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Tuesday Kickoff: Clark signs with Eintracht Frankfurt, Holden still in Bolton sights and more

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The German Bundesliga may soon be adding another U.S. national team-eligible central midfielder.

German media outlets are reporting that Ricardo Clark has begun a trial with German Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt. A free agent after playing out his contract with the Houston Dynamo, Clark has been linked to clubs from Italy to England, but could soon be joining Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones in the Bundesliga. German publication Kicker is reporting that Clark began his trial with Eintracht on Tuesday.

(UPDATE- Kicker is now reporting that Clark has signed a contract with Eintracht Frankfurt until the end of the current Bundesliga season, with Eintracht Frankfurt having the right to extend the deal for three more years.)

In other Americans Abroad news:

The report from the UK Mirror claiming that Stuart Holden had been passed over by Bolton and was set to sign with Portuguese club Sporting Braga has yet to be confirmed by any other media outlet, not in England, Portugal or the United States. In fact, the UK Telegraph quotes Bolton manager Owen Coyle in today's editions as stating that Holden could still sign for the Wanderers.

"Stuart did well since he came in," said Coyle. "He's picked up a little thigh injury in the last couple of days which has curtailed his movement a little bit.

"But he's done well and I'll have a chat with him today and his representative and see where we go from there."

Coyle's quotes shouldn't be taken to mean the Mirror report is wrong since the quotes very likely came early on Tuesday, before Coyle had spoken to Holden about his future and before the Mirror article surfaced. The complete absence of any articles verifying a Holden link to Sporting Braga make that part of the story look questionable at this moment, but we should find out just what is going on with Holden later today.


Carlos Bocanegra's long-rumored move to St. Etienne could turn out to be a sale rather than a loan as Rennes is currently at its loan limit. Rennes plays St. Etienne tonight so we could see a resolution hammered out between the clubs today.


Though no clubs have been identified yet, the rumors linking American midfielder Benny Feilhaber with interest from Spain persist.


American-born striker Jemal Johnson has been struggling to find playing time at MK Dons, but is now heading to Stockport County on loan.


We are still awaiting word on Clint Dempsey's injury status and will pass that along as soon as it announced. For now, What do you think of the above developments? Like the idea of Clark playing in Germany? Hoping the Feilhaber links to Spain lead to an actual move to La Liga?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The Clark transfer is a good one that needed to happen. He’ll learn to read the game and tactics of the other team so that he doesn’t have to make as many rash tackles a game. Moreover, his play with the ball at his feet needs to be better; the Spain game, while won due in part to his immense defensive effort, could have been better if Clark’s passing and touch was better. Spain had twenty-nine shots while we had nine. On another day, one of those shots might have gone in. With this move, he seriously challenges Edu and Jones starting spots.

  2. Retake that Finance class again any company who is actively growing doesn’t record profits, and rightly soo all monies should be used to increase profitability and market share, ie increasing the salary cap, larger GA contracts and Larger bonus for MLS cup and Supporter shield winners, theres your “” profits.

  3. When it comes to foreign players Italy and Spain have traditionally looked primarily to South America ( although Africa, with it’s comparatively cheaper players has risen in prominence everywhere) because of the talent level,yes,but also because it’s easier for South Americans to assimilate into the culture in Spain and Italy.

    In addition, the other steroetype is that the game is more technical and skilled in Italy and Spain whereas the English and Germans prize physical qualities such as size, strength and speed more. Remember the man you all love to hate so much Conor Casey, spent quite a bit of time in Germany. However, I think the main reason is that because more Americans have played in Germany and England there is a greater familiarity and comfort level on the part of their clubs with American players. I suspect the average Spanish or Italian club owner will tell you that, other than the obvious exception, American players aren’t technically skilled enough.

    There is no reason why a good American player, if he wants it bad enough,can’t succeed there. After all look at what Guiseppe Rossi, your favourite traitor,had to do to get where he is in both Italy and Spain. They just have to really be three times as good as the next guy and fit in well. Which makes you wonder why more of our latino players don’t do it. Well, Tab Ramos played in Spain with Real Betis.

  4. I wonder what the relationship is with American players and the Bundesliga. Is it just that German teams pay more attention to MLS than for instance the Spanish La Liga teams or Italian Serie A? It just seems like out of the ‘big’ leagues in Europe (aka not Scandanavia), Germany seems to be the 2nd choice behind the EPL for our best rising stars, even back to the Wynalda days. Is it just me or what?

  5. It’s not about the attendance figures, it’s about the salary cap. Swedish clubs don’t have bigger crowds than MLS teams (often smaller), but still some Americans prefer Sweden or Denmark over MLS. Of course there’s some lure in just playing in Europe and the possibility to show your stuff to bigger clubs. But I guess that without the salary cap (or with much higher cap) many of the good MLS players wouldn’t go over to Europe. The best would, but then it’s about competition, not money.

  6. Chicago Fire need to wheel and deal there way to get Boca back after his next contract. If Rennes can’t loan players I doubt he’ll come back to MLS now. He should see the field for St. Eteinne but I wish it was going to be at center back.

  7. Oh, I don’t know. I think short trials can be a good thing for the club. Man City probably should have tried one before they signed Robinho.

  8. I am so excited for Clark! I’ve lived in Frankfurt for some time and Eintracht has been my favorite football team since and now an American on the side! This makes me very excited and time to get out the new Eintracht gear I just bought.

  9. Hey Ives, what’s up with Kenny Cooper? I thought his knee injury was going to keep him out for only 3 weeks. It’s been months and you still have him on the injury list.

  10. Although I see your frustration Charles, I don’t think your argument is very valid. If you look at almost every nation and national team across the globe, the goal for their players is to play in the best leagues of the world. Does it hamper each and everyone of their domestic leagues to at least some extent? Sure it does. But it’s part of the growth of this sport in our nation and it’s a great sign. How many Brazilians on the national team actually play in Brazil? Argentina? Holland? Czech Republic? etc etc. I think it clearly shows that the overall level of skill in this country has risen, and will hopefully continue to do so until we’re on par with some of the bigger nations. At least that’s me dream….

  11. I think Germany is a great location for Rico. As for Holden, I think he needs to be anywhere he can play regularly instead of sitting on the bench. And my hope is that is right back here in Houston. But any solid, competitive environment where he can play regularly is fine with me.


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