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Wizards deny “shopping around” Jimmy Conrad

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The Kansas City Wizards took part in the pre-draft ritual of endless trade talk, but unlike other teams, the Wizards wound up the subjects of one of the juicier rumors of MLS Draft Day 2010. Various reports, including one on the ESPN broadcast of the MLS Draft, reported that the Wizards were shopping around U.S. national team defender and Kansas City captain Jimmy Conrad.

The only problem is it wasn't true.

An irate Peter Vermes stood outside the Philadelphia Convention Center trying to figure out how the rumor grew legs. Somehow listening to offers for Conrad turned into KC shopping him, but he was quick to squash the rumor.

"We were NEVER shopping around Jimmy Conrad," Vermes said. "People asked about him, but people ask about everybody at the draft. If people are going to say we shopped Jimmy then you can say every play in the league has been shopped."

Kansas City has been linked to trade talks with New York about Conrad.

Conrad is currently with the U.S. national team as it prepares for an upcoming friendly vs. Honduras at Home Depot Center in Carson, California on Jan. 22nd.


  1. So basically Vermes couldn’t trade up to #2 to take Tchani…NYRB probably demanded that Conrad be included. KC couldn’t get enough back in return and so he causes hissy-fits outside the convention center after the draft. Yawn.

  2. I am thinking you should have said:

    “The only problem is an irate Peter Vermes said it wasn’t true.”

    Which really isn’t a problem except for maybe Peter Vermes and maybe Jimmy Conrad and whoever else’s feeling that were hurt about what might or might not have happened.

  3. Ives, what the hell happened to luis gil? Also, did the trade between NE and Colorado ever happen or was it just rumor? Last thing I heard was burpo and Gibbs to NE and Larentowicz and Thompson to the rapids in a trade


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