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Tuesday Kickoff: Europe plotting move for 2018, Cooper returns to 1860 and more

Sepp Blatter (

If you were hoping for the United States to beat out a host of other candidates, including England, for the right to host the 2018 World Cup, things have gotten a whole lot tougher.

According to FIFA president Sepp Blatter, a plan is in the works to guarantee 2018 going to one of the several European countries bidding for the World Cup.

“From what I’ve discussed with the president of UEFA, Michel Platini, in the last few days in Moscow is that only a European candidate will be evaluated for the 2018 World Cup,” Blatter said on Monday. “It’s still not decided, but it’s an idea to help facilitate the work of FIFA and its executive committee.”

While it has never been a secret that Europe was always considered the favorite to host 2018, this is the first public statement from Blatter basically admitting that Europe would wind up hosting in 2018.

What does it mean for the USA World Cup bids? It means that 2022 is the safer bet for the World Cup to return to the United States.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:

Cooper set to resume training. U.S. national team striker Kenny Cooper is set to return to action for 1860 Munich for the first time since suffering a sprained MCL in training. Cooper has rejoined the club after undergoing treatment for the injury in the United States. 1860 Munich physicians have already checked out the knee and Cooper is ready to resume training.


Cabanas in critical, but stable condition. Paraguayan national team striker Salvador Cabanas is in critical, but stable condition after surgery following a shooting in Mexico City on Sunday night. Efforts to remove a bullet from Cabanas brain were unsuccessful as doctors chose to leave the bullet in rather than risk more damage to the Club America star. Cabanas was the victim of an apparent robbery late Sunday night at a Mexico City bar.


What do you think of these stories? Disappointed to hear Europe will wind up with 2018, or did you already see that coming? Which country would you like to see host the 2018 World Cup if it isn't the United States? Hoping Cooper can get back into the 1860 starting lineup so he can earn a call-up for the USA-Netherlands match in March?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. because he was/wasn’t throwing games, he had a big debt, he was screwing someones wife, he wouldn’t switch teams etc. You know the usual suspects.

  2. Play? We don’t even know if he’ll live. Besides, if he has a bullet in his head, I don’t think he’ll want to be risking anything by heading a soccer ball.

  3. I still can’t believe people thought we had a shot in 2018. NO WAY was FIFA ever going to hold three straight World Cups outside of Europe. Maybe in another 20 or 30 years that’ll seem plausible, but definitely not now.

  4. I think we all knew the WC would return to Europe after two cycles away. Nothing new here. 2022 is time to come back to North America.

  5. “by 2022 we could have a good enough league where our starting line-up could be mostly comprised of MLSers”
    In an ironic stroke of comedic timing we should know the answer to that one in precisely 5 days.

  6. Jack Mac
    Luis Gil
    Charles Renken
    Joseph Gyau

    those are the only players young enough and good enough to still be in some what of their primes

    2018 would have seen

    Mike Bradley 31yo
    Jozy Altidore 29yo
    Freddy Adu 29yo
    Joseph Gyau 26yo
    Jack McInerney 26yo
    Charles Renken 25yo
    Luis Gil 25yo

    Just picture Jozy with 9 more years in europe dude is the next Drogba

    Check Drogba’s career path

    20yo- Le Mans Ligue2- 2app, 0goals
    21yo- Le Mans Ligue2- 32app, 7goals
    22yo- Le Mans Ligue2- 13app, 0goals
    23yo- Le Mans Ligue2/Guingamp Ligue1- 35app, 10goals
    24yo- Guingamp Ligue1- 39app, 21goals

    He didnt join the premier league for another 2 years…. Jozy is ahead of the curve

  7. I watched a story on the history channel a while back that talked about mobsters using .22 point blank because it wouldn’t exit the skull maximizing damage. Terrible stuff. Maybe a ballistics guy would know more.

    What an awful story. I have friends from Mexico that always tell me what a dangerous place Mexico City can be. I hope the swelling goes down enough so they can extract it. Brings life (and football) into perspective.

  8. Not a surprise,though it’s surprising for Blatter to admit so early on that the process is rigged. Anyone know when the 2022 Cup decision will be made? The way the bidding was being done — with both Cups in play now — made me think that FIFA had decided to address them both at the same time, more or less. The 2018 host will be announced in December. What about the 2022 Cup host?

  9. Cabanas was NOT the victim of a robbery–are you just making stuff up now, SBI?

    Within hours of the news yesterday, they said it wasn’t a robbery.

    The guys who shot him had club membership at Bar-Bar, a $1700 tab and two getaway cars waiting outside to pick them up. To steal a billfold?

    He was the victim of a pre-planned, attempted assassination.

  10. I think what Blatter has in mind — and this seems to be the appropriate schedule — is a tweaked rotation system, with every third cup being held in Europe. Given the economic resources, population, etc., this just makes sense. FIFA makes its nut in Europe, so they need to feed the beast. Also, it is the most appealing option for the television schedules in Europe. Really, when you look at the globe, at least one-third of capable Cup hosts are in Europe — England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Scandinavia, maybe even the Balkans, Turkey, and eventually Russia. Compare with less than a handful of South American countries (Argentina, Brazil and ?), the USA, Mexico, maybe Canada, South Africa, maybe Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Korea and China. Really, it’s even closer to one-half of realistic Cup hosts are in Europe – so maybe 3 out of 6 isn’t outrageous.

  11. Right now his brain is too swollen to take out the bullet; it is too risky. The doctors will wait between 48-72 hours before doing anything. Sooner or later they will need to try to take it out if his to survive. What I heard on “Jorge Ramos y su Banda” is that a 22 Caliber destroys, eventually, everything in its path if not extracted.

  12. Truer words could not be spoken….for a guy that complains about our league all the time he is not throwing us any bones to make it better…. but heck by 2022 we could have a good enough league where our starting line-up could be mostly comprised of MLSers and that would be so sweet…. MLS is def on the Up and Up

  13. Oh, I’m completely shocked that a deal is being worked out for a European country to host 2018.


    Really, if you thought the World Cup was going to be held away from Europe three times in a row, you need to stop drinking.

  14. Wow Sepp Blatter has no interest in making a world cup the most attended sporting event or helping a nation develop a football infrastructure.

  15. Hopefully a four year delay allows the USSF time to rectify it’s moronic decision to leave Chicago out of the US bid cities. The idea that 3500 quality, temporary seats could not be added to Soldier field to meet the 65000 seating goal is ludicrous. Chicago 2020!!! Come on you Yanks!!!

  16. I’d be pissed off if I were the other non-european federations that had put tons of time and money into my 2018 bid, only to find out not be given a fair chance.

  17. If the US national team is not that good in 2022, than its becuase of 2 things:

    1) 10 other Rossi’s taking place

    2)and the African-American community as a whole has still yet to discover the sport of soccer and take us to #1 internationally.

  18. Nice to see Cooper back to training.

    Europe for 2018 doesn’t surprise me. If the US got the 2018 bid than it would’ve been the longest the Cup has been out of Europe.

  19. That World Cup is going to England. I know it. They have been wanting it for what seems like forever now. And they’ll win it too.

  20. Depending on where the bullet is and what the bullet is in contact, that will determine what he will be able to do from now on. He could continue playing if the bullet allows it. Or he could retire because of lack of control over his body. Or who knows.

  21. Do we know if Cabanas will ever be able to play again?

    It was always going to be 2022 for the US so I’m not worried by the notion of Europe getting it in 2018. However, I think it rather unsportsmanlike to call that information out ahead of time…

    As one of the few who think Cooper offers the national team something better than Ching – I’m game to having him back and playing. Let’s hope he finds the form he was in when he first arrived and not the few minutes he was grabbing nearer to his injury.

  22. Ok, Sepp, who paid you? So, 3 out of the last 6 WC’s will be held in Europe?

    On a more serious note, what is the bullet being left in his brain going to mean for his life now? Is he going to be paralyzed?


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