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Adu scores winner in Aris victory

Freddy Adu 2 (Getty Images)

Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson enjoyed their first start together for Aris Salonika in the club's match vs. Ergotelis on Sunday, and the American tandem made quite the impact.

After falling behind early, Johnson and Adu each played a part in helping Aris achieve a comeback victory. Johnson played a part in the Aris equalizer, providing the pass that teammate Sergio Koke buried from distance, while Adu netted the winner in the 2-1 victory by racing in to finish off a low cross just before halftime.

Adu's game-winning goal was not only his first for Aris, but it was his first at the club level since scoring for Benfica during the 2007-2008 season.

Here are all the goals from Aris' victory:

What do you think of Adu's goal? Think either player should be called up to U.S. national team for the Netherlands friendly?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Friedal got beat on a 30+ yard free kick today. The goal in the Aris game came after the ball bounced and spun away from the keeper. It was 2 to 1 it isn’t like a ton of goals were scored.

  2. So why don’t all of these European Leagues that seem to be rolling in tons of cash invest in some MLS keepers? I am always seeing clips of these midrange European League keepers looking like complete idiots.

  3. Try Titulares Telemundo tonight(possible) or La Jugada on Galavisión tomorrow night(likely).

    If you don’t speak Spanish just record and fast forward to see if you find it. I don’t get Telefutura but I assume they have a highlights shows, too.

  4. For those of you who think that Adu will never be anything….not so fast. A little playing time will do him wonders. He still has technical abilities that most of our players do not. When he is in a rhythm, he is excellent.

    That being said, for those of you who thinks he should be on the World Cup roster, not so fast. Let’s see, if he can string together some positive games from now, until the roster has to be announced.

    If he does well, BB can not ignore him.

    As far as EJ goes, score goals man. Just start scoring goals and shut everyone up already. EJ has the talent too. He just needs to the confidence to score again. Get with it EJ.

  5. Sorry this is long so skip it if you are feeling lazy 🙂

    IMO EJ is hard to see making it unless he improves his technique. He has speed but every time I see him in a UMNT capacity, he falls short. Does anybody remember his quality in the Denmark friendly end if last year? I am being sarcastic…because I don’t remember any quality from him. He looked lazy and disappeared almost the entire time he was on the pitch.

    I have nothing against EJ making it, if he can improve his game. He has every bit as much talent as Findley, Cunningham, Ching and Casey. The advantage he has over them is where he has played and the coaching he has probably received over our MLS talent. Though he has not played much and only scored a few goals.

    As far as Adu goes, I believe that he has so much more control, vision and passing ability on the ball than anyone of the Sasah K., Beckerman, Rodgers crowd that Bradley has looked at. For whatever reasons he has not played, due to attitude, work ethic in training or defensive ability that does not play into the coaches scheme, he seems to make up for it in the various games I have seen him play. He thinks more creatively than the other guys and has the ability to create something every time he touches the ball.

    Yes he might have a poor game like everyone else does but when it comes to USMNT, one of our biggest issues is possession. You guys must all be agreeing with me on this point. How many times have we all been disgusted with our lack of technique with touch and passing, dribbling etc.. that is why we all cried for Bradley to play Torres last year. All you have to do is watch that last game against El Salvador. If we are looking to fill those last few spots then I believe he has more talent than all these MLS guys and maybe earns a spot if he can overcome whatever obstacles have been holding him back over the past two years. Do any of you honestly believe that Kljestan, Beckerman or Rodgers are better on the ball that Adu? The next few months are going to be pretty interesting to see what happens.

  6. Gringo Torres is the real story.

    His goal was very nice. But beyond the goal, the kid could bring something very badly needed to our side.

    Benny Feilhaber is nice on the ball, but Torres is better. It’s a crying shame Torres wasn’t been integrated into our side long ago.

    As it is, he should be given a serious look against El Salvador and Holland.

  7. Greek League has nearly twice as many national team regulars (amongsst 32 WC + next 32 best NT) than MLS

    I’d say you are likely right. Roughly in same range as Netherlands, Ukraine, Portugal

  8. Ok how he played during this game is not the point. I have seen plenty of games where he doesn’t get back, where he is a liability in the midfield. When he’s on the national team it won’t be vs greek league players, this is the difference, and for me personally I need to see more, one game isn’t going to change my mind, he needs a team to be built around his defensive deficiencies, and personally I don’t want us changing the team for him. Besides if he was such a good two way player he wouldn’t have been subbed off for defensive help.

  9. They shouldn’t get called up?HAHAHA …. but finley,rogers,sasha,cuningham,cooper,casey,etc… should huh?:) It’s funny how Adu plays in a couple of games and looks better than all the players mention on top with their 2 years of playing

    Adu: 3 games that barely go over the 90 minute span. Yet he assists and scores and looks good doing it.

    MLS bums: 2 years and nothing to show for it but a few sprints back on defense.hahaha … yeah, Adu is not ready to get a call up.

    What was that full February roster again?:)

  10. Glad to see these guys playing…and scoring. But a couple of good performances doesn’t equate to a national team call-up…at least it shouldn’t. You can’t ignore the last months/seasons just because of a few games.

  11. it’s always great to see Americans do well in competitive leagues. i think Greece is a great place for these two at this stage and skill level of their careers. is it the Premiership, or La Liga? Heck no (just watch the suspect defending on the first two goals)… but its still a great chance for both of them to continue to get better and maybe (MAYBE!) get a nod on the USMNT!!!

    great job boys!

  12. Who do you watch?? Name one player in the probables W.C player pool that is a better play maker than Freddy Adu?? Holden?lol The kid is good don’t get me wrong, but he hasn’t played against real competition during his USMNT journey. Gold cup?? C’mon, Adu scored a goal and left back to Benfica looking for a spot. How many games did Holden play in G.C? How many moments besides Haiti did he have? Adu scored and left after only 2-3 games. Adu has done much more career wise than Holden at this point. I’ve seen the kid shine against great teams, I can’t say the same for Holden. Pound for pound, Adu is a much better all around player than Holden besides defense. I like Holden, but he doesn’t amaze me with his first touch. That’s my opinion.

    You said:Holden has more of a defensive work. True. But you should of watched Adu’s defensive work today. We have plenty of Brain Urlachers on our pool already. I just don’t want to see finley,cooper,Rogers,sasha,casey,beckerman,cunningham,etc.. in our W.C roster wasting a spot.

    We are not Argentina or Brazil, our pool isn’t deep with creative players.

  13. I hate to Pl$$ in everyones Cheerios but a tap-in goal against horrific defense doesn’t annoint Adu an automatic plane ride to SA.

    He scored a couple of goals at the Gold Cup and was still absolutely aweful and lazy.

  14. EJ had the awareness to slow the play down and find the best possible pass. Sure the part he played in the goal was hardly anything compared to the scorer, but besides ching (maybe davies) no other U.S. forward would have even made that pass.

  15. Great to see MLS grads succeeding in European leagues. I for one am glad that these two guys aren’t sitting on the bench rotting. There’s plenty of time for them to influence BB’s world cup decision. Oh, and given our injury bug don’t count either of these guys out for the plane trip to SA.

  16. I’ll admit I don’t watch the Greek league often, but the few matches I have seen, the quality is no better than an average MLS match. Maybe I just saw some poor matches. I hope Adu plays well, and I wouldn’t rule him out of the WC yet.

  17. this is straight up non sense…… I remember what people were saying after the friendly against spain….. what has made everyone change their mind? he has not played for a while and now that he is we should all be glad and pray that he makes it to the world cup…. he is the missing piece to the puzzle that is our national team…. An Adu with swagger and fitness is the thing that will push over the top…. it really seems like everyone has invested so much time in Adu and right now they do not want to get let down….. you should feel that way….. all along the goal has been to have Adu ready for SA2010 which he will be. We should not be hating…. this is a 20yr old which nearly singlehandedly beat spain…… He carried the under-20 team to the quarterfinals….. he is a beast…. and by the way I post on this site nearly everyday and check it multiple times a day… and I dont really recall hardly any of your names you trollers…..

    Rant over.

  18. Freddy was a two way player the whole game. He was doing excellent defensive work, being scrappy, getting stuck in, and overall showing a good work rate and motor. Look at the clip mfd posted a coupled comments above you.

  19. Agree almost 100%. While it is not a good sign that Freddy has not played much at all in the last couple of years, when he does play he looks pretty good. Meanwhile, when guys like Rogers, Kljestan and Wynne play they almost always look terrible. I am going to believe my own eyes and say Freddy is better than Rogers. I actually think that Findley could be a decent sub though.

  20. Wow this entire thread is stupid. Eddie and Freddy have about 4 or 5 games before the March friendly and if they are still playing well by then I think they get a call. This Aris thing I think is really good for these guys for two reasons – 1. A decent league in Europe similar to Holland, Sweden, SPL, etc… to get PT in is always a good springboard. 2. The coach Cuper is someone who people respect and if he plays them then they are doing something right.

    Also, If I am not mistaken the US will get togehter for the WC a few weeks before they hit SA and if EJ and Freddy are getting playing time with Aris until the end of the season they will get an invite to the camp. Then Bob will pick his 23 and alternates. So if they are playing at club level they will have a chance. If you are a USMNT fan you hope they both start scoring or playmaking for fun at Aris. Same with Jozy, LD, Holden, Clint, etc…. You can’t have enough in form players when heading into a WC.

  21. It’s interesting watching Adu play at left midfield/wing when we’ve heard for ages now that he’s not a natural left sided player. His crosses seem very dangerous, it’s not limiting any part of his game. Salonika are playing like this:






    Johnson has looked good as a target man which is good for depth reasons and If Adu is doing well at right wing that’s just as well with Donovan doing well on the right and Dempsey scoring beauties up top.

    Freddy hasn’t gotten consistent minutes in a while so if he starts to get them now, it must mean he’s playing at least decent, and a decent Adu is normally still a danger to opposing teams.

  22. I say no way on adu, until he becomes a two way player, his style of play won’t match the older guys we have on the team, maybe the lead up to 2014 we’ll see adu, but not now, the style of play would have to be changed to place him into the lineup and thats not something thats going to happen with the world cup this close. Let him earn it, he hasn’t in my eyes and neither has ej.

  23. I’m confused. All the bashers who are saying things like “They’ve had their chance” etc. Who do you have ahead of them? Especially at forward? Obviously there’s Altidore. Davies – if he’s healthy (a huge if – and good luck to him). Moving Clint up top is a decent option (of course, that stretches the midfield depth) – once again – if he’s healthy. What’s next? We can’t go with just three. Is there a Brian Ching bandwagon somewhere? Do you really think Casey or Cooper are the answer? Findlay? Cunningham? Are these the established American international strikers blocking EJ and Adu?

  24. i’ve made more than my fair share of Adu-Bashing jokes on this blog, but I can never deny the natural skill he possesses. hopefully this stint at Aris brings his confidence back and helps him elevate his game. would definately like to see him at this years WC.

  25. What games do you watch to make such a statement, “Adu when he is on the field he is one of our best.” He was sub-par in the Gold Cup this past summer. I wish Adu well, but it seems to me that Holden has more upside in a midfield role – particularly if you consider defensive work.

  26. my mistake, if its an international date and club schedules are put on hold so the top players can go, then yes, they should at least be considered, depending obviously on whether the good run of form continues

  27. Yea, but working (painfully) through Google’s Danish-English translation, appears Rolfe was very active all game and got the assist on the first goal in addition to his own (and at least two shots saved by the keeper). just saying

  28. No, they shouldn’t get called into any camp in the near future. They should be allowed to do what needs to be done at the club level, then, if they continue to start and play well, you put them on the 23 man roster…

    Everyone knows the qualities these guys bring to the table, we’ve seen both succeed at relatively high international levels in the past. Being in camp w/ other fringe players will do nothing for either player, nor will it help Bradley learn anything new about them he already doesn’t know. It’s just a matter of whether they are getting regular playing time, are fit, and are confident.

  29. If no forward impresses against El Salvador, EJ deserves at least a call up for the Netherlands game although not necessarily any playing time in the game itself. With Adu, he has more competition than EJ and I think he needs to show more before he gets any strong consideration, but at least Adu is showing signs of improvement.


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