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Jones reveals progress, but still has no timetable for return

Jermaine Jones (AP) 

Jermaine Jones is making progress in his recovery from leg surgery, a recover that has turned into an eight-month ordeal, but the U.S. national team-eligible midfieler still hasn't set a timetable on his return.

In his first extensive interview in months, Jones told Der Westen that he has begun ball training work in his rehabilitation, though he is still not training with the first team.

"It's better than it was four weeks, (when) there was nothing," Jones said. "Now I'm trying to increase the burden of day to day."

Jones stated that he isn't putting a timetable on a return, stating that he is intent on not having any more incidents where he returns prematurely. That has already happened on multiple occasions, with Jones being forced to sidelines after experience pain in his surgically-repaired leg after returning too soon at least twice.

Jones also downplayed the reports of feuds with Schalke management, including Schalke manager Felix Magath.

"We just had different opinions about where to continue my rehab," said Jones, who is currently training with Fortuna Dusseldorf physical therapist Bernd Restle.

Despite the time on the sidelines, Jones is still confident of regaining his starting role with Schalke. He attented the team's recent win vs. Cologne and believes he can regain his roe once he is ready to return.

"If I'm fit, I'm not afraid for my place." Jones said. "(Felix Magath knows) what he has in me and I know exactly what I have in him."

The news doesn't sound good for Jones' chances of playing a part in the U.S. national team's World Cup plans. He won't be playing a part in the U.S. team's upcoming friendly against the Netherlands, meaning U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley won't have a chance to bring Jones in before he picks his World Cup roster in May. Now, if Jones returns to action for Schalke and shows dominant form, Bradley could still have a tough decision to make about whether to include him, but given the uncertainty over when Jones' will return, that seems highly unlikely at this point.

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  1. I agree. I wish everyone would wake up – this is NOT gonna happen. Bradley’s not the most adventurous guy – he’s not going to take a player that hasn’t played a single game for the US and has been injured for the previous six months to the WC. If it were anyone else’s national team, everyone here would realize how preposterous an idea it is. I would love to see him play for the US, but not until AFTER the WC.

    I suppose I should ask if this would be a first – has any player ever earned their first cap starting a WC match (and having not played for the country ever before, even in the youth teams?)

  2. you worry about your suspect comments about players not born in the United States

    Adu wasn’t born in the United States but I think he deserves a shot more than Jones. At least he’s played in a few qualifiers.

  3. Against england I would follow the recommendation that Ives had…Namely put Spector on the Left and Dolo on the right wings with Boca in the center with Oneywu/DeMerit (depending on Oneywu’s game fitness). Other than that…switch Jones and Bradley as Jones is a more defensive mid.

    Otherwise you’ve got 23 (less maybe 1 of the forwards for another Wing Midfield option) and the England match fairly well in hand.

    IF everyone is healthy…..

  4. Maybe it is a good thing that he is not fully recovered. Since he has not played with the US team at all, to come in now and suddenly be playing for the US in the World Cup might really upset team unity. (A la Regis in 1998)

  5. He was one season rated Top5 around the time he got his 3 friendlies with Germany.
    And to say he didn’t play because he disagreed with the leadership.. that is pretty much the same excuse like he didn’t play because he is half black. There are other players on the German Team who are black or speak their mind .. but he is the one who didn’t play because of that .. yeah.. sure..
    Of course he is good but he is no Superstar who alone can win the World Cup (I’m exaggerating) and to risk the hole chemistry build in two years of qualifying for South Africa if we don’t even know how strong he is after his long injury…

  6. Here’s my 23 man roster, with a little optimism included.

    Howard, Guzan, Hahnemann

    Spector, Cherundolo, Bocanegra, Onyewu, DeMerit, Bornstein, Edu, Goodson

    Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, Feilhaber, Clark, Holden, Torres

    Altidore, Davies, Ching, Findley

    My starting 11 against England






  7. He was one season rated Top 5 and that was some years ago. If it is not sure how strong he is at the moment and it would kick a guy off the team who did much more for the USMNT on the way to South Africa I think it could seriously screw up the chemistry of the team.
    And what the advantage is of pairing up two players only because they both play Bundesliga I really don’t see.

  8. “A good player on paper”! You have got to be kidding me. Jones up until his injury is reguarly rated in the top 5 of ALL midfielders in the Bundesliga.

    Any time the US can add a player of that caliber its a no brainer. If he regains his spot with Schalke and is playing regularly – how can Bradley not take him.

    Yes there will be some time for transistion but a player at that level makes players around him better. Also, if he is paired with Bradley, since they both play in the Bundesliga that would be a terrific advantage.

  9. Yeah.. the race card..

    Jérôme Boateng and David Odonkor (both German Mothers, Ghanaian Fathers)
    Sami Khedira (German Mother, Tunisian Father)
    Cacau (born in Brazil, naturalized German citizen)
    Gerald Asamoah (born in Ghana, naturalized German citizen)
    Mesut Özil and Serdar Taşçı (sons of Turkish Immigrants)

    I don’t reeeeeally think it was a race issue that stopped him from playing for Germany.

  10. Andy,

    I just noticed….you left off Demarit…. We need that depth at defense at the expense of a midfielder (Edu). Was that intentional?

  11. …to throw off the team would imply that there would be a team in form. Taking into consideration all of the first team injuries and the amount of time it would take the players to get into game shape…in addition to the MLS’ers bobs been auditioning…quite frankly, im not convinced that Jones would be a detriment as there are a number of players that will be trying to get healthy and into game-shape as well. Beazly…edu…clark…dempsey…benny…all will be trying to get into game shape. Hell, id take my chances with jones over 3 of those MF’s

  12. Andy,

    I think your “spot on” with this group. Only as a starting team I would like to see Cherundalo (a true defender) and not Bornstein who is a better midfielder. He looks lost in defense and would love to see him at midfield or (I know not a chance Adu) in place of Beasley (but believe Beas should be on the squad)but wouldn’t it be nice to see a Jones on the left midfield position….

  13. Your preaching to the choir, 911. I said Bradley wouldn’t look at this guy, If you ask me, I think it’s a no brainer. Even if he doesn’t start (which would be sad) but wouldn’t it be nice looking down and seeing him on the bench if a starter goes down vs looking down the bench and seeing an MLS player.

  14. 23 man roster

    Howard, Guzan, Hahnemann

    Spector, Cherundolo, Bocanegra, Onyewu, DeMerit, Bornstein, Edu, Castillo

    Feilhaber, Clark, Bradley, Torres, Donovan, Beasley, Rogers, Adu

    Altidore, Johnson, Casey, Findley

    Kenny Cooper misses… Davies not back in time, Jones not back in time.

    Dempsey and Donvan can play up front if needed. Eddie Johnson will make it back on to the scene..Casey for some reason is loved by Bob. Adu also will make it back with regular playing time, he has actually looked quite good for Aris FC (not just his tap in goal). Chad Marshall will be one of the last players cut. Edu will be the swing guy like Dempsey… can play in central defense in a pinch or DM…Adu or Torres (even Castillo) can fill in if Beasley cant cut it and Rogers may be a surprise inclusion.. because he offers pace that we lack with Charlie out and Beasley being so slight and injury prone..

    Your starting 11 for England June 12th




















  15. Rossi played in the US youth system just not at the National level. Italy had no problem taking a look at him. They certainly didn’t need to look at non Italian born players to field a quality team….but like any National team, they want to look at the best players available to them…I think you will find these type playes play with more heart and desire and aren’t just satisfied with making the team, a drive we could use from some of our players…

  16. He didn’t get caps because he disagreed with the German leadership. When he was healthy he was rated one of the Top 5 d-mids in the Bundesliga (a league known for it’s defense and midfield play).

  17. With the Work Rate required by the US players to make up for the sometimes lack of technical ability (expecially in the Midfield) could easily see BB bringing 3 Defensive Midfielders. The question is which of the 5 (if all healthy) will BB bring. Jones, Clark, Edu, Torres, Feilharber. Granted both Torres & Benny can play on the wing or as potential attacking midfielders so they could potentially be slotted elsewhere.

  18. There were lots of grumbles about the fact Jones has not been selected. On top of that, we aren’t comparing him to Germany or England’s squad – we’re comparing it to ours. Compared to Clark, he’s our “world class superstar.” Germany is stacked with midfielders, it’s like saying Ronaldinho must not be good because he isn’t in Brazil’s squad – certain times call for certain players. Jones was just born at the wrong time : )

    I think the race card was hinted at but I think that was just a desperate excuse.

  19. It’s not often that the foreign based players are available all the time but there were a few times last summer that Churundalo, Spector, Torres were on the bench while starting Bornstein, Rogers, (can’t think of defender that was recently given red card early in match). I have no trouble in Bradley looking at new talent but they should be inserted one or two at a time and if they dont make the grade, in one or two appearences then try someone else. Bring them in as subs to see if they can make a difference (which is what they will be doing if they are chosen for the WC team) I will never understand why he tried Beasley over and over again at defense and I think he is trying to do the same to Bornstein who is not a strong defender. Is it a coinsidence that both played for Bradley at the club level in MLS?

  20. Yes… I have indeed seen his “exhibition games” with AC Milan where he was learning to fit into a new system with new players… I have also seen Real Salt Lake beat world class teams in preseason exhibitions… does not mean the results mean much…

  21. You do have to remember this is a guy who only played in three friendlies for Germany.

    I think he’s a good d-mid too, but let’s not overrate his abilities here. If he was as good as everyone was saying, I truly doubt Germany would have given him only three token caps.

  22. I think everything depends on what is going on with Maurice Edu and Ricardo Clark come May.

    In my opinion, between Clark, Jones and Edu, you only take two of the three, and presumably the two that are in the best form.

    If Clark and Edu are both struggling with niggling injuries and to find minutes and Jones is just rounding into fitness and form – then you have to give Jones a serious shot (I’m presuming some friendlies will be scheduled in May).

    However, if Edu and Clark are both playing regularly and well by May – I’d leave Jones off.

    Even though it can’t be the dominant factor in making a decision, you do have to think about chemistry. And if I had to choose between a fit and in form Edu and Clark who knows everyone and gets on with everyone the squad and or a JUST fit and rounding into form Jones who probably knows only Donovan – I’m taking Edu and Clark.

    This isn’t Championship Manager or FIFA 10 – you do have to take other factors into consideration outside of who is better on paper.

  23. Hi.

    What is the proof to this? What are 3 cases where Mr Bradley played an MLS player at the expense of a more talented foreign based player? In a game that matters, as opposed to a friendly where he is evaluating players?

  24. Does anyone remember Thomas Dooley ??? Check out a recent Hall of Fame member. He couldn’t speak much english (if any) and had never stepped foot on American soil when he first joined the team. What a great impact he made and brought the level up when he stepped on the the pitch.

    I see the same senerio here, but the only difference is….we have Bradley in charge.

  25. If this guy is healthy and in form before the WC, HE HAS TO BE ON THE TEAM! We need to bring our BEST players and the “chemistry” will take care of itself.

  26. It’s sad but I see no chance of Bradley taking him even if he is ready. That is not his style. He would rather put a much lesser quality player from the MLS to set the bench then Jones. He is too much of a “take care of my friends” coach then a true National Team coach that wants the best we have to offer. I really believe he feels since we can’t compete at the World level (sub wise), we might as well use the inferior talent that we have from the MLS. The bad thing about this is that our young players have no incentive to improve their game to play at this level. As long as we don’t have injuries with our starting team we might be able to surprise some teams. We need a National Team coach that doesn’t have these personal issues with players.


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