U.S. World Cup bid to cut nine cities

U.S. World Cup bid to cut nine cities

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U.S. World Cup bid to cut nine cities


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Even with eight years to go, the U.S. World Cup bid committee for 2018/2022 is still hard at work. On Tuesday, the list of possible host cities will be reduced from 27 to 18.

Tuesday's announcement is scheduled to take place at the ESPN Zone in Times Square. Below is the list of 27 cities that are vying for the 18 spots.

Cities: Washington, Tampa Bay, Seattle, St. Louis, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego, Philadelphia, Oakland, New York, Orlando, Nashville, Miami, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Houston, Detroit, Dallas, Denver, Cleveland, Chicago, Charlotte, Boston, Atlanta, Baltimore

The final 18 will be in line to serve as World Cup hosts, with major cities with MLS clubs — such as Washington, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago all likely to make the cut. The 18 remaining cities will be submitted as part of the final bid due by May 14, with a decision from FIFA expected in December.

What do you think about the latest list of cities? Which cities do you want to see stay? Which ones go?

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