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Evening Ticker: Beasley scores for Rangers reserves, Fellaini sidelined six months and more

DaMarcus Beasley 1 (Getty Images)


DaMarcus Beasley followed up his 45-minute weekend return from a thigh injury by starting, playing 70 minutes and scoring a goal in Rangers' 2-1 reserve team victory over Kilmarnock on Tuesday.

According to a game report, Beasley looked sharp throughout the match, and opened the scoring with a finish from the right flank. Beasley could have added a second just before halftime, but his lob went just over the crossbar.

The U.S. international is looking to pick up where he left off in December, when he went on a tear by scoring two goals and setting up four others before being sidelined with the thigh strain.

Beasley will look for a second consecutive competitive start when Rangers plays St Mirren in the fifth round of the Scottish Cup on Wednesday. 

Here are more stories from Tuesday:


Everton was a dealt a blow on Tuesday with the news that midfielder Marouane Fellaini is expected to miss approximately six months with an ankle injury. The injury was picked up on Feb. 6, when Liverpool defender Sotiris Kyrgiakos lunged in with a two-footed tackle on Fellaini during the Merseyside Derby. Kyrgiakos was given a red card for the challenge in Liverpool's 1-0 victory that day.


Arsenal midfielder Francesc Fabregas has been heavily linked with a return to former club Barcelona this summer, but one of Fabregas' current teammates is pleading for him to not let that happen.

Andrei Arshavin has asked Fabregas to remain with Arsenal, stating he wants to continue to play alongside the Spanish international. Arshavin also revealed that the two playmakers discussed Fabregas' future last summer, with Arshavin also telling Fabregas to stick with Arsenal for a couple more seasons.

Fabregas is enjoying one of his best seasons in the Premier League, scoring 11 goals and assisting on eleven others.


Do you think Beasley is ready to go on a tear for Rangers? How badly do you see Fellaini's absence affecting Everton? Think Fabregas will stay at Arsenal?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I used to be a huge Beasley supporter until he lost his form early in ’09.

    Now, although I keep reading that he’s found something or that he’s scored a goal (again today for Rangers reserves on a rehab assignment), it’s hard for me to see where he can play for the Nats. His speed is his best attribute, but I don’t see him in an attacking midfield role or on a wing in front of Donovan, Dempsey, Davies. Defensive midfielder? Really? No. Defense? No. He only has a chance if there’s another injury, and surely the injury gods have been satiated for this WC cycle?


  2. i think we know what were getting with Bornstein, Dempsey, even Spector and Demerit. i think they all go regardless except maybe Bornstien. ideally you already know your depth chart but the u.s. isn’t exactly brazil.

    i’d want to see certain players play with close to the best lineup to see how they play not with a disjointed mls side but with a lot of starters. So i’d like to see

    Torres, Castillo, Findley, Holden and Cunningham.


    I want to see findley with a full sqaud. Cunningham comes in at half In a crap game against poland (i think) he took the only shot the U.S. got. He’s a finisher something the U.S. really needs and doesn’t normally get. Even in Altidore and Davies. They aren’t exactly the one shot one kill sorts most of the time. to see how he pairs with Altidore, I want to see if Holden can work the right side with spector. Can they provide an attack and work that overlap. can he get decent crosses in. I want to see if Torres dictate play in that midfield, and move the ball around while staying positionally disiplined. That is can he and bradley partner well. And i want to see Castillo as a left back option.

    The other guys that are interesting but optional are Beasley. You really know what he gives you when he’s playing well so it’s not really an unknown. Adu, I’d love to see him partnering with altidore but Adu, Altidore, and Donovan have never been on the field all at the same time yet and i don’t see that changing under bradley cause bradley doesn’t have a place for him other then as a defensive winger.

  3. i’ve always advocated a 4-3-3 but like the guy below i’d much rather see Adu there. And note you’d want to flip Beasley and Davies. If a barcelona style is your system they aren’t their to cross they are their to link up with Altidore the central striker though one twos on the ground so you want them cutting in on their better striking foot. So you put the left footed guys on the right. like messi is and Henry are, etc. Should be noted that wide right up front as a striker in a 4-3-3 is where Damarcus Beasley found his biggest success at PSV. He was their leading champions league scorer that season too by the way. left footed coming from the right. under Guus Hiddink by the way. A guy every know it all said would never consider the U.S. cause it wasn’t big enough. Now signed with the massive footballing power that is Turkey. Way to sell ourselves short guys.

    the big problem with this is the system is a passing system and the U.S. as an organization, a coaching philosophy and as a a country, especially the MLS, DO not emphasise passing skills: First touch, tight interchange in close space, playing well weighted passes on the ground all the time. YOu have to work on this over years. You can’t just implement it with certain players. Especially since your two central midfielders need to be exceptional ball handlers in tight space and maintaining possession. And thought great, Dempsey and Donovan are not exactly those players. You’d be much better off with possibly Donovan cause he may be able to adjust but also Torres and Fielhaber there cause that is specifically Fielhaber’s game. That adds the issue of how do you use Donovan. If you put him or Davies wide right, there’s a good chance you’ll cut down on your scoring chances cause he’s be on his off foot. Notice his only goal at everton was left footed and a deflection. Playing wide right he get’s very few strikes with his best foot. regardless shuffling your line up is an issue cause you can’t just pick the same players. because that system asks for specific characteristics in the positions. Take your wide backs. They can’t give the ball away like the US ones do. it’s a possession system so defenders can’t bomb forward then lose the ball so your wide guys have to be technical too and great in posession or you’ll get stretched. And i just noticed. YOu’re honestly gonna leave out Spector and Demeritt? No way. The other thing is I love Altidore but he’s hasn’t shown to be a great link man all the time at hull. His first touch needs work and i don’t see him as yet able to play the role of the striker laying off gentle one twos yet. And you have to start working on that stuff years out from a cup. side note him and Freddy Adu did interchange well as youth so the potential is all there even now. Defensively also you have to press this way system high up the feild making you susceptible to long outlet balls and counter attacks so having large lumbering guys like Onyewu can be an issue as you’re asking them to cover a wayne rooney in 50 scare yards of open space. That’s why Barca’s defenders tend to be strong, but long and fast and agile, not muscled up and destroyers that lack mobility. They need the mobility of a Pique, Puyol, or Marquez. It’s why their defenders are so versatile and are great passers. Their system dictates that. And many of them start learning those philosophies at 13. All the while our MLS teams aren’t emphasising the same skills or demanding them and are only looking for a guy who’s big and runs a good 40 and they say He’ll be good in England cause he’s big and strong. I like the system. I just question whether the U.S. has the minds to implement such a system, and further the understanding of how to prepare the players to work when the system breaks down cause they all do and players need to understand how to adjust and often how to do it on their own.

  4. He’s played the whole game so far, and it should almost be over, I wish Beasley was on the bench but not sure, on Soccernet’s fixture there’s only 6 players and he’s not one of them, but he did play in a reserve game yesterday so I wouldn’t expect him to be available?

    Edu might get some PT for the March 3rd game vs The Netherlands, since Clark and Feilhaber will be getting back from injuries

  5. Donovan does not play well up top, only at MLS level. He plays better on the wings, running on to the ball in open spaces or quick passes on a diagonal run.

  6. you have some reasonable points about Adu’s limitations. Also, hard to know how much his allegedly poor work ethic has affected his earning minutes. But it says a lot about Adu’s potential and raw skills that he generates so much discussion after a couple matches of good form. He is still raw and clearly needs consistent playing time and good coaching to really develop. Since we’ve been hearing about him for years, it’s easy to forget that he’s still young and has time to develop for WC 2014. He doesn’t need to be a savior, but could he ever develop into a dangerous midfield facilitator like an Iniesta/Xavi role? (Obviously I’m not comparing them and he’s nowhere near their class, but wondering if it’s realistic for him to pattern his game after that style). By the same token, can Jozy harness his raw physical ability to develop into a scoring force like Drogba? (The Spain goal and recent Hull form hint at this tantalizing possibility).

    Oh, and I can’t see how Ching even makes the plane to SA, much less a scenario where he starts.

  7. It doesn’t hurt Donovan at all. Fellainio seemed to have some kind of problem with Donovan and almost never passed the ball to him. Now that Fellainio is out Everton’s offense seems to be operating at a much higher pace with more crossing and a more aggressive attack. Fellainio did strengthen the Toffees’ defense though and they’ve been weakened somewhat without him.

  8. Actually now its 2 goals and 2 assists in 4 caps. Not too bad.

    (SBI-Actually, if you want to get technical, today’s assist is only an assist in MLS, though it was still a great pass.)

  9. Not really, (thought that play still lingers in my thoughts), rather that I think Spector isa better option on both sides of the ball.

  10. Fellaini looked as responsible for his injury as the other guy who got the red card. The other guy came in with studs up, and Fellaini stamped down on the guy’s legs.

  11. You all must be looking at different things, i.e. World Cup, Neth. & ES because some of you talk about things that CAN’T happen for ES, e.g. Gooch or Davies playing. Maybe for this thread we should focus on the game with ES a week from today. Although, when I tried to come up with a starting team I was too lost to get there as almost NO ONE from our main team is even in camp except Bornstein & Pearce. At least you can be pretty sure Perkins will be in goal. I am really hoping Findley can step up his game to move past Ching/Casey, but just not familiar enough with him.

  12. You guys throwing Beasley into the starting lineup are insane. Hed have to show well as a sub first then start the next game. I know hes proven but his consistency of form is too questionable sometimes

  13. Funny about that whole thing about coaches, because when Cooper, a great well-respected coach, got a look at him, he started getting playing time. He’s working hard defensively in games, he’s using his body, even if it’s not that strong, and he’s getting stuck in the tackles. Look at the highlights on YouTube they have of his matches. They have specific highlights for him and he seems to work very hard defensively.

    I don’t think Bradley gives Spector minutes at left back unless something serious goes down. Castillo NEEDS to get a look and AGAIN we need to think about depth. We’ve got 6 subs in this game dude, who do you think is going to be coming in and playing? I think that Bradley either plays him at right back, maybe center back, or nowhere on the backline at all unless things get serious.

  14. Here’s what I would like to see the US field come March 3rd vs The Netherlands:






    Lets face it guys, Clark hurt, Benny hurt, and maybe Edu not back yet Torres is our best chance next to Bradley Jr. Plus would it hurt to give the guy a try again? Does his ball posession and precision passing as well as vision really kill us against Holland in a friendly? I mean this what these games are for right? To figure out your schemes/tactics and to see if certain players fare well against teams of the caliber you’ll be facing?

    I personally would of wanted to see Castillo start last November at LB but whatever Bob didn’t want to?

    I am reluctant to say he should start now, but I think he needs to be seen in the 2nd half vs holland, he’s an option and a good one for LB with a natural left foot, Spector’s okay, but with Dolo’s injuries and aging, I think we need good ol’ Specs on the right plus Dempsey seems to play at his best when Spector is behind him.

  15. Lets look at reality.

    Gooch is hurt right now and they said if he makes it in great time and early, he’ll be back in trainning in March, so he’s out!

    Dempsey as far as I’ve read is not even close to trainning and they’ve always felt he would be back for the last month of EPL competition. I think is safe to say he’s out too.

    Feilhaber just picked up a 2 week injury at best, so I think he’s pretty iffy and some of you keep saying we need to get players who are getting regular PT and in form, I don’t think Benny qualifies, he’s team doesn’t even start to play till after the March 3rd friendly vs The Netherlands.

    Edu is the best case scenario for a true Defensive Central Mid if Feilhaber is still hurt and if we want someone playing and in form, he made the bench last week, didn’t play, but was back after getting an ankle knock after he’s comeback in January. I think he’ll start playing, how much remains to be seen?

    Ricardo Clark is supposed to be back in a couple of weeks at full strenght, will he have any PT by then? Who knows, if he had resigned with the Dynamo I have to believe someone like Eddie Gaven, Brad Evans or even Kyle Beckerman wouldn’t of made these Jan/Feb camps. Remember MLS & Scandinavian guys are out of season, in preseason at best. I hope Clark is healthy by then.

    Out of our usual Starting XI or as close to it as we can get, I believe only 8 are healthy and in form, not all getting regular PT though!

    Howard, Spector, DeMerit, Boca, Bornstein, Bradley, Donovan, Holden, Altidore

    Okay so it’s 9? But I’m including Bornstein, although when Boca & DeMerit played usually JB didn’t. Holden played RM for the nats the last 2 games.

    So who else can we plug in there? And how much time does Bornstein get at LB? Do we try Boca there for some PT and slide JB over to CB like vs Hondures? At least to check out Boca’s speed or ability to deal with speedy wingers?


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