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Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead

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Stuart Holden has yet to make his debut for English side Bolton, but that could change when Bolton plays Wigan Athletic in English Premier League action this afternoon.

Having dressed for Bolton for the first time in its FA Cup draw against Tottenham this past weekend, Holden could see time today in a match with relegation implications. Bolton is currently in the relegation zone, and could use a win against Wigan, which sits three spots ahead of the Wanderers with two more points. (Update- Holden is not in the squad for today's match).

Here is a rundown of Americans Abroad in action today:


Stuart Holden and Bolton Wanderers play Wigan Athletic.

DaMarcus Beasley, Maurice Edu and Rangers play St Mirren in the fifth round of the Scottish Cup.

Herculez Gomez and Puebla play San Luis.

Jose Francisco Torres and Pachuca play Guadalajara. (9pm, Telefutura)

Marco Vidal and Indios de Ciudad Juarez play Atlas.


What do you think of today's matches? Do you see Holden making his debut today? Wondering if Beasley and Edu will start together? Will you watch Torres and Pachuca tonight?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Dorman is a Welshman born in England, I think he’s played for Wales, even though he had the chance to play for USA. Great player.

  2. Muamba is all defense, so no luck there. Holden is better than Gardner who’s main strengths are shooting,crossing,losing the ball, and harsh tackles. Holden can do the crossing and the shooting. Davies (the midfielder not the forward mind you) is overall really terrible. McCann is hurt and Ward and Riga are terrible as well. That leaves Taylor, Lee, Muamba, Wilshire, and Weiss. So you tell me why he can’t make the bench.

  3. Ever watched him. He scored one goal when playing with Arsenal’s B team and people freak. The two times I saw him actually play a prem game that mattered all he did is lose the ball. Maybe he was just having an off game, but I think he and Holden have proved themselves about as much as the other. Weiss is a different story. Maybe Wilshire has shown in practice and Holden hasn’t, but I don’t see why Holden can’t even make the bench.

  4. is andy dorman, formerly of NE Revolution, a yank abroad? or is he from another country… i don’t recall him taking up an international spot on the revs roster

  5. Maurice Edu needs a transfer this summer. The SPL has poor competition outside of Rangers and Celtic. I suggest the Budesliga where his skills would be more effective!

  6. holden will DEFINITELY be on that plane if healthy even if he doesn’t play a second for bolton between now and then…i think hes long since taken himself off the fringe…its adu…rogers…bedoya…beasley…klejstan…etc fighting for that last winger/attacking midfield slot

  7. Holden himself has remarked, explicitly, that he wants to be on the plane to South Africa. I do agree that in the long term, he could make more money (even sitting on the bench), but if he wants to go he has start getting playing time. The experience he would get playing in the EPL incomparable especially since their up against England in their first match. I’m thinking his thigh injury could have reared its ugly head in training because he was dressed for the squad on Sunday and yet he is nowhere near the bench today. I just want to see him get some playing time.

  8. I have no idea if this had any influence on him not making the bench today, but I believe it’s 1 year today or yesterday that Holden’s dad passed away.

  9. Maybe it wasn’t the perfect way to get minutes and showcase himself before the WC — if that’s what he wanted (an easy ticket to SA) he would have just stayed in Houston.

    Now, however, he’s making much more $ and is training daily with a Premiership squad.

    Better long-term career move than staying in Houston or going to some exotic league.

  10. Holden doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for his due time if he wants to be on the squad that goes to South Africa this summer. I got really excited about him in MLS and am desperate to see him get some playing time soon. Every minute he can get on that pitch counts and was really hoping he would be playing today; maybe that thigh is still bothering him. If he doesn’t start playing in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to start believing he made the wrong decision; it doesn’t do him any good to be sitting on the bench.

  11. Where other than on this site did it say the Bolton game was going to be on ESPN 2?

    (SBI-It said it on ESPN Soccernet. Apparently that was wrong.)

  12. This is Bolton’s biggest game of the season so far, a must win. He was unlikely to get a chance in it. Wait till next time.

  13. It’s not good when the two guys who are more hyped than you are on the bench even though they’re loaners and will be gone in May.

    He’s not even getting a sniff right now. It’s not doom and gloom because he’s not a definite starter…but given our injury track record lately it’s highly possible.


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