Mid-Day Ticker: Wenger bashes media, Robinho blames Mancini and more

Mid-Day Ticker: Wenger bashes media, Robinho blames Mancini and more

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Mid-Day Ticker: Wenger bashes media, Robinho blames Mancini and more




Life in the Premier League hasn't been kind to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger lately. A brutal stretch of fixtures saw them play Aston Villa, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool all in a row.

So far, the Gunners have managed just a single point in the last three games, and as a result watched a title challenge go up in smoke. Arsene Wenger, frustrated by the lack of results, lashed out at the media in a press conference on Tuesday, claiming reporters took his quotes out of context and painted him as a bitter loser.

"I just would like to say that I was full of praise and compliments for Chelsea," Wenger said on Sky Sports News. "I find it unfair from the press that you take one word from my press conference and turn it in a kind of hope [of a big story], you did that at Aston Villa, you did that at Chelsea."

Even if Wenger was misrepresented or not, his club desperately needs a win tomorrow against Liverpool to keep their minuscule title hopes alive.

Here are a few more stories for Tuesday:


Just one game into his loan stint with Santos and former Manchester City striker and Robinho has already criticized old boss Roberto Mancini.

"He has a different way of thinking," Robinho said of Mancini's tactics in the Times. "In Brazil, the coach respects the player's characteristics. In Europe, they are used to playing with two lines of four players and they don't want to know what you can do."

Robinho goes further to say that Mancini limited his creativity, even though Mark Hughes was Robinho's boss for most of 2009/10. He clearly prefers his new location, and it remains to be seen whether or now he'll make a return to Europe one day.


The financial woes at Crystal Palace have been a disaster. Reportedly laden with around £30 million worth of debt, the search for a buyer has even led to an ad printed in the Financial Times advertising the club's sale.

Palace's future is up in the air, and the club was also docked 10 points for going into administration. They'll have to fight hard in hopes of being relegated to League One.


Doubts about Ronaldinho's chances for Brazil's 2010 World Cup squad were raised even further as the AC Milan midfielder was left out of Brazil's 23-man squad for a friendly against Ireland on March 2. The 29-year-old hasn't appeared for his country since the beginning of 2009, and Dunga looks set to leave the playmaker out of the nation's plans for South Africa.

Think Arsene Wenger is losing it? What do you think of Robinho? What will happen to Crystal Palace? Is Ronaldinho going to be left out of the Brazil World Cup squad?

Share your thoughts below.

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