Togo bus attacked by rebels (Updated)

Togo bus attacked by rebels (Updated)


Togo bus attacked by rebels (Updated)



Tragedy has struck ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations as several media outlets are reporting an attack on the Togo national team bus that was transporting them to Angola.

The BBC is reporting that a group of armed rebels opened fire on the bus as it crossed the border into the oil-rich nation. A few players and coaches have been reported to be in the hospital in critical condition, with the bus driver the only known fatality so far. Many of the players were able to take cover under the seats while they were being attacked. Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor was on the bus but emerged unscathed.

Early reaction from the players is that they will withdraw from the tournament. The team was traveling from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Cabinda, Angola where they were schedule to start play on Monday.

(UPDATE- Nine were injured in the attack, including two players. The tournament will start as planned on Sunday according to reports, with the Togo players determining the fate of their side this weekend. Reports of a Togo boycott have emerged.)

What do you think? Will Togo withdraw from the cup? Is the entire competition in danger?

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