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Davies speaks with Sochaux about his comeback

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Charlie Davies is back in France and visited his club team, FC Sochaux, for the first time since the fatal car accident that he survived in October.

Davies spoke with FC Sochaux's website about his return, and his recovery. Here is the video interview:

Davies will begin extensive strength rehabilitation at the Cap Sport Rehabilitation Center in Capbreton, France, starting next week, before returning to Sochaux to start training with the team.


  1. I loved his responses and the fact that he is near the field again. But the thing I found most fascinating about the video was the response he received from his teammates and that one old guy in the parking lot. They haven’t seen CD since October and it felt like they really missed him, not just as a soccer player but as a friend. That was special. BTW, I loved how the old man in the parking lot hunged Charlie like he was seeing his grandson for the first time in awhile and then pointed the finger at him as if to say your back now it’s time to get to work!!!! Priceless!!!

  2. Why, when he already speaks english, the universal language and comes from the country with the Hottest mamasitas in the world!… and a 2 live crew song comes up!:)… the only thing hot about France is their French bread.

  3. What did the Hush man say last year?;) I said my boy chuck D would be back way SOOooNER than expected and be in the starting 11 come W.C. I can’t wait. Best news so far.

    Thanks ives for the update.

  4. I am SO pumped just watching that. Praying for you Chuck D, keep tearing up the rehab and then bring it for Socheaux and Team USA this summer!

  5. Wow. Charlie Davis blows me away. I’m no doctor but I have a brain and can read and I NEVER thought he would have come so far so fast after such injuries. Truly inspiring.


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