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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

One of the older rivalries in English soccer has been renewed this morning as Manchester United takes on Leeds in FA Cup action today.

Man Utd-Leeds is just one of several quality FA Cup third round tilts on display today. West Ham-Arsenal and Chelsea-Watford are also kicking off today. If the English game isn't your cup of tea, there is also La Liga and InterLiga action taking place.

If you will be watching today's matches, or you want to discuss this morning's Old Firm clash between Rangers and Celtic, feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump).

Sunday's Soccer on TV

8am-FSC-Manchester United vs. Leeds (FA Cup)

11:15am– Setanta USA- West Ham vs. Arsenal (FA Cup)

1pm– GolTV- Mallorca vs. Athletic Bilbao

1:15pm– FSC- Tranmere Rovers vs. Wolverhampton (FA Cup)

3pm– GolTV- Osasuna vs. Real Madrid

3pm– FSE- Puebla vs. Tigres (InterLiga)

5:30pm– FSE- Monterrey vs. Jaguares (InterLiga)

10pm– Setanta USA- Chelsea vs. Watford (FA Cup) (Delayed)


  1. Ouch buddy… Bit disappointed with the response as it was said in jest. Nothing to get over myself with, it was splashed across the internet so I thought it would be found here and was giving a tease because it wasn’t.

    (SBI-Josh, I used your first name for a reason. I know you’re a regular. I’ll try using a smiley face next time.)

  2. Watching the Madrid game it reminded me of something i’ve been wondering for some time…Ray Hudson is by far my favorite soccer commentator and i think many would agree with me, so why can’t ESPN get someone like this to cover World Cup or other games rather than the bums they often use who just seem to have no passion for the game like this man does…I would just like to see American viewers reaction to an entertaining game commentated by Ray Hudson to understand how beautifully some people view every event of the game

  3. For some reason, I haven’t seen the FSC in HD commercials before today. Have they been running them before? Has Ives addressed this?

    I’m SO excited about this… as long as it’s available in my area, of course.

  4. i dont really have a stance on this too much because again, i dont like to argue since MLS has not gone up against too many lower English sides

    talent wise, we are currently equal to the championship in my belief because we have players like Beckham, Montero, Ljungberg, Ferreira, Holden(maybe), Landon, JPA, Kljestan, Bornstein, Segares(maybe), Joseph, Marshall, Keller, Cunningham, Casey, GBS, Rogers, and on and on…..otherwise, training is going to be better in the championship and depth as well, but this will probably soon change due to a change in MLS’ CBA

    another thing unfair, its the FA Cup…..these sort of upsets happen all of the time because the smaller teams have so much will and they impose it on the stronger sides……did you actually see United play today? Horrid ball movement and their best player Rooney was dreadful throughout the contest

  5. Ryan, I 100% agree, and you make some excellent points. And it’s not simply a Europhile bias or anti-American slant. It’s simply a question of money, time, and expectations. As much as we like to focus on the sport aspect, this is also a business. If you pay your employees a LOT more, devote 10 months a year and tons of attention from your local community, AND have a tradition that dates back a century or more, there are inherint advantages a lower division English side has over anyone in MLS. For player development, these advantages can be very beneficial– but ONLY as long as the player’s character is such that he can handle the pressures that come along with it at a young age.

  6. Arsenal showing what they’re made of. Ramsey, Diaby and Nasri are both hitting top gear at a time when Fab is sidelined, and that is exactly what Arsenal need to keep in the hunt for the league and to stay alive in the cup/champs league. The maturation of some of these players, especially in midfield, has been incredible. IMO this is a preview of what is coming.

    Also, I’m on the “Adu to Hull is a bad idea” bandwagon. The kid needs minutes, and the idea of playing in the best league, teaming up with Jozy, and being able to speak english instead of learning yet another language must be tempting, but I think Aris would be a much better career decision for the kid. A solid half a season there could see Freddy make the trip to South Africa and could vastly improve his long-term options.

  7. Again, the comparisons need to be made. You’re entitled to disagree. But I think you’re hard pressed to argue that MLS is equal or superior to the Championship. Plain fact is that greater resources allow Championship clubs to bring in higher quality players. In any case, this is a healthy debate that I’m happy to have. I’m very interested what others honestly think.

  8. I agree on most fronts. First, to get it out of the way: I was by no means suggesting that Man United are not a great squad, and on most days easily superior to Leeds (although this year’s United squad is certainly not as strong as the past couple years). My point is more about the quality of lower-tier English football, i.e. the Championship and League 1. Second, the plain fact is that we need to compare the quality of English sides and MLS sides in order to assess, among other things, the success and quality of players in the US pool, where players are better off developing, etc. Again, I think it’s presumptuous to assume that Stuart Holden, Rico Clark, etc. are Prem quality. Maybe they are, but there’s no shame in being successful in the Championship, and I’d value success in the Championship over success in the MLS. Again, I think some time in the Championship would be a good thing for Jozy, and not the worst for Holden and many other American players. Look what it has done for Jay DeMerit (bearing in mind that he spent some time with Watford in the Prem as well). Just food for thought for those that overrate MLS success and underrate those Americans making their mark in League 1 and the Championship.

  9. Ryan, your comparison is unfair…..

    sorry, but you cant say either one is better until there is some sort of game between MLS sides and championship sides

  10. Great points. Comparing MLS sides to any level of European soccer is an apples to oranges arugument. They are two completely different animals, and things like the cap make sure of that. So while comparing the two makes for great blog use and a way to pass the time, it’s an exercise in futility.

    Leeds-Man United is as heated a rivalry as you can get. Plus it was a Cup match. I think Leeds was definitely up for it and Man United failed (as a fan that burns me to no end). But at the end of the day it’s a cup match and to validate the strength of Leeds on this one off kind’a invalidates your argument about the quality of Leeds United football, and the Championship, or Leagues 1 and 2. It’s like making an arguement to validate the quality of MLS vs. FMF because of an upset in the CCL or InterLiga. It’s a one-off, and while that generates the allure for these types of games it doesn’t say much about how they would do in league play.

    There is a reason why Man United are as successful as they are – going for their 4th straight league title and Leeds are where they are. The tables does not lie. In the Prem I am not so sure this Leeds side would do so well. So Leeds did what they had to do, on our ground nonetheless, and my hat goes off to them, on the day. But they are no where near the quality of Manchester United or any of the top Prem teams.

  11. I don’t get much opportunity to watch League 1 sides, but having watched Leeds take down the mighty Manchester United has illustrated a couple things to me. People grossly underestimate the level of soccer being played in the Championship AND League 1, and grossly overestimate the level of soccer being played in MLS. People expect Stuart Holden to automatically be a mainstay for a club like Burnley simply because he’s a US international. People cry foul when he needs to accept a trial. This shows a total lack of perspective. Even the Championship is a great destination for a young US international; a great place to prove their mettle. I do acknowledge that some teams — like Leeds — play above themselves in FA cup ties, and I also recognize that Leeds is clearly the best team in League 1, and thus basically a Championship side. But that Leeds side was quite talented (indeed, the team features numerous players that have featured in Championship and/or Premier League sides), and tactically superior to most MLS sides. Do I think the best MLS sides could compete in the Championship? Yes. But only the top 1 or 2. Do I think certain posters are crazy when they contend that the likes of Hull or Burnley are no stronger than the best MLS sides? Absolutely. In any case, this all demonstrates that a young player like Jozy getting experience with Hull in the Prem is invaluable. He will get better and he will learn from this experience. And if they go down, it might make perfect sense for him to go with them. I also think Burnley is a great destination for Holden (provided Owen Coyle doesn’t jump ship), even if they’re relegated.

  12. and yet again i arrive here to agree with the shortstop defensive wizard, why in the hell would freddy adu put his two loan options up on his twitter?!? does he want us to do a poll or something for him so we make his decision for him? i’m done giving the dude a break, he’s just a flat out idiot for doing this and needs to grow the hell up. and one more thing, its laughable that he couldn’t get time on his struggling portuguese side and now he thinks he’s going to waltz into a struggling EPL side and get time? as crappy as hull’s midfield is, there is still no space for him. he wouldn’t play when bullard is back, he doesn’t play enough defense to fit into their bunker-mentality and his offensive game is weaker than that of geovanni the only guy who shares similar attributes on hull and can’t get playing time because the hampster in phil brown’s head stopped running. the only way this works is if hull ship out a few of their midfield players to cut their massive payroll. freddy you disappoint me again but i’ve come to expect this idiocy from phil brown

  13. Adu to Hull is the worst idea this year. Does anyone think Phil Brown will ever use Adu during a relegation battle? Denilson doesn’t even play every game. It is a bad move for Hull and a bad move for Freddy.

    Now if it was permanent and Hull got relegated then maybe it would be a good move.

    And I don’t blame Ives for not covering it. Considering Freddy just asked 250K+ on twitter whether Hull or Aris is a better destination for him. He is his own press agent.

  14. Agreed. Particularly not players who have had trouble succeeding everywhere they’ve gone. Just let the deals happen, put your head down, and get on with it. The fans want to see you on the pitch, improving, not tweeting about your latest move to a worse team.

    And honestly… Hull? As long as Bullard’s out, why not just come back to MLS where he’ll have a better chance of getting on the field? Hull have no quality absent Bullard, so the choice is a wash. Oh wait… money, forgot. Gotta fund the lifestyle.

    It strikes me that this comes off as judgemental; maybe it is, but I just want to see Freddy on the field.

  15. Wow, Leeds with the upset. Have to say United had their chances and Leeds deserved it. Beckford looked great, too, nearly had a second while Snodgrass’ free kick, I believe, rattled the crossbar.

  16. Give the guy a break; 2 years of excellent blogging service and he can’t let up a little? Besides, you guys can’t find out what games are playing today yourselves?

  17. Watched the first 60 of Celtic-Rangers, Edu looked very solid except for one nearly catastrophic mistake.

    Saw Adu to Hull in the BBC gossip page. Then saw his post on his twitter feed “Hull or Aris.” I am strongly opposed to a move to Hull for Adu. I think he would be entering a bad situation without much room to play or improve.


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