SBI Pic of the Day: Donovan's Army

SBI Pic of the Day: Donovan's Army

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SBI Pic of the Day: Donovan's Army



Bet you didn't know Landon Donovan was so popular at Everton, did you?

Okay, so the picture isn't of English Everton fans who have already fallen in love with Donovan, but actually of some American fans who made the trip (along with the Liverpool-born, Everton-loving father of one of them) to Goodison Park to see Donovan make his Everton home debut in the 2-0 win vs. Manchester City last weekend. SBI reader B.J. Collins provided the photo.

If you have a good soccer-themed photo from a match and would like to submit it to SBI, please pass it along to We will look to make this a regular series on the site to help readers capture even more of the flavor that surrounds the sport we all love so much.

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