Altidore shares thoughts about Haiti

Altidore shares thoughts about Haiti

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Altidore shares thoughts about Haiti


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Jozy Altidore is beginning to blossom as a striker in the English Premier League, but it is easy to forget that he has been playing well despite dealing with the emotional toll of the earthquake disaster in Haiti.

The U.S. national team striker opened up about his thoughts on Haiti and his experiences visiting the tiny island nation in an in-depth interview with the Daily Mail.

"I always knew about how hard life was in Haiti, but I had to see it for myself to truly comprehend it. To see kids like that wake up every day with a smile on their faces, just because it's a new day, was amazing. It was astonishing to see how poor they are, yet how resilient they are. Many people would not be able to go through it every single day of their lives, with no hope of it ever ending.

I have seen ghettos – we weren't the richest growing up in New Jersey – and it was tough for my parents, but to see a baby waking up half-naked on a piece of cardboard on the street was absolutely shocking to me."

Altidore scored his first English Premier League goal in Hull's recent 2-1 victory against Manchester City in a performance that drew rave reviews. Altidore will return to action on Wednesday when Hull City takes on Blackburn at Ewood Park.

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