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D.C. United acquires Cristman from Kansas City

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Curt Onalfo isn't the only person making the move from Kansas City to the nation's capital.

D.C. United acquired striker Adam Cristman from the Kansas City Wizards Wednesday afternoon in exchange for an international roster spot through Dec. 31, 2011.

Cristman, 25, is coming off an injury-plagued season but provides depth up front for D.C.

The University of Virginia product and former finalist for MLS Rookie of the Year only played in five games last year, but scored six goals in 18 games for New England in 2008.

Cristman becomes the second forward to join United this offseason. The team also added Australian striker Danny Allsopp.


Do you like the trade for either team? Think Cristman will be able to earn playing time for a team that already has Jaime Moreno, Chris Pontius and Allsopp up front?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. But Ives, he doesn’t have the legs and we can’t rely on the others to compensate – didn’t work much when we had Gomez roaming about.

  2. He’ll be used as a super sub with 15 minutes left in a game – nothing more. These strikers are coming in because let’s be honest, this is Jaime’s last season and they want to allow him to pass along all his knowledge.

    We need a dynamic, creative midfielder and that won’t come from any MLS players.

    Danny won’t do it for us but if he can get his head back on properly he’ll be a huge asset. At the moment I see him and Simms starting in the middle.

  3. 1. Pontius is playing striker for DCU and playing more of a withdrawn forward role.

    2. It looks like Allsopp is being penciled in as a traditional target man/in the box/trash collector kind of striker. In otherwords, be big, play physical, get your head on the ball, use your body.

    3. Cristman is nothing more than depth–that’s it. I think it’s a good deal all-around. KC dumps a guy who was probably favored by Onalfo (so is now not desired) so they basically got something for nothing (a guy who they were probably not valuing). OTOH, DCU gets a young, cheap, American who knows Onalfo and also the DC area to some extent, is likely to fit in with what Onalfo wants to do and he provides depth. The only way this is a bad deal for DCU is if Cristman suffers a career ending injury tomorrow. The only way this is a bad for KC is if Cristman ends looking impressive in pre-season (the kind of “impressive” so he’d have made the KC roster) and then scores a bunch of goals. And realistically, the odds of either “worst-case” scenario (for DCU or KC) aren’t likely.

    If Cristman gets injured and doesn’t play much, it’s probably not a bad deal for DCU b/c he’s not being counted on to start or be the first attacker off the bench. He’s probably the first off the bench if Pontius and Quaranta are with the NT and Moreno is starting.

  4. yeah, you definitely need to watch the game. Leeds’ keeper played well throughout. If you’re complaining that he got beat on the last goal 1-on-1 with Dafoe, well, that’s what’s gonna happen to a keeper in that situation (unless Dafoe is taking a PK).

  5. That’s mainly what the trialists are. Rice, Graye, Vaughn, White, and Loewy are all outside backs. Rice and Vaughn are also capable of playing as CBs. Add in the trialists joining up with the team in Bradenton (Arzu?), and I think the team is very much looking at strengthening the defense at all positions.

  6. The thing is, SBI does a great job of categorizing posts. This post is about an MLS trade. KChad expected to find a discussion about the MLS trade. Einar’s post is just another example of why threadjacking is often hella annoying.


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