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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Landon Donovan 5 (

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Landon Donovan isn't waiting long to take his chance during his new loan with Everton.

The U.S. national team star is starting for the Toffees today in their match against Arsenal. Donovan just joined Everton but has apparently made enough of an impression to get the start.

Everton-Arsenal is just one of the matches you can watch today. If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump).


12pm- ESPN Deportes, Real Valladolid vs. Atletico Madrid

12pm- AS Roma vs. Chievo Verona

12:30pm- FSC, FSE- Birmingham vs. Manchester United

2pm- GolTV- Sevilla vs. Racing Santander

2:30pm- FSC, FSE- Inter Milan vs. Siena

5pm- FSC, FSE- As Roma vs. Chievo Verona (delayed)

8:30pm- FSE- Santos Laguna vs. Atlante (InterLiga)


  1. I think Landon played it safe today he’s only been with the team for a week, you can’t just come in and take over the team, guys will run you out that way. I thought it was a great sign of respect for LD to take the corners on his first day. The guy is class, there was a mmoment there when everton where flying all over the place and he just calmly spotted a run in the middle and played the ball right on the mark, I don’t get all the disdain for him, I really don’t.

  2. the deflections never should have happened

    everton lets players just dribble around inside the 18, there is no pressure, nobody steps up

    neither shot should have been allowed, period

  3. Donovan played well today. He will be happy with the assist, had some good moments. To be fair he didn’t make some runs in the first half that I thought he would. Overall, solid performance.

  4. No. Neil and Heitinga are more than capable. I think people here (not saying you are) are exaggerating on how bad they are because Howard is the keeper. It is no worse than US’s defense.

  5. Everton’s defense is not bad. Sure they’re not Chelsea but you compared them to Hull City, which makes you look like an idiot. 2 goals today were off deflections and Howard didn’t have much to do today.

  6. If anybody is still here… does neville play any center back because they could move him in and then play Young Coleman (Seamus) on the right back. might solve some problems if that is possible. Once again I don’t follow everton all that much

  7. It is possible, BUT I bet most of those other countries you mentioned also have a domestic league that is THE league in their country (not the NFL, NBA, MLB leagues that MLS has to compete with). What I’m saying is, I live in Memphis, where we ain’t got sh*t for soccer! So I follow the national team and its players like crazy. I have an affinity for Fulham because I was at the Fulham/MLS all star game and Fulham’s propensity for having US players. But I don’t have a single-minded devotion to one club as I’m willing to bet a lot of US national team fans do not either (with no disrespect to MLS, but it’s not the top domestic league in our country, it just isn’t). Every other country like Russia or Sweden or Scotland, they have soccer as their top domestic league.

  8. You do realize Villa’s game was postponed, right? You’re making a joke?

    Of course, Freidel is the best goalie. Old story. We needed him more in ’06, though.

  9. The announcers are saying that Donovan had a brilliant debut on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday show here in the UK. The announcer said LD played well, especially for someone who has only been in the country for a couple of days and had to play in snow. Announcer adds that the weather is probably a little different in California (ha ha).

    Wasn’t the second goal an own goal? Why did they credit the goal to Rosicky when it was clearly a two footed shot by the defender?

  10. Just saw all the goals on fox match day. Pienar’s goal was a nice chip. evertons defense was bad but they got unlucky with both deflections on the goals.

  11. a player who has been out for an entire year cannot be used as an excuse

    two transfer periods have passed since then, and the problem is definitely not limited to the center backs

  12. I agree, I like Chelsea I follow them but when they play against Fulham I have a conflict of interest because I feel like I should be rooting for Clint, its crazy that way but I think it is just that we all as fans feel our players don’t get enough respect.

  13. Well everton know what they need: centerbacks. I don’t follow Everton all that closely; so, who are the two starters that are injured?

  14. yeah, good point. i DO like the aways; i forgot about them because i haven’t seen everton play in them once this season. Some people probably hate the pink, but it’s so different from anything else in the EPL that I like them.

  15. Just awful luck for Everton and Howard. Another goal on a deflection, this time Howard looked to be in great position to stop it without the deflection.

  16. lord, I’d consider buying an Everton Donovan jersey, possibly, but Everton’s jerseys are so effin’ ugly. What’s with that faux-Vneck??? It looks like their all wearing oversized granny bras or something lol

  17. it’s too bad that was denilson

    i want someone to crack that idiot eduardos fibula in half again

    he has no respect for the beautiful game or the other players

  18. lol, and all the non-Everton or Arsenal fans immediately stop commenting the moment Donovan is subbed out of the game (myself included).

    Which brings up a question I’ve wondered for some time: are American soccer fans unique in the way we follow our players, especially the ones for our national team and even more so the ones playing abroad? We hardly follow teams, but rather the American player.

    In other words, do other countries have message boards and blogs solely devoted to following how their players are doing abroad? I’ve seen lots and lots of stuff for various teams (say, in the EPL) but never anything for the development of national team players.

    I think we’re unique because we want the sport to do well in our country, and while MLS is entertaining for some of us, it just isn’t there yet, and the national team is our one true outlet for Americans to show our united support of soccer in our country. I dunno.

    In other words, I think we’re the most unique fans in the world.

  19. Wow. Argentina in 2008. Spain in 2009. Many, many other times. Howard has been the best player for the national team the past few years. Lets focus on actual discussions.


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