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Friday Kickoff: Torres injured, Terry-Capello meeting scheduled and more

Jose Francisco Torres 2 (Getty Images)


The list of injured U.S. national team players just keeps getting longer and longer.

Jose Francisco Torres is the latest U.S. international to go down with an injury after it was revealed Torres picked up a hamstring strain that will keep him sidelined for the next one to two weeks. Torres picked up the injury in Pachuca's loss to Queretaro, but the knock really affected Torres in this past weekend's rout of Atlante, in which he was replaced in the second half.

Torres should recover in time for the U.S. team's upcoming friendly vs. the Netherlands on March 3, but any setbacks in the coming weeks could rule him out.

Here are some stories to help you get your Friday started:

Capello, Terry to meet for captaincy decision

The John Terry soap opera's next chapter could be its last.

Terry is expected to meet with England manager Fabio Capello at his office in Wembley sometime on Friday, and a decision on Terry's future as the Three Lions' captain could be made. Terry is under immense scrutiny for having had an affair with England and former Chelsea teammate Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend.

Red Bulls sign Lindpere

The New York Red Bulls have signed the first of what could be several European signings, acquiring Estonian midfielder Joel Lindpere.

Lindpere, 28, is a left winger who is projected to be a starter for the Red Bulls. His signing likely means the Red Bulls won't be re-uniting with former midfielder Dave Van Den Bergh, who had been linked to a return to the Red Bulls. He is currently out of contract though FC Dallas still holds his MLS rights.

Ribery intrigued by Barcelona

Bayern Munich attacker Franck Ribery is open to a move this summer, and his agent has revealed Ribery would be delighted to join Lionel Messi at Barcelona. Ribery's agent told a Barcelona radio station that the France international wants to play alongside Messi, but Ribery has not ruled out joining any other potential suitors, such as Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Ronaldinho denies throwing party

AC Milan forward Ronaldinho has ruled out rumors of him throwing a three-night "mega party" prior to the Milan derby back on Jan. 24, which AC Milan lost 2-0. Ronaldinho stated through his blog on Thursday that he did not host such an event, and revealed his frustration with the media for using old images of him to create stories.


Do you think Torres will heal in time to make the roster for the Netherlands friendly? Should Fabio Capello keep Terry as his captain? How dangerous would Barcelona be with Ribery in the fold? Wishing you could show off your samba skills at one of Ronaldinho's fiestas?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “Here are some stories to help you get your Friday started:”
    Finding out orres is injured did NOT help me get my Friday started…though I needed to know, so thanks.

  2. Most basic cable packages feature telecast of the Mexican league. Learn a little Spanish and watch. Or don’t learn Spanish and watch anyway.

    Pachuca has been on the the last two weekends. For those of you who feel Bradley’s treatment of Gringo is unacceptable you should wathc him playwith Pachuca. Torres is talented but he is hardly the heart of the team. They sub him out late in the second half often.

  3. its john terry’s fault

    oh and Dr Phil should be starting instead of Cardboard, Dr Phil could always give Adu the positive attitude on the field and im just not sure about Cardboard’s work ethic sometimes, he never seems to move

  4. I think the Joel Lindpre signing is a disaster. Here yiou have a guy who is only interested in visiting this country whereas Dave van den Bergh is a known quantity and should have been signed. Could Dallas have been asking for too much?

  5. Not a story?

    It may not be that big of a story, but of course it’s a story. If Ives hadn’t put it up here, people would have complained how he is missing Nats news.

    Frankly I would like more coverage of Torres at Pachuca. This site (and most others) is loaded with England news, but Mexican League? Not so much.

  6. I know Edu had a good season in toronto and a good half season at rangers, but i feel that it is ridiculous to put him over ricardo clark, especially since edu has never really proved himself internationally except for the olympics. and in the olympics kljestan and adu shined and look at how much they are hated on now.

  7. How could Ribery and Messi play together? Clearly Messi plays a little higher up the pitch, but I still can’t see how they wouldn’t get in each other’s way.

  8. Hahaha. That is hilarious. And also utterly terrifying. Hopefully all of the injuries are out of the way now (said as I knock on my wood desk).

  9. Torres is battling for his spot and needs all the time on the pitch he can to impress. You want an in-form player? This is DEFINITELY a story.

  10. Exactly. His minutes in CR II weren’t meaningful in quantity, but I’d say he did go out with a bang with one of the best unsung plays of the year. Leaves us begging for more.

    It was especially frustrating to see Kljestan get looks during the middle of the year. Nowadays we all know that SK’s recent starts are more a starter by attrition than anything else.

  11. I love Josy and Abby up top – like an improved version of Josy and JvH. Josy flops and draws yellows, holds up, provides service, and Abby puts it in the back of the net.

  12. Ronaldinho is a liar! I was at that party last January. You should have seen the garotas! I was done after two days, but I was told the third was the bomb!

    And yes, Ronnie plays a mean pandeiro.


  13. As a Bayern fan, the sooner Ribery leaves the better. Is a complete distraction and has contributed to the selfish attitudes the recent Bayern roster has been known for. Bayern unloaded Toni, it’s time to do the same for Ribery and get some $ in return.

  14. I agree, but in fairness until someone actually returns from an injury it makes people nervous.

    Off hand I can only think of Demerit returning

    while we still are waiting on Goouch, DMB, Edu, Jones, Clint and now Torres.

  15. Ok, so.. if the World Cup were to start today, it looks like our lineup could be:

    G Howard
    LD Bornstein
    CD Bocanegra
    CD Demerit
    RD Spector
    LM Feilhaber
    CM Bradley
    CM Beckerman
    RM Donovan
    S Altidore
    S Findley

    (potential starters missing would include Onyewu, ‘Dolo, J. Jones, Edu, Beasley, Torres, Dempsey, Beasley, Holden)

    dang. glad the wc doesn’t start today. but still a vast improvement over what we put out on the field against honduras.

  16. Bayern has loads of young talent. Getting rid of Ribery won’t be such a bad thing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the CL semi’s this year. “Robbery” has barely even played alongside each other yet and their looking very dangerous still. I wouldn’t doubt them against any of the favorites.

  17. I agree, although this wasn’t a “sky is falling” report. The reaction from the fans, though…..geez. It’s a hammy strain, and the WC is 4 MONTHS away. In one sense it might be a GOOD thing for our guys to have a few weeks’ rest here and there before the heavy-duty stuff starts in May.

    Chill out, people.

  18. I’m sure Wambach is better than some of the other forwards in the men’s pool, too.

    I’m all for bringing back Tony Meola. Just make sure he brings back the ponytail from the ’94 WC!

  19. When did Bayern Munich go from being one of the top 4-6 clubs in Europe to the farm team for the Big Four money teams (RM, Barca, Chelsea, ManU)?

    Hargreaves, Ballack, Ribery, who’s next…?

    Talk about a fall from grace after being on a pedestal for so long.

  20. Torres had better not be out very long.

    I really hope Ribery goes to Barca instead of Real Madrid. He would actually fulfill a concrete need (they’ve already got Kaka and Ronaldo, for crying out loud).

    He would also add great life to a number of EPL teams, although if he went to Chelsea I might start having nightmares.

  21. Current starting 11 versus England at present rate of injuries:


    Agoos Marshall Goodson Pearce

    Rodgers Adu Bradley Cardboard cutout

    Altidore Wambach

    subs: E. Johnson, Casey, various youth league players

  22. I think what Erik’s getting at is that Torres hasn’t played any meaningful minutes for the US since the CR loss.

    I think everybody here (for the most part)likes what Torres brings.

  23. I just don’t think this is a story. I mean come on, a hamstring strain, sidelined 1-2 weeks. It’s February 5th…I think a top level, highly conditioned athlete should be ready to go by March 3rd.

    I just don’t see the point in all of these “sky is falling” reports. I mean, if somebody tears an ACL, ok, report it, but every little stress and strain just isn’t that critical.

    (SBI-Tim, it’s better to report this now than have a thousand, “Why is Torres not playing at Pachuca, is he alright” questions, isn’t it? The purpose of a report is to inform, which is what this post did. Not every story is going to be earth-shattering, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be reported.)

  24. I don’t see why he wouldn’t. Torres is at least good enough to come off the bench, and maybe start one of the group stage games in South Africa.

  25. he’s out for 1-2 weeks, and we are questioning him for a friendly that ~4 weeks away?? unless the injury persists longer then planned, this shouldnt have any effect on his ability to rep the US.

    (SBI-It’s a hamstring, which is always a tricky injury, and if he’s set to miss two weeks and the friendly is four weeks away it’s not as if its a stretch to say that it COULD impact his availability.)


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