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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Ronaldinho (Reuters)

Apologies for the late posting of today's Your Running Commentary. There has been plenty of exciting and shocking action in the soccer world today, and still some great matches to come.

While the FA Cup matches have been played, with at least one major upset, the match of the day, featuring AC Milan vs. Inter Milan, is set to kick off later this afternoon (2:45pm, FSC).

Here is the rest of today's TV schedule:

1pm–, ESPNDeportes- Getafe vs. Atletico Madrid

1pm– Telemundo- Toluca vs. Jaguares

2pm– GolTV- Oeste vs. Corinthians

2:45pm– FSC, FSE- Inter Milan vs. AC Milan

3pm– ESPN, Real Madrid vs. Malaga

3pm– ESPNDeportes- Indios vs. Santos Laguna

4:15pm– Setanta Sports- Scunthorpe vs. Manchester City (FA Cup, delayed)

If you will be watching the rest of today's action, or if you want to discuss today's earlier results, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Enjoy the rest of today's action.


  1. Thanks Jose, looks like Eddie was really imposing himself in that sequence. Toss in a little finishing touch and you’ve got the makings of a hot streak.

  2. i watched the ivory coast algeria game.

    algeria looked pretty respectable, but ivory coast…

    towards the end of the game ivory coast was playing absolutely ridicilously bad, almost like they had no intention of trying to get another goal at all.

    not to mention their defending in the late game, nonexistant. tbf tho, ivory coast had a valid goal ruled offside after the embarassing algerian GK timewaste/fakeinjury for 5 minutes.

    i think the US could have beaten both of the teams that I saw out there tonight.

  3. Anyone who does not think all three teams that the US will face are tough then you simply are not paying attention. Don’t get confused that while we are not in the toughest group….that it in turn means we are in a easy group. Our draw may have been more favorable than say North Korea…but all three teams we face have the ability to beat us. Now consider our injuries and it just compounds the concern. The US will have to earn each result as nothing will be given to us.

  4. What a game! The Milan derby was fantastic!

    @ SG- draw at best?! cmon draw worst case. Algeria is good but if we are healthy, will get a win out of it…

  5. Yep you’re kind of hearing it right now about Rico, you kind of heard it about Landon until his unusual fitness paired with a warm body crisis made him the best bet for Everton. It’s kind of the first thing you hear about a player when they start midseason after a layoff. All y’all haters just take the next couple of weeks to line up yer insults, then feel free to let loose once he’s in game shape.

  6. Ivory Coast 2 – 2 Algeria, in extra time now. Tell you what, the Nats NEED to come out tough against Algeria…..they won’t lie down for any reason.

    Oops, Algeria just scored.

  7. Maybe they’ll loan him out to a lower division or other league for sharpening up, if he is healthy at the right time. Or something.

  8. i am no Freddy Adu booster, but the few times he has played over the last couple of years, he has looked miles better than Sacha Kljestan, Robbie Rogers and Marvelle Wynne. If those guys are considered international caliber, then he surely is too.

  9. Has anyone else noticed the diving in the Milan – Inter game? This is absurd. I have never seen as much faking as this game. The Referee is picking up some of it but clearly he is not sure and is being ‘played’. You can easily see from the replays which are dives and which are fouls. Where the !!ell is instant replay to assist the ref.

  10. Freddy Adu is not playing yet because his manager Hector Cuper thinks that Adu is not ready to play right now.

    He said that while Freddy is getting better in practice everyday he is still not at the level of his teammates since he hasn’t played in quite some time.

    Freddy will get his chance.

  11. As Harry used to say….”But but but…best player against Spain a few years ago……Monaco coach did not like Americans….Super Friendlies….technically gifted…..but but but but.”

    I watched the entire Aris v Pana game today. Freddy would have been totally out-classed had he played today. Pana was the better team by miles. Eddie Johnson almost stole the game after he came on but other than that Pana was much better. Freddy would have looked out of place quickly on a field that had bonafide international players.

  12. Not really a surprise either. Edu hasn’t been playing that well since he’s been back, and Jozy’s mind has been (understandably) elsewhere.

  13. They just didn’t.

    “Hoping to get in the team next week not on compassionate leave anymore. Thanks people for the nice messages. Unlucky tonight in the match.” – Jozy


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