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Setanta Sports USA to cease operations



Setanta's loss is Fox Soccer Channel's gain.

Setanta announced Wednesday that it will be ceasing its broadcasting operations in the United States and Caribbean on Feb. 28 and that it will also be transferring many of its broadcasting rights to FSC effective March 1.

FSC will be launching its second channel, Fox Soccer Channel Plus, and will be broadcast in high definition the day after Setanta USA shuts down.

Setanta will continue to run its regularly scheduled programming in the USA and Caribbean through Feb. 28. The company's channel in Canada is not affected by the announcement.

What will you miss about Setanta Sports USA? Glad to see FSC taking bigger strides? Do you think this means more Proactiv commercials?

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  1. If you signed up for Setanta-i (broadband) they will be sending you a refund for the remainder of your yearly subscription. I sent an e-mail to cancel and they responded they everyone will automatically receive the refund.

  2. Im pissed only cause my $150 a year for Setanta Broadband is now wasted after 5 months.

    Im just trying to figure out if it would be cheaper to pay for the games I really want on instead of upgrading my cable.

  3. I totally miss the Special1. would have been nice to have his analysis of the ACM / Inter match… And Wayne’s behind the scenes, indepth reporting of the plight of Carlos… “dats brilliant, it is!”

    bring back Special 1


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