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Bradley addresses Dempsey injury

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With the first match of the year just days away, U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley should have been focused on the upcoming friendly vs. Honduras, but with one of the U.S. team's best players facing a serious injury, Bradley couldn't have been blamed if some of his focus was thousands of miles away.

The status of Clint Dempsey's injured right knee is expected to be revealed on Tuesday and Bradley will be waiting for the final word just like the countless number of American fans who are pinning the team's World Cup hopes at Dempsey's skillful feet.

Bradley has been in contact with Dempsey following his injury in Fulham's 2-0 defeat to Blackburn on Sunday and found the U.S. midfielder to be in good spirits despite the injury.

"He's upbeat, he's waiting to see what they will tell him later in the day," Said Bradley. "It was odd how much came out yesterday. My experience is that you let doctor's do their jobs, but it doesn't help when information begins flying around."

While the severity of the injury remains unknown, Bradley was optimistic about the Fulham forward's ability to recover and contribute to Fulham and the U.S. national team.

"Clint was surprised about the number of texts and messages from people in the United States and if you know anything about Clint, you know that he's a upbeat and competitive guy and I believe that if this is indeed a little bit of a set back, I don't think that throws him off in terms of rehabbing and being ready to help Fulham and the U.S," said Bradley.


As we head into the last week of preparation, here is a list of players who are still available for Saturday's match:

Goalkeepers: Zach Thornton (Chivas USA), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake), Troy Perkins (D.C. United), Kevin Hartman (Kansas City Wizards)

Defenders: Kevin Alston (New England Revolution), Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Jimmy Conrad (Kansas City Wizards), Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles Galaxy), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew), Heath Pearce (FC Dallas), Marvell Wynne (Toronto FC), Brandon McDonald (San Jose Earthquakes)

MIDFIELDERS: Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Alejandro Bedoya (Örebro), Geoff Cameron (Houston Dynamo), Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders), Benny Feilhaber (Aarhus), Eddie Gaven (Columbus Crew), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA), Dax McCarty (FC Dallas), Chris Pontius (D.C. United), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew)

FORWARDS: Justin Braun (Chivas USA), Connor Casey (Colorado Rapids), Jeff Cunningham (FC Dallas), Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake)


  1. Dempsey Injury Update

    Tuesday 19th January 2010

    Fulham FC News Powered by

    During the Blackburn Rovers fixture on Sunday 17 January, Clint Dempsey sustained moderate damage to a ligament in his right knee. Following the results of a scan, early indications are positive in that no operation is required. At this stage it is thought that the injury will not prevent him from featuring for Fulham, prior to the end of the season.

    Whilst obviously disappointed, Clint is focused on his rehabilitation and will work hard, in line with medical advice, to return at the soonest opportunity.

  2. My wild guess is there is a partial tear and they are determining whether he needs surgery or can rehab it. I’m sure Clint is doing everything to try to get on a timeline that allows him back for the World Cup, but the surgery would rule him out of the squad.

  3. That’s true to an extent. It used to be a hardline policy of Basque only. However that’s changed, and now players who have been developed or cultivated from a young age by a Basque club. So it is possible for non-Basque players to join, but in limited and often rare circumstances.

    Even if he hasn’t left Bolton though, the Portugese league would be an interesting proposition for someone of Stu’s slight physique. He’ll get tossed around in the EPL.

  4. Keep the faith brutha. I am supposed to be seeing patients today, there are people not being treated today because of the Dempsey injury information holdout. I hope your happy Fulham!!

  5. The Wait is killing me, I have checked this site every 3 mins since 7am. Ives, how am i supposed to work at a time like this?

    (SBI-How do you think I feel? I’ve been waiting since last night. The delay makes me think they’re seeking a second opinion.)

  6. Found this Dempsey report on the Web:

    (SBI-That wasn’t a report so much as a day-late re-hash of what we already knew. Nothing new there, but that site will get plenty of hits since it’s the first thing coming up on Google searches for Dempsey.)

  7. Why is he getting a look at the very least from one of the best teams in Portg, if he is not developing while playing for the Dynamo ?

    He is developing inspite of being held back by MLS ?

    Clark too I guess ?

  8. Isaac, according to reports/articles BB has been pairing Conrad with Gonzalez so I’d expect to see a Conrad/Gonzalez pairing at some point. Otherwise I think you’re spot on.

  9. Although BB’s comments really don’t tell us much, it is good to hear that Dempsey is “upbeat.” I’m praying to the soccer gods tonight.

  10. i dont care who you are thats funny. but seriously i wanna see findley play, and marshall too i thought he played alright against El Salvador in qualifying

  11. Could he say any more? My read on his comments are very positive ” indeed a little bit of a set back” will be rehabbing for Fulham and USMNT.

    BB is optomistic after speaking with him. I think that implies a lot.

    I get the impression that BB is being critical of Fulham for making it worse than it actually might be.

  12. I meant Pyotr Alexeyevich Holden, the 7-foot-3 Ukrainian second striker formerly of Krasnyy Kut FC. Who did you think I was talking about?

  13. Holden in MLS is Dynamo for life. Dynamo have made it clear.
    I don’t know what the deal is in USA about soccer news. We need some better sources for soccer and our players here in the USA, Ives does a great job but we never get much consistency in many other places. I hope Holden sets up his contract very similar to Donovans, if he gets one. Holden is almost lock to make world cup roster unless someone else really steps up big and if Clint is hurt to where he is not fit for WC then Holden is most likely his successor, which I don’t mind, I actually like it. Holden has similar instincts as Dempsey but maybe not as much skill and Holden plays hard all the time from the games i’ve seen him play.

  14. and if he does do this and he does play he’s a genius?

    There is always a calculated risk when transfer/choosing clubs. While he’ll get playing time at Houston, he’s not going to get the development he’d get at a club like Bolton or Sporting Braga. Of course, if he goes to Bolton or Braga and doesn’t play, he may not get any sort of development.

  15. Agbossoumonde? Yup.

    Holden already depends on his technical ability and tactical awarness more than the clear energy, speed, and size he possesses, which will deteriorate over the next couple of years. Going to Portugal will improve them.

  16. I’m thinking this for this Saturday:






    after subs






    Gaven and Cameron could play in place of Bedoya and Pontius, but I’d kind of like to see this.

  17. Seems like Bradley Sr. is taking a bit of a shot at Fulham & Hodgson with the “I’m surprised how much information got out” bit.

    RE: Stu Holden – hmmm….not sure the EPL was the best for him anyways, and if Coyle doesn’t want him might as well stay in the MLS. Isn’t Braga the team that was after one of our U-20’s or U-17’s?

    As long as he plays…that’s becoming ever more important. MLS may be his best option if only for the spring of 2010.

  18. I wonder about the Holden to Braga “move” and whether Mirror is just pulling that one out of youknowwhere. US U-20 player Agbossoumonde is at Braga now so until I see more, my thought is that the Mirror is adopting the one American = all Americans approach.

    Zack, dream on buddy. If Holden is back in MLS, he’s All Orange, All the Time!

  19. Stu, there’s a roster spot for you in Seattle!!!

    Riley—JKH—-T. Marshall—-Gonzalez–

  20. I’m lokey excited to see Robbie Findley to watch him play more, cuz i’ll admit, i only took notice on him when he scored twice against Colorado at the end of the season

  21. If Holden does do this and he doesn’t play he’s an idiot, I mean you put in verbage like Landon has in your MLS contract sign it, concentrate on preparing yourself for the world cup, have a monster tournament line up teams in the prem since thats his goal and transfer in july and have a full season with the team from the beginning, this is a lateral move where he could fall off I don’t like it.

  22. Just saw a great story on nightly news with Brian Williams on Haiti. Here we are worrying about Dempsey and thousands of people are dead or dying in Haiti. Shocked me back to reality. It’s still just a game.

  23. and Sporting Braga are after him? Where the hell did that come from? The article makes it sound like they’ve been a clear suitor for since the beginning of the transfer window.

  24. I would go with Marshall instead of Goodson, although I don’t think there is any significant drop off from one to the other. I also wouldn’t be shocked if Davis played in place of Kljestan. Other than that, that’s about the lineup expected.

  25. Bob’s comments are always like this. He never speaks too much. I kinda like that he never talks too much. Said that, I dont always agree with his tactics or the players he chooses.

  26. Why don’t you just wait until tomorrow like everyone else? Is that really that hard to ask? Most of what managers say before a doctor’s diagnosis of a player’s injury is useless talk, so I don’t know what you expected.

  27. my guess for boring bob’s starting lineup



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