2. New York, 3. New Jersey, 4. Texas, 5. Illinois. I will look to do a more detailed breakdown of the year later this week.

We at SBI want to thank all of the readers for helping SBI reach new heights and we promise to do what we can to take SBI to another level in 2010.

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