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Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind

Jose Francisco Torres 1 (Reuters)


Jose Francisco Torres was recently battling a hamstring injury, but you wouldn't know it after the goal he scored in Pachuca's latest game.

Torres scored his first goal of the Mexican League season by launching the winner in Pachuca's 5-3 victory over Puebla with just six minutes to play. Torres struck a picture-perfect free kick that left Puebla goalkeeper Jorge Villalpando motionless, and the U.S. national team midfielder followed up his strike with a somersault celebration.

Torres wasn't the only player to get on the scoresheet this weekend. Freddy Adu netted his first goal for Aris Salonika in the club's 2-1 victory over Ergotelis. The goal was Adu's first at the club level since scoring for Benfica during the 2007-2008 season.

Michael Bradley didn't score this weekend, but he did help create a goal in Borussia Moenchengladbach's 2-1 win over Nurnberg. Bradley showed great accuracy and vision as he released a ball from his own half behind Nurnberg's defense, sparking the sequence to Moenchengladbach's first goal.

Here is how the Americans Abroad performed this weekend:



  • Clint Dempsey did not dress in Fulham's 4-0 win vs. Notts County in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Sunday. He is recovering from a knee injury.  
  • Brad Friedel started, played 90 minutes and made three saves in Aston Villa's 2-2 draw vs. Crystal Palace in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Sunday.
  • Brad Guzan dressed but did not play in Aston Villa's 2-2 draw vs. Crystal Palace in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Sunday.

  • Stuart Holden dressed but did not play in Bolton Wanderers' 1-1 draw vs. Tottenham Hotspur in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Saturday.


  • Kenny Cooper dressed but did not play in Plymouth Argyle's 3-1 win vs. Barnsley on Saturday.


  • Ian Joyce did not dress in Southend United's 1-1 draw vs. Tranmere Rovers on Saturday.
  • Zak Whitbread did not dress in Norwich City's 2-1 win vs. Brighton on Saturday.
  • Mike Grella came off the bench and played 15 minutes in Leeds United's 1-1 draw vs. Leyton Orient on Saturday.
  • Jemal Johnson started and played 75 minutes in Stockport County's 2-2 draw vs. Colchester United on Saturday.
  • Jon-Paul Pittman came off the bench and played 9 minutes in Wycombe Wanderers' 1-1 draw vs. Brentford on Saturday.


  • Maurice Edu dressed but did not play in Rangers' 3-0 win vs. Hibernian on Sunday.
  • DaMarcus Beasley started and played 45 minutes in Rangers' 3-0 win vs. Hibernian on Sunday. 
  • Dominic Cervi did not dress in Celtic's 4-4 draw vs. Aberdeen on Saturday.


  • Oguchi Onyewu did not dress in AC Milan's 3-2 win vs. Udinese on Friday. He is recovering from a knee injury.



  • Michael Bradley started, played 90 minutes and helped set up a goal in Borussia Moenchengladbach's 2-1 win vs. Nurnberg on Friday.

  • Steve Cherundolo did not dress in Hannover 96's 5-1 loss vs. Werder Bremen on Saturday. He is recovering from a shoulder injury.
  • Sal Zizzo did not dress in Hannover 96's 5-1 loss vs. Werder Bremen on Saturday. He is recovering from a knee injury.
  • Jermaine Jones did not dress in Schalke 04's 2-0 win vs. FC Cologne on Sunday. He is recovering from a leg injury.
  • Ricardo Clark did not dress in Eintracht Frankfurt's 2-1 win vs. SC Freiburg on Sunday. He is recovering from a calf injury. 


  • Luis Robles and Kaiserslautern play MSV Duisburg on Monday.
  • Matt Taylor did not dress in FSV Frankfurt's 0-0 draw vs. St Pauli on Friday.
  • David Yeldell dressed but did not play in TUS Koblenz's 0-0 draw vs. Hansa Rostock on Sunday.


  • Carlos Bocanegra dressed but did not play in Stade Rennes' 1-0 loss vs. AJ Auxerre on Sunday.
  • Charlie Davies did not dress in Sochaux's 0-0 draw vs. Le Mans on Saturday. He is recovering from multiple injuries. 


  • Freddy Adu started, played 62 minutes and scored a GOAL in Aris Salonika's 2-1 win vs. Ergotelis on Sunday.

  • Eddie Johnson started and played 62 minutes in Aris Salonika's 2-1 win vs. Ergotelis on Sunday.


  • Jose Francisco Torres came off the bench, played 45 minutes and scored a GOAL in Pachuca's 5-3 win vs. Puebla on Sunday.

  • Edgar Castillo and Tigres UANL play Pumas UNAM on Sunday evening.
  • Marco Vidal started and played 90 minutes in Indios de Ciudad Juarez's 1-1 draw vs. San Luis on Saturday.
  • Herculez Gomez came off the bench and played 33 minutes in Puebla's 5-3 loss vs. Pachuca on Sunday.


  • Michael Hoyos started and played 62 minutes in Estudiantes La Plata's 3-2 loss vs. Independiente on Sunday.


What do you think of these performances? Think Torres should take free kicks for the U.S. national team? Do you see Adu's form improving? Did you like Bradley's pass?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. There are quite a few people who insinuate that Bradley Jr. doesn’t deserve his MF slot. Who merits more MF time than Bradley Jr.? Didn’t he score 18 Eredivisie goals in ’07-’08. The kid is a stud. He gets a disproportionate amount of crap because he’s the Coach’s son. I would like to see more Torres/Bradley MF pairing, on the hope that they could develop comfortable attacking dynamic without significant defensive liability.

  2. I don’t mind using Benny instead of Torres but there’s been instances in which maybe Torres should of come in to join Feilhaber and play more of an attcking mode.

    Or there was games where Benny hadn’t come into play and Kljestan, Bradley and Pablo got all the PT, Bradle broke out vs Mexico but didn’t do that much until the game vs Egypt in the Confederations Cup.

    A perfect example of when Torres should have been used, the final 2 games in the Confederations Cup, if Torres comes in for say Bradley, Michael doesn’t get ejected, Spain doesn’t play the pressing physical game too specially when Senna isn’t on the field and they were just attacking at that point we needed the 2 things Torres and Feilhaber bring, ball posession and accuracy on passes and crosses.

    Vs Brazil it was retarded to put Bornstein in for Feilhaber at Midfield, why in the world would you leave Torres or even Adu on the bench when you know those two would get you posession, Bornstein was known for bad defending up until that point and still is to a certain degree.

    He puts in Casey and Bornstein when Brazil tied the game? For what? I know that was his strategy at the time when we were still up 2-1, but when they tied he should have pulled Clark or a forward and play with Feilhaber and Torres in the middle and maybe move up Dempsey up top.

    Watch mark my words, if Rogers or Kljestan starts I’m going to be livid on these boards about how right I was for the game vs Holland May 3rd.

    Dempsey might be out not sure but if he is with Holden starting on the right and then you got who Bradley and Benny in the middle? Why can’t Torres get say 35-45 minutes for Bradley?

    And have you noticed Bob NEVER takes out his son? Never, he plays every single minute unless he’s red carded and in the game in El Salvador he took out Bradley Jr I believe becuase he was bleeding and didn’t want to be a man down for the last 2 minutes and concede a last minute goal to lose after amazingly tying the game from 0-2

  3. He never got the chances to, I know he was hurt from May to what this January but what about before? Bradley Jr, Pablo and even Kljestan got more and more looks while Edu and even Clark got snubbed.

    Pablo and Sacha were horrible for the 1st 4 games of the Hexagonal, if it wasn’t for they horrrible performances time after time and some injuries Bob would of taken them both to SA and played them.

    He played Sacha vs Brazil and look what that got us?

  4. 1st of all you illadvised grade school level debate skills inbred,

    I NEVER MENTIONED BOB! Not a single time, I can metion a ton of examples why Bob is an idiotic coach and trust me I wouldn’t even come close to name Torres, that’s another example of one of his great faults, faulty player selection/fixture selection and retarded subs and the timing of them.

    2nd I never said anything about Bob or anyone for that matter being racist, you brought that up all by your self.

    3rd if you think Torres has turned down chances with the US you are just in denial or dumb enough that I would love to sell you some ocean front water in Montana.

    Bob hasn’t used Torres since the game in Costa Rica with the exception of maybe 10 minutes of garbage time in Salt Lake City vs El Salvador and in the game vs Costa Rica were he did tons of holding midfield type work and like someone underneath said, he stole the ball when we were vulnerable and about to get counter on really bad, then ran the lenght of the field to move the ball up top and the corner came out of it which Bornstein then headed in.

    Lets see what other retarded comment did you make…. oh yeah, when did I say built the team around him?

    I simply responded to jeff because he sounds like some other string of retards that think that because some players play in Mexico they don’t warrant consideration. I watch every, and I repeat EVERY US national team game for about oh say 2 years now?

    The only one I do not have on DVR or on a hard drive is the US vs Honduras game, I’m working on that one.

    Look at the game in El Salvador, then look at the game in Nashville where Bob stuck with Pablo and did nothing and stil gave Kljestan one of his Chivas USA favorites, you brought up his Chivas days btw, and then played hinm to get a red card in the confeds, and still played him last month when he sucked, once again, I support anything US Soccer so I bought a pair of about 8 Chivas USA games last season, plus 2 LA Galaxy home games vs the Goats, trust me I wasn’t impressed, the 5 games I didn’t go to, I caught on TV.

    Again how does Torres PT get reduced and Kljestan gets chance after chance?

    Torres has not had any time invested by Bob, you are delusional and don’t know what tha hell you’re talking about.

    Bob invested in scrubs like Sacha, Hejduk, Rogers, Casey, Ching, Pablo and maybe not so much right now but at one point Bornstein, Bradley, Clark and Beasley were kept on the team or in the starting line up or given minutes that were retarded and not fair to guys who were up and coming like Jozy, Edu, Spector, Davies, Cooper and so on.

    Like I said if you want to talk about why Bob is an idiot and makes mistakes all the time that lead to things like the Gold Cup final and the loss in Mexico after we LED the game for the 1st time ever and had a chance to clearly beat them and just step all over them when they were down and of course the best one losing the 2 goal lead to Brazil, let me know. I was responding to Jeff, not sure why YOU got your panties all twisted with some fabricated offense at Bob on my part.

    I’m missing the West get trashed by the East NBA All Stars because of your retarded ass!

    BTW, I’m sure you’re a fine individual, good at your job, degree with decent resume and academic record maybe even family exemplar and great player/fan of Football/Soccer. I’d even have a beer with you to watch a game at a pub or talk Football/Futbol/Soccer but as far as this particular response I made at Jeff and your accusations you response was retarded!

    Let me know what else you want me to make you look stupid about when it came to your rant, I think I covered it all, oh yeah please don’t question my knowledge of soccer if you don’t even know me, I am well aware of the style and level of Mexican soccer, while not my favorite they are a good place to play great offensive soccer, like you said they don’t press as much but this isn’t true for most teams and I only watch my favorite team I watched since I was in High School since it was the only thing you could watch other than MLS and then that went off the air unless you had cable and a suscription like MLS whatever is called like NFL Sunday Ticket. Toluca is the team I like and other than them, I only watch Pachuca, Tigres and I use to watch San Luis when Orozco was there.

    Oh also Puebla since Carlos Ruiz is there, great ex Galaxy player and now another ex Galaxy and former US nats player Hercules Gomez is there.

  5. I’d rate Benny above Torres. Why? The style of the Danish league is closer to the style played internationally than the Mexican league; i.e., Benny is used to more physical play and holding the ball against tighter pressure.

  6. Torres will never be a big goal scorer. But he has a nice touch and wonderful vision. Torres can move the ball to shape the game, and to maintain possession, in ways very few of our players can.

    Benny Feilhaber is the only other player who brings something similar. And, in my view, Torres is currently significantly better than Benny.

    The fact that Sasha Kljestan got all those starts a year or so ago while Torres sat — at the time I was stunned.

    Then I sat in RFK wondering why in heavens’ name he wasn’t getting a look against Costa Rica. When he finally came on in minute 70 or so, he completely changed the complexion of the game [no pun intended].

    Torres can ball. Here’s hoping he gets a serious look in the up-coming friendlies and actually sees the field in South Africa.

  7. Please Jeff… with your misdirected and ignorant sarcasm. Because all the good offensive midfield dynamos light up the net, Right? Get real guy. First…he gets limited minutes. Far more minutes than any other midfielders his age in that league. Second, he is used in a defensive capacity in the MF. Oh and by the way…he was used often by the most successfull team in Mexico in the past 10 yrs during their championship runs in Concacaf…super liga…and leage titles all under the age of 21.

    He aint scoring goals for you…but he will hold up the ball and move the attack forward with pin-point passing and creativity…you know…like Midfielders are suppose to do. But you already know that…I hope…right?

  8. Michael Hoyos said in his interview with Yanks Abroad that he wants to attend a USA U20 camp but only when he doesn’t have a club conflict. So he sounds like he’s inclined to play with the USA. But like you said, he’s been in contact with the USA U20s and that’s a good thing

  9. Edwin,

    Torres doesn’t really fit the style of play the US does best. And right now he isn’t so good that it is worth it to build the team around him. Even Pachuca doesn’t seem to think that as he is frequently subbed in and out.

    I don’t know what you are getting all hot and bothered about; Torres is developing and clearly will be on the WC squad. Bradley obviously values him and has invested a great deal of time and effort in him, though Torres keeps turning down chances to really make more of a role for himself with the US.

    As far as the South Africa is concerned Torres is far more secure than either Rogers or Sascha, your pet whipping boys.

    In case you are wondering about why Mexican League players don’t do all that well playing outside of Mexico, have you watched the games? They play a wide open attacking style that few other leagues, especially in Europe and certainly in the World Cup, play.

    I love Torres and he is impressive but everytime I see Pachuca, he and his teamates aren’t marked very closely. That won’t be the case in the World Cup. Most every team there marks much tighter and plays a style of defense that most Mexican league players would find unpleasant.

    If that makes Bradley (who, by the way, speaks bad Spanish and coached Chivas USA, a strange place for a racist who you think hates Mexicans), and most European team managers racists, well then obviously you can find racism wherever you look for it then. Good luck to you.

  10. Torres plays more like a defensive midfielder for Pachuca.

    Pachuca is loaded with talented attacking players, thus Torres doesn’t have to be an offensive “dynamo” to be an effective player on the team.

  11. I think people are kind of exaggerating how far down the depth chart Torres is. In terms of the attacking midfielder most likely to start next to Bradley, Torres is at the top of the list. Bradley has seen how Torres facilitates Michael’s abilities and maximizes his, as well of the rest of the team’s abilities. He gets himself open and brings other players in to the game by relaying it around the field sharply and gets the attack moving. If we’re facing teams like England however, we need Clark or Edu or Jones or some sort of defensive midfielder who will help the defense, along with the help of Bradley. People seem to get annoyed when Clark is played instead of Feilhaber or Torres, but it’s a tactical move.

  12. John,

    Please forgive me for not keeping you filled in on Boca’s playing status! I promise to keep you better informed the next time.

    When can you get here for a team meeting?


  13. What makes you think Michael and Kevin (his brother, also at Estudiantes) are unknowns to the US?

    They have been contacted but both are just starting and, despite your desires, are willing to take their time to learn their trade. Both are eligible for the US or Argentina and neither of them are willing to committ to one country yet.

    Why should they limit their options at this point in their career? It is entirely possible that one or both will end up being complete busts. Or they could be the second coming of Messi. Starting for Estudiantes is a great thing but please hold off getting all moist about their futures until they’ve had a little time.

  14. Orale, Edwin my thoughts exactly.. .Jose doesn’t get many goals, but he actually has nice touches, finds passing lanes, and knows the game…Pachuca also wins Clasura titles and what not……If anyone doubts his abilities or his contribution to the Nats…Who was the one who stole the ball in the Costa Rica that eventually led to Bornsteins header? Exactly!!

  15. Don’t forget about Ricardo Clark.

    I would say that Torres does a better job next to Bradley. He sits in a deeper role and still has a great influence on the game. Feilhaber tried this against Slovenia and Costa Rica and was invisible or just ordinary for most of the match. When they sit in a deep role, they allow Bradley to make his normal runs forward, the same that allowed him to get involved in the goals against Costa Rica. Edu is good because he’s good defensively and has great athleticism, but he also has a good idea of how to move and pass the ball around; he’s got as much soccer IQ as he does athletic ability. He just hasn’t been able to translate it to the national team. When he does, he’ll do very well.

  16. Actually… Yeah they did, and they are in it this year to defend it too, that’s about the best tournament after the World Cup and the EUFA Champions League in the whole world.

    And both of those are FILLED with South American players, specially the Champions league

  17. Jeff what’s your lame attempt at a sarcastic point? That Torres isn’t worthy?

    He is way above Sacha Kljestan and Robbie Rogers.

    What Rogers did in DC vs Costa Rica, Torres did it with a weaker US team IN EL SALVADOR!

    In Mexico they play much more 2 3 touch football, he may not get as many assist but he helps the build up of play tremendously.

    And today he played a great half of football, he was anticipating passing lanes and acting like a destroyer while he had precision passes and changing the field with great accuracy.

    Get a life hater, I’m going to emulate bums like you and ask, is it because he plays in Mexico you dont like him? or that he is hispanic?

  18. If anyone can say with any reliability who is starting next to Bradley against England in the World Cup right now they are a genius. Right now Feilhaber and Torres are the only options healthy. Edu needs to start playing again.

  19. Good goal by Jose. Hard to believe that he and Freddy scored on the same day and it will be interesting to see if they both make it to the World Cup.

  20. Aris’s coach must like how Adu and EJ play together (rightfully so after that Adu to EJ goal a few weeks ago) because he took them off at the same time. I’m glad they finally got some decent weather to play in.

  21. Wow, Torres has already equaled is goal total for 2010 when he had 1 goal in 42 games (32 starts). Yep, he is an offensive dynamo. Oh lest I forget he also had a whopping 2 assists.

  22. Match report said that he put in a dangerous cross, but nothing else.

    On, he received a 6.2 rating from fans who submitted ratings.

  23. Ives believes Daniel Williams has a Kenyan father and he has the birth certificate to prove it.

    (SBI- How many times are you going to drop the same lame line? He’ll be on the list soon enough, just as soon as some things are checked out.)

  24. He did, Ives wrote it on the earlier post!

    The guy made a nice cut but EJ did set him up to get the ball in the middle of the field

    Who’s this Hoyos kid? Appereantly he grew up in Santa Margarita, California plays midfield and is ONLY 19!

    how come they don’t know about him? He played in the USL’s Developent team Pateadores and some team named ISC Strikes, why don’t we know about his kid?

    I hope he’s not another Torres who has much more talent, skill ability and internacional experience than scrubs like Kljestan, Rogers, Evans, Gavena and so on.

    Some say McCarty was playing well at the end of MLS but I don’t know how well, I remember Cunningham being the one who was tearing it up, not sure but this kid playing for Estudiantes who’s not a bad team? They been a top 8 or 10 for a few years now even was 3rd like 3 years ago.

    I hope he develops and starts, if he starts in Argentina, sorry I don’t care who says “oh just because he plays in a Latin league and he’s Hispanic doesn’t mean he’s good”

    This guy has to be playing well to start in Argentina who probably pump out the most or 2nd most talent world wide after Brazil or tied and in the past sometimes more

  25. Any scoop as to why Boca’s PT is erratic? Before, he was in the doghouse with rumors of being bought by St. Etienne, then he starts 4 consecutive games. Now, he’s back to the bench. What gives?

  26. Ives, Daniel Williams (who has been starting at RB for Frieburg and earned a Best XI selection last week) has dual Germany/US citizenship.

    He started and went 90 in a 2-1 loss, I think.


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