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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

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There are plenty of big matches in leagues from Mexico to Germany, but many American soccer fans will be focused on the U.S. team's first match of the new year.

Tonight's USA-Honduras friendly in Carson, California is the marquee match of the day, though there are other high-profile encounters. Werder Bremen take on Bayern Munich in one key battle, while Tottenham tries to halt Leeds United's Cinderella run in the FA Cup.

Those are just some of the matches going on today. If you will be watching any of today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


9:25am- ESPNDeportes, Werder Bremen vs. Bayern Munich

10am- FSC- Accrington Stanley vs. Fulham (FA Cup)

10am- Setanta Sports- Everton vs. Birmingham (FA Cup)

12pm- GolTV- Sevilla vs. Almeria

12pm- Catania vs. Parma

12pm- FSC, FSE- Tottenham vs. Leeds United (FA Cup)

12:25pm- ESPNDeportes, Borussia Dortmund vs. Hamburg SV

2pm- GolTV- Real Valladolid vs. Barcelona

2:45pm- FSC, FSE- Juventus vs. AS Roma

3pm- Setanta Sports- Manchester United vs. Hull City (delayed) 

4pm- GolTV- Deportivo la Coruna vs. Atletico Bilbao

6pm- FSE- Cruz Azul vs. Pumas UNAM

6pm- Telefutura- Queretaro vs. Pachuca

6pm- GolTV- Sao Paolo vs. Rio Claro (delayed)

8pm- FSE- Independiente vs. Racing

8pm- Telemundo- Tigres UANL vs. Guadalajara

8:15pm- Setanta Sports- Reading vs. Burnley (delayed)

8:30pm- FSC, Telefutura- United States vs. Honduras

9:45pm- Telemundo- Atlas vs. Monterrey

10pm- Setanta Sports- Everton vs. Birmingham (FA Cup, delayed)


  1. so i guess you dont care about him playing in the EPL and staying in shape for the US coming up to the world cup, right?

    Everton has been playing well lately, this is the FA cup and what many Americans tend to forget is that the underdogs are almost favored to win in the FA cup than the actual bigger team… happens all the time, infact way worse than birmingham everton, thats not a bad underdog at all, its usually a league 2 side tying with Fulham or a league 1 team beating united or liverpool

    take FA Cup results lightly or your going to give yourselves heart attacks US Fans(just some advice, been watching the EPL my whole life)

  2. Great win by Roma over Juve 2-1… They started off slow but put the pressure at the end and after buffon’s red card… Forza Milan tomorrow!

  3. LD better not get injured in this circus side show.

    The only thing we should be rooting for, unless you are an Everton fan, is relegation, so he can get back to a team that has a shot at winning in a league where we live.

  4. Why does it not shock me that people on ths site would rate Burnley-Reading as the high as the US Hond game ?

    Seriously, shouldn’t that be shocking…but it isn’t. Why ?

    Enjoy the figure skating.

  5. average rating in today’s footballing world is 6….im gona say Donovan’s rating today was a 6, but there were worse performances











  6. Nick I agree 100%
    He is playing not to make a mistake. I thought since he had signed his deal with LA he would come in with more reckless abandon. His teammates surely see this if all of us see it also.

  7. Let’s not get all dramatic. He had a mediocre game, caused maybe by lack of service, but also maybe by not getting into great positions. Has Landon never had a mediocre game or disappeared for 75 minutes before? Happens all the time.

    He’s still had a better 2 performances in 3 games than Jozy has had all season.

    Life goes on. Everton vs. Sunderland on Wednesday.

  8. Or take DCJosh’s cue and change topics. Let’s enjoy Spurs v. Trash (yes they took out my United – at Old Trafford nonetheless, but Trash on a gold platter for a minute or a year is still just that – TRASH!!!)

  9. Do not get paranoid guys. Donovan will continue to start for Everton. He did not play poorly. The team as a whole just struggled to find goal.Imagine if Donovan were Fellaini, with all of those poor passes and missed open shots, he (“Donovan”) would be criticized for a month. Donovan will be fine. He is a good player and Everton knows it.

  10. When the ratio of ridiculous posts starts to zip past even-headed and reasonable insight, analysis and discussion (at a geometric rate) it is the time to exit stage right.

  11. Well, they really, really, like to play the whole width of the field. I’ve lost count of the number of times I see a guy standing off the field, playing a ball that is rolling on the touch line to another guy running up the line just a yard or so in from the touch line.

    Arteta coming back over the next couple of matches definitely eats up some LD minutes, which probably will begin to be split with billygoatdanov.

    LD’s touch has been heavier than normal–no surprise after a 4 week layoff followed by a step up in competition. He’ll get better. In time? I don’t know.

    Still, he’ll probably be sharp as hell come WC time.

  12. I agree with corrections. Arteta played much more central, and Birmingham dropped back so of course Everton had more possession.
    ‘Osman, Cahill, and Bilyaletdino’ were not that much better than Landon today. But Landon needs to be more aggressive with and without the ball.

  13. Easy guys. I wasn’t bashing Donovan; I was just trying to be objective because most of the time when Neville was just booting the ball, I couldn’t see Donovan on the TV screen. The comment about not working as hard was about not going hard into tackles to win balls when he is not involved in the game. He just doesn’t seem to have the same fire as Pinear or Falinni, but I guess that has never really been his strength. Didn’t mean to offend anyone.

  14. I didn’t see a lot of the match (only caught the part where Arteta came in) but it doesn’t sound like Donovan played well or was involved in the game (for whatever the reason was…). You know I’m not that surprised. After the Man City game and everyone was gushing about his performance I went back and watched the game and to be honest he really wasn’t that great. Of the 4 Everton midfielders he had the weakest performance and he was probably 3rd from worst on Everton as a whole. He seemed to put his heels on the sideline and just ran north to south the whole game, content to play his winger role and that’s it. He needed a more killer instinct! Demand the ball…make diagonal runs that just wears the defense out…check back for the ball!

    This is the same Donovan that played with Bayern…he thinks he can just come in and be the quite new guy that just wants to play a role and help as much as he can. Well if he wants to scamper home after 10 weeks a leave little to be talked about when we look back at the loan…then just keep doing what your doing Donovan. But if you want to make a name for yourself and make people dread the day you have to leave then step up, demand the ball, and play a little more selfish football…

  15. Should’ve replaced Cahill not Landon. Although I imagine Moyes is also careful to be mindful of team chemistry. Considering LD hopped off a plane & immediately started 1st 3 games, he may not want to rock the boat too much w/ some of the established vets such as Cahill.

    I think this game would’ve been a great opportunity for Moyes to bring on a substitute & shift LD to left wing or as withdrawn striker. Displaying his versatility could be huge as Arteta & others start to create stiffer competition for time.

    Oh well, guess there’s always the US “B” team tonight???! No, I kid…while not as exciting as full squad should still be interesting to get a look at some fringe players. All we need is 1 or 2 hidden gems to emerge. I REALLY wish Marcus Tracy had stayed healthy was dying to get a look at him. The only thing I’ve seen is YouTube highlights, but DAMN that boy has some freakish athleticism!

  16. And all of this ripping on Bilyaletdinov is pretty funny. He had a poor half and got subbed, but he was certainly no poorer than Donovan and unlike Donovan he put in some fantastic performances early in the season before he got injured. He is an aggressive, dangerous player. No way he gets pushed to the bench for player on short-term loan like Donovan.

  17. Mediocre from Donovan today, although he did do a couple nice things. I’d give him a player rating of 5. From a purely objective perspective, it does appear that the Everton attack does NOT look to Donovan at all, especially Neville. I dont know if its a chemistry thing, or if Neville simply doesnt like Donovan, but not much of anything is going on on the right side. I also agree that Neville is pinching LD against the sideline too much.

  18. Compared to the last two games, no one on Everton had a good game, including Donovan. He didn’t play terribly, but something was missing the entire game. You’re right, it’s essential the winger and fullback communicate and work together in the EPL to add width, and both of them were certainly on a different page. The entire team was sluggish, aside from Pienarr and Baines, who combined well.

  19. The problem with Donovan isn’t that he doesn’t work hard or that Neville is sabotaging him (or any other absurd conspiracy theory). The problem is that he is too passive. When he gets the ball in a dangerous spot there is no sense that he will strike it dangerously on goal, or break down the central defense with a brilliant pass. Why look to feed him the ball when you get it to the feet of Pienaar, Fellaini Osman or Bilyaletdinov. Just look at how much confidence the team had in Arteta. He had more touches in his 20 minutes than Donovan had in the whole game. I suspect Donovan will be lucky to make more than one or two more starts for Everton, then back to MLS for good I’m afraid.

  20. Everton had a dozen good chances but put in only one. Saha continues poor form. I agree with announcers, that Landon has to be more active on attack. Sometimes he looks like an U-12 who’s been told to stay near the sideline, and don’t move.

  21. I don’t think it’s time to worry about Donovan yet. He still looked better than Bilyaletdinov, and since LD is versatile, he could slot in there no problem. I think Arteta replaces Bilyaletdinov, and Donovan’s still got a few more chances. Remember, he’s this is only his third game with the team. Not everybody can be Arshavin


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