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Altidore scores first EPL goal in Hull victory

Altidore Hull 1 (Getty Images)

From the early moments of Jozy Altidore's 18th English Premier League match, there were signs his first league goal for Hull City might come.

The U.S. national team striker looked dangerous from the opening moments, and drew yellow cards for both of Manchester City's centerbacks before delivering his first EPL goal to help Hull City post an impressive 2-1 victory against Manchester City.

Altidore ran onto a Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink pass in the 31st minute and slotted home a shot past Shay Given from 19 yards out to open the scoring vs. City.

Altidore's second goal for Hull (his first came in an August Carling Cup match), also helped Hull City climb out of the relegation zone and into 14th place.

If you missed the goal, here it is:

What do you think of Altidore's goal? Impressed with his recent form? Expect goals to start coming in bunches for him now?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It doesnt matter if he is on a bad team.
    At the end of the season, there are only two players who get graded based on stats: goalies and strikers.

    X goals in Y games is what they will look at.

    And if the excuse is the player is too young still, then they will bring in a veteran until the youngsters gets more experience (on the bench, which we know brings you zero experience).

    We know the potential and what he does but as a striker he HAS to score more. Its unfortunate but its the way it is.

    Let’s hope this first goal is the key and the start of a great run.

  2. Oh and one more thing:

    HOW ABOUT BOATENG!? One of the best strikes I have seen this season in the EPL or anywhere. I don’t think anyone saw this much entertaining football coming from the Amber side of the ball. That goal is seriously how a midfielder DREAMS of cleaning up a cleared corner. Wonderful job by an overachieving player and team.

  3. One thing that stuck out to me in this game besides Jozy’s great game and the workhorse that is Stephen Hunt was the great play of Venegoor. I never really realized how solid this guy is. He takes GREAT care of the ball, has great vision and weight on his passes, and seems to always make a pretty good decision. Anyone agree / disagree?

    It was seriously amazing to see Jozy score. I got the same feeling that I get when the US equalizes in a big game or something, I was so hyped. You saw how he coolly slotted that home? Awesome stuff and can’t wait to see more.

  4. JOZY!!! i live in Mexico, and was the only gringo in the bar. when you scored, i was cheering for you!!! all the mexicans thought i was crazy! proud of you man. keep it up! World Cup or bust!!!

  5. LOL Out of the 17 appearances for Hull 80% of the time he has been 1 of top 3 players for Hull regarding production. I’m not going to sit here and name all the fundamentals of the game, because that it’s something you should know already since you follow Futbol, but I see clearly you have no understanding of the game.


  6. First thing you’ve written that I’ve agreed with since you came to SBI, Greg. j/k. That’s exactly what people need to realize.

  7. Altidore has all the makings of a first class goal poacher. That type of player, of course, requires good service from his team mates, and he certainly got that on this goal. The fact that he has better passing skills than many strikers is an added bonus.

    It may have taken him 17 matches to settle in, but at his age, and the difference in pace and quality of play between MLS and EPL, it was hardly expect that he would simply waltz in and start scoring goals.

    I don’t expect him to score a bucket full of goals during the remaining league schedule, but I’m sure he’ll bag a few, and set up a few. He is, after all, stuck with Hull City.

  8. agreed.

    All USMNT fans should notice that Hull as a whole is playing better with a tidy no mistake MF. Cairney adding that one more pass of stability has opened the play for Hull. Now Jozy and the the other Fwds are suddenly more in play and able to do more of what they can do. JFT?

    Has there been another time that a Hull teammate set up Jozy that well?

  9. The thing I keep noticing is how defenders are marking Jozy. It seems like the scouting report is to mark him extremely tight which might be an attempt to try to exploit his sometimes heavy first touch. But Jozy is super strong and doesn’t mind using it. Every time he receives the ball near the 18, a damn near grappling match ensues which Jozy tends to win or get a foul out of. Anyway, it looks like defenses are super worried about him before the kickoff whistle blows.

  10. Not many players have scored a lot of goals for Hull. The players around him aren’t very good so he doesn’t get a lot of support. He will get more Goals next year when he goes to Aston Villa.

  11. I think that is a solid analysis. He is strong and physical enough to be a target man, but his first touch is not often what it needs to be. He is better off the ball when he can get into open space and finish.

  12. this is his first EPL run….Even veterans on new teams need time to adjust. Even so, his productiveness has been stellar for his team…The type of stuff coaches hope for. This goal just helps boost his status.

    I wish more people could just say, “CONGRATULATIONS JOZY ON YOUR FIRST EPL GOAL!!!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!” But you know, I guess not everyone on this blog can be a USMNT fan.

  13. Stephen Hunt is legend. He worked his way up from league 2 despite not being the most talented player, and he did it because he has the heart of the lion. When he was at Reading, at first, I couldn’t stand him because he kept Convey on the bench, but after I watched him play several matches I couldn’t help but love him. He works so hard, he never gives up, and while his touch isn’t incredible by any stretch of the imagination, his work rate is 2nd to none.

    Bellamy is the most annoying player in the league (and on the planet).

  14. I’d say Javier Mascherano has to be up there on the most annoying player list. He’s always running around sticking his boot into someone or jawing at the referee. Plus, he looks like actor Jon Cryer, who plays the whiny brother on ‘Two and a Half Men’.

  15. IVES,

    This comentario section maintains some sort of dignity and remains practically off-topic-beyach-slap fighting- FREE.

    Congratulations. Appreciate the hightlights and the pbp.

  16. Way to go big guy!!

    and not just the goal… he played a strong game today.

    Hopefully he and V. of H can continue up top; I can see them becoming a formidable partnership.


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