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Orozco, Ching among 23 named to USA camp roster for El Salvador friendly

Brian Ching (

Recently-signed Philadelphia Union defender Michael Orozco and Houston Dynamo striker Brian Ching were among the 23 players chosen for the upcoming training camp roster for the U.S. men's national team match vs. El Salvador in Tampa on Feb. 24.

The camp squad is made up entirely of MLS players, with the El Salvador match not being played on a FIFA date.

Here is the full training camp roster:

GOALKEEPERS (3): Troy Perkins (D.C. United), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake), Zach Thornton (Chivas USA)

DEFENDERS (7): Kevin Alston (New England Revolution), Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles Galaxy), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew), Michael Orozco (Philadelphia Union), Heath Pearce (FC Dallas), Marvell Wynne (Toronto FC)

MIDFIELDERS (9): Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Geoff Cameron (Houston Dynamo), Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders), Eddie Gaven (Columbus Crew), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA), Dax McCarty (FC Dallas), Chris Pontius (D.C. United), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew)

FORWARDS (4): Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids), Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Jeff Cunningham (FC Dallas), Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake)

So what kind of starting lineup might we see from this group? Here's a potential starting XI:







Geoff Cameron is also a candidate to start, but would he start on the right flank or in central midfield (he won't play central defense). Heath Pearce is in camp again and could get a look at left back, but only if Bradley decides to give Bornstein an extended look in central defense.

Dax McCarty could get a start, which could potentially lead to Robbie Rogers moving over to the left wing and Kljestan sliding on to the right. I still think Kevin Alston is capable of starting if healthy. Marvell Wynne didn't exactly lock down a starting role after his match against Honduras.

At forward, Ching's return should mean a start for him if he's healthy and fit. I could see any combination of strikers but Ching-Casey. I'll give Findley the edge over Cunningham right now.


What do you think of the squad? Glad to see Orozco getting a look? Hoping Chris Pontius and Omar Gonzalez gets some minutes vs. El Salvador?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Why ‘should’ mls have let Sascha leave? He was under contract. They asked for a minimal transfer fee and couldn’t get anyone to pay it. So the team and league decided he was worth more to them here than at a fire sale price. Happens all the time, around the world.

    As for the ‘no real transfer window’ that’s absurd. The Concacaf transfer window is real, however mls clubs, like most concacaf leagues, don’t sign a lot players who are under contract (really, only European leagues do a lot of that, so the transfer window isn’t as relevant in the Americas for incoming talent.

  2. You do realize that he can’t get any of the international players, so most of the first teamers are out. Also, this is not a World Cup warm-up. The Netherlands friendly is a World Cup Warm up, and those after it.

  3. Many countries like…? The only time you hear of a playoff is to determine who gets promoted or saved from relegation somewhere. I didn’t know that before.

  4. Try telling Real Salt Lake that the MLS regular season meant nothing… had they loss or tied one more game in the regular season then Colorado would have had their playoff spot. Does the reg. season mean as much as it does in England, no.

    MANY countries around the world use a playoff system to crown a champ.

    I think the MLS is smart to consider some parts of the NFL, the nations most successful league. WE DON’T LIVE IN ENGLAND, get over it.

  5. And that turned out so well, didn’t it?

    Orozco long term might be a good player, but I’m looking forward to him coming into the MLS and being a very average player. Maybe then we can all get past this “oooooh, he plays in Mexico, he must be awesome” bullcrap.

  6. This is a great moment to build for the future. Remember that Copa America “fiasco” a few years ago? “People were like: none of these guys are big names… boo hoo.”

    Guzan, Bornstein, Beckerman, Clark, Kljestan, and Davies were all sort of “why them” guys. Fielhauber and Demerit were on the squad and people thought they were the only ones who’d ever get a look at the full national team.

    Hopefully some of the new call ups can contribute in the next cycle.

  7. As “misguided” as it is, can you give a better reason why we’ve changed the game. There’s nothing misguided in saying that MLS should have let Sacha leave, and that our best talent for the USMNT is abroad.

  8. I’d say at least 4 of these guys will be on the 23 man roster, a good chance that number will be 5 or 6, and it’s a possibility that you could see 7 if there’s some injuries.

  9. Are you crazy? Perkins, Bornstien, Kljestan, McCarty, Rogers, Casey and maybe Ching will all be on that 23 man roster (or at least 5 of those 7).

    We get that this isn’t our best team, but there is some talent here that we could be depending on if things go bad in South Africa or in the weeks leading up to it.

  10. A not-sarcastic question: is a friendly like this really about 2014? Is this about long term player and pool development–a mix of vets and young guys–more than anything to do with this year’s Cup?

    Or is it more like, “OK, we scheduled this game on a non-FIFA date. Now what?”

  11. When was the last time he did that on the international level?
    ( i’ll give him that side-ways header he did in his last game but he was crap most of that game)

    Maybe he’ll bring it for this game but El Salvador will be putting out a side as experimental as ours.

    I have little confidence he can still bring the pain when it comes to playing against England & Algeria

    Fer shur

  12. also, ives is there any word on jermaine jones to be healthy for the netherlands game? I doubt we will take a german/american who has never put on the usmnt jersey to sa, but who knows?

  13. the best thing about ching is that when he does put something on goal, it rarely is accurate, or where he meant to put it, or with the wrong body part, which I have to say puts quite the pressure on the opposing goalkeeper.

  14. You got it right Brandt.
    All these people wetting their pants at the sight of this squad is just plain silly.

    Bob’s looking for a solid consistent player he’s praying he won’t need this summer. If indeed he does end up needing that player in SA, then he’s gonna need all the int’l competition he can get. Such as it is.

  15. Dude, are you not getting the point? There NEEDS to be a back up target man. Has the last couple of months meant nothing to you? DEPTH.

  16. Bornstein may not be ideal, but he was the most mature player on the field against Honduras. Everyone else let adversity get to their heads.

    Hope to see Omar Gonzales play, or Orozco. Chad Marshall is someone who has really disappointed me on the international level.

    I prefer Robbie Findley over Cunningham. But maybe Eddie Johnson will work his way into the mix with his play at Aris Salonika.

    Will be interesting to see Ching again. It’s been awhile.

    I was impressed with Brad Davis against Honduras, but I don’t know where that goes.

    Kljestan to start? Really?

  17. To be clear reverb, I don’t have an issue with his call ups for this game/camp. I can actually grasp the fact that leagues are in full swing around the world and the MLS isn’t. However, when we call up players like Ching over and over again, and don’t give other fringe players a chance like J.White (<-I'm sure people will tell me 50 reasons why he shouldnt be called up, one being he isn't on a club right now. However even when he was in the Danish league he recieved no attention.) And its not that I'm even arguing in favor of J.White its just that if the arguement is that we want to get a look at fringe players, why do we continue to call up guys that are past their time or MLS players. Hell lets call up McBride just for kicks then. For those who say who else should be called up I'll say again, I don't have an issue for THIS particular camp/game. Now, come the Netherlands…..then we shall see…

  18. Jon from Chicago, you’re absolutely right about the snobbish answers and grammar checkers on this board. I mean, who really gives a f*ck about how something is spelled? Come on now, enough of that silliness.
    Nobody is calling out Bob Bradley from USSoccer because they, incredibly, have even less vision than Bradley does. There is zero accountability in the National program as evidenced by the poor team selection and performances just a hair under 4 months from the World Cup.
    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that anyone on this or any other soccer board can understand what Bradley is trying to do right now with any meaningful degree of satisfaction or assurance that it will have a positive effect on the World Cup matches.
    For the life of me I certainly can’t.

  19. 1st. Do people read the comments before posting? Ive seen the same questions or comments answered time and time again. No matter what your teacher told you in school, there are stupid questions.

    2nd. I also am a bit sick of the snobbish answers (and grammer call outs). We get people, you know everything about the game we all love, and your an english major who calls people out on blog posts…

    3rd. The arguement about the lack of soccer coverage is one reason why I believe B.Bradley still has his job. And yes I am a Bradley basher, and I feel there are many reasons why I’m justifed in doing so. (His game time tactics for one.) I don’t understand why people get shouted down when the criticize the MLS or the NATS on here and other sites. Its not like I don’t support my club (Chicago Fire) or my Nats but I’m not a blind follower. Until this country holds its coaches feet to fire and demand results we will hinder our progress. Compared to other sports coaches, B.Bradley has a cake of a job. No one is there to call him out in a public forum.

    4th- Finally, this is by far my favorite place for all things soccer… 😉

  20. I just hope we can get three good friendly matches against quality teams with our A squad before SA. It seemed like when we did Spain, England, Argentina it took us about three games to get a bit more settled and during confederations we had to do Italy, Brazil and then pulled it together for Egypt. Got our confidence up and played well against Spain and Brazil again (minus a half).

    Anybody know if they are in talks with any other teams to play after the Netherlands for a friendly?

    Or maybe we will lose against England, get the draw Slovenia and beat Algeria (or vise versa with Slovenia and Algeria) Then we have the confidence to go into the next round and finally get revenge against Germany for that handball crap that took us out back in 2002.

  21. Their was a huge question after the Mexico summer game of Ching and he was looking to be much past his sell by date. What did he become superman all of a sudden?. People are saying Ching now becuase Casey is not that good. But the truth is neither is good. Ching has more heart into it but Ching has never ever played vs Quality Euro big sides and never shined outsiode of CONCACAF minnows. Face the facts. Bradley would be clueless to bring either to the World Cup especially with Altidore being 10x better than Casey and Ching combined and Casye and Chings own game.

  22. Wherever he plays he will perform well. I believe the U.S does not have a player like Cameron that can play virtually anywhere in the defense and midfield. They can use his versatility in SA. I like him in the back because of his speed, strength, size, and attacking skills.

    Go Dynamo!!!

    I will be watching closely to see the birth of a star

  23. Did anybody here watch the Hull-Chelsea match? Jozy Altidore is Ching x100. Not only can Jozy hold the ball up and turn Terry about 3 times but he has speed and dribbling skills. We dont need a Ching or Casey. If one does get on the plane, They will only be brought to get an MLS foward player on the team, sadly.

  24. He’s right footed, and I did see him start at right back and go about 70 minutes for San Luis once.

    He mostly played central for them but sometimes got pushed up to a left back position when they were chasing the game.


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