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Onyewu discusses his comeback


  1. Was thinking the same thing. Milan is known by the world for their ability with injuries. My thoughts are that he isn’t one of their starting players or most important so because he was injured for the US and they asked and didn’t receive compensation, they said to themselves “well the US can pay for his recovery.”

    Just looking forward to his comeback and Holland will be too soon – last thing we need is a setback.

  2. Health is not the issue with Gooch; it’s match fitness and match sharpness. I just don’t know where or when he’s going to get significant playing time heading into the World Cup to regain his form and fitness.

  3. has anyone read soccernomics? In the book they took about milans dedicatino to injuries and recovering/rehabilitation. Him doing the bulk of his work in the us, away from the team must mean A) they trust the US training staff or B) dont care about gooch all that much. I’d like to think its a combination of both not just B


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