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Tendonitis ends Tracy’s USMNT camp stint

Marcus Tracy (AAB)

The U.S. Men's National Team received a bit of bad news on Wednesday to go along with some bad weather at training camp as another player will be heading home.

Aalborg forward Marcus Tracy will be out for the duration of camp and will be returning to Denmark after a medical evaluation on Wednesday. US Soccer reports that prior to arriving in Carson, the Wake Forest product had received treatment for tendinitis in both knees. After sitting out the past four sessions including this morning's practice, the training staff has decided to allow the forward to return to Scandinavia to recover in preparation for the upcoming season with Aalborg. At this moment, there are no plans to add another player to the roster ahead of the U.S. team's January 23rd friendly against Honduras.

What are your thoughts on the loss of Tracy? Disappointed that he won't get a chance for his first cap? Want another forward to be brought into camp?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. What exactly will Bernardo do with the USMNT?

    How will Bob put him to work? Do they have a reserve team we don’t know about? So Bob should cap him because he is unemployed?

    The kid has zero,count them, zero senior appearances with anyone, anywhere.

    He seems to have a lot of potential given his Youth and Under whatever team stats but did you ever about a guy named Freddy Adu? Very impressive at the Under level not so good at the Senior level.

  2. Bring in Vincenzo Bernardo. He declined an offer at Napoli to become a free agent. I wish Bob would put this kid to work with the USMNT until he gets a new club offer. Why waste him at home.

    Ferrari or Bernardo Bob?:)

  3. Wiki says he has 14 games so far, no goals? Without goals, is he at least making chances for others? Hate seeing our guys getting games, as forwards, but not scoring. Doesn’t look good if he can not score in the third division of Italian football.

  4. I second this but I highly doubt it would be possible. I don’t know if Bob even knows who he is. If he did get called in I doubt Wycombe would let him leave. He is their best attacking option. I say this as Pittman’s number 1 fan.

  5. Bring in Jon-Paul Pittman. Yes, I realize he has club commitments, but he should get a look soon. 8 goals this year already! What else does he have to do to get a look?

  6. Disappointed. Was eager to see him impress during the friendly. Looks like we’re getting closer to fielding a team of complete “has-beens” and “never-weres.” Looking forward to seeing if Pontius gets a nod and a few of the younger/Scandinavian players.

    Whatever happened to Gabriel Ferrari? My old man used to rave about him becoming the next big thing. Didn’t perform well when I saw him at the u20 World Cup.

  7. Ouch! That stings.
    I hope he recovers and comes back better than before. I was very excited to see him play in the next friendly.
    Maybe while he’s in re-hab he can work-out his upper body a little bit. He’s looking kinda scrawny

  8. Eh… where would I prefer to recover from/be treated for tendinitis–balmy LA or freezing cold Denmark? Kid can’t get a break. Just hope he doesn’t have the same problems that Hargreaves suffers from.

  9. Good move to let him return to his club. Get him healthy so he doesn’t lose playing time. He’s a young guy, and if he keeps playing well he’ll have plenty of chances to get more time with the Nats.

    Can’t imagine he’d factor into the World Cup this year, though stranger things have happened.

  10. He’ll eventually get a cap, this guy is too talented not to get at least another look. I personally think Tracy can eventually be a starter if Davies doesn’t fully heal.

  11. tough, break, but at this point he’s of no use to us, so let him go. He’s got a bright future, I’m sure Bob told him that.

  12. What do you think about Chris Rolfe. Do you think he has gotten enough time with his new team that he could be called into camp?


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