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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

LiverpoolCity (Reuters)

The battle for fourth place in the EPL, and the final Champions League berth that goes with it, continues today as Manchester City takes on Liverpool in Sunday's match of the day.

Today offers a plethora of quality action from a variety of locations. Be it Italy, where Inter Milan faces Sampdoria, or Brazil, where Sao Paulo rivals Palmeiras and Sao Paulo will do battle, there is something for every taste.

There are plenty of Americans in action as well. From Carlos Bocanegra at Rennes, to Jose Francisco Torres at Pachuca, to Daniel Williams at Freiburg, if you want to follow Americans Abroad, today has options for you.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


8:30am– Deportes- PSV Eindhoven vs. Rotterdam

9am– Setanta USA- Aston Villa vs. Burnley

9am– AS Roma vs. Catania

9am– Bologna vs. Juventus

9:30am– SC Freiburg vs. Hertha Berlin

10am– FSC- Manchester City vs. Liverpool

10:30am– ESPN Deportes- SC Freiburg vs. Hertha Berlin (Delayed)

11am– DirecTV- Athletic Bilbao vs. Tenerife

11am– DirecTV- Malaga vs. Espanyol

11am– DirecTV- Real Zaragoza vs. Sporting Gijon

11am– Setanta USA- Marseille vs. AS Nancy Lorraine

11:15am– FSE- Wigan vs. Tottenham

Noon– FSC- Wigan vs. Tottenham (Delayed)

1pm– GolTV- Almeria vs. Atletico Madrid

1pm– Setanta USA- Fulham vs. Birmingham (Delayed)

1pm– Telemundo- UNAM Pumas vs. Atlante

1pm– FSE- Manchester City vs. Liverpool (Delayed)

2:45pm– FSC/FSE- AS Bari vs. AC Milan

3pm– Setanta USA- Stade Rennes vs. Lille

3pm– ESPN Deportes/ Real Madrid vs. Villarreal

3pm– GolTV- Palmeiras vs. Sao Paulo

3:15pm– FC Porto vs. Sporting Braga

5pm– Univision- Club America vs. UANL Tigres

5pm– Telefuturas- Santos Laguna vs. Tecos

5pm– FSC- AS Roma vs. Catania (Delayed)

5pm– ESPN Deportes- Indios vs. Cruz Azul (Delayed)

5pm– FSE- River Plate vs. Arsenal de Sarandi

5pm– GolTV- Werder Bremen vs. Bayer Leverkusen (Delayed)

5pm– Azteca America- Jaguares vs. Pachuca (Delayed)

10pm– Setanta USA- Everton vs. Manchester United (Delayed)



  1. I actually don’t know the names of the guys on the pod but there WAS a general sense of derision about Zamora and his a) prospects about being an England International and b) his gesture “listening for the critics”.

    I agree that Cousin Roy’s assertion looked a little odd at first but given England’s (and everyone’s) lack of depth at striker, he’s a reasonable option now.


  2. This is ridiculous. One bad game and all of a sudden it’s, ” his time has passed” or ” Boca is done”.

    Bocanegra has been a steady player on the backline and if he ever has had a poor game, the rest of the four is just as bad. When he is on top of his game, the same can be said for most of the back line, and a lot of the rest of the team.

    Landon Donovan has had plenty of poor games, like the Ghana game. You want to leave him out of the starting lineup/roster?

    I think the thing about a lot of fans is that when there is nothing new coming over the horizon in terms of talented players or changes in the starting lineup, they start to act as though there should be a change somewhere on the field or roster until they are right. I don’t mean to sound like an a-hole saying that, but I’ve seen it happening. Change is good, but timing it poorly is devastating.

  3. who exactly? One of the guys is a Fulham fan and has been singing his praises all season. But everyone was right to question Roy’s claims for Zamora as a WC option- he was largely dissapointing last year and has been a complete revelation this year. Thank God he has- goals aren’t always easy for the Cottagers to come by. Would be nice for him to earn a WC spot.

  4. I don’t mind Skrtel… I would add Gerrard somewhere on that list. He is the second ugliest looking player to watch after Robot Crouch.

  5. how’d boca end up our captain in the first place? Is it just because of his age and caps? He doesn’t strike me as the leader of the team, the one who leads by example.

  6. Not even close, 10 mill is what Jozy was sold for, he’s going to have to bump it up 6 million pounds!

    Donovan is about as valuable to MLS as Beckham, & Galaxy will want to cover the loss of revenue generated by Landon, if he can score some more goals & keep making great crosses, I think he might warrant that 13-15 million pounds move!

    But Saha has got to put away the passes he’s getting from Donovan, and Moyes better allow him to take PK’s is Saha misses another one! Specially if Landon draws it!

  7. Today was a decent game for Adu in the defensive part of the game. His crosses were not so bad, it was players not being at the right position at times. Aris went into this game with a Bears 45-defense almost the entire game. :).. i guess scoring wasn’t part of the game plan today for Aris. Adu came of the 2nd half for more defensive help, all the Aris players looked tired as heck, maybe they partied all night and couldn’t cut it today.

  8. According the ESPN Soccer Net Boca was replaced due to an injury which makes sense with his team leading 1-0 when he was removed at halftime. We know that if he or Gooch can even limp out on the field BB will use them.

  9. Bradley knows this, which is why he deploys Boca mainly as a centerback.

    Another reason to check out Daniel Williams.

  10. It’s a shame, and I feel for him, but your right. His time has passed, it’ll be great to have him as a veteran backup in SA. But I do not want him dealing with the likes of Rooney, Lennon, and company.

  11. I only watched the 1st half, and Adu was subbed off at the start of the 2nd half.
    I think the coach tried to settle for the point. Unfortunately a min later, AEK scores on a header. Adu wasn’t bad but there was nobody at the end of his passes into the box. He didn’t get a lot of space either when he gave the ball for a give and go and the defender still was next to him. AEK were not undermining him that’s for sure. EJ was very impressive and was very strong on the ball as AEK tried physically to knock him off the ball several times. EJ looks very confident dribbling with the ball. Almost confident as Ibrahimovic with the ball. This isn’t the EJ we are used to seeing in MLS.

  12. I think Boca is done, personally I’d rather see a spector,demerit,onyewu and borenstein back line, boca as a left back is a waste because he doesn’t push forward and he’s to slow to get involved in the play and cover back, you need to have speed on the edges especially if you are behind donovan.

  13. That may be due in part because you saw Juve, who draw large crowds all across Italy and in European play. They’re down this year (obviously), but they probably still drive the ticket prices up some.

  14. Bocanegra had a horrid first half tonight against Lille. Got tormented by Eden Hazard on the left side, completely shanked a clearance, and made a clumsy attempt at a tackle, which injured Lille striker Gervinho. Was substituted out at halftime and he didn’t look injured. Don’t know why the move to ASSE didn’t fall through. Think Antonetti may have finally lost faith.

  15. speak for yourself afc! I want to see Daniel Williams get called up to see what he can do to compete for the RB job. The early reviews for Dwill were excellent, player of the week. We are not so deep at RB that he should not at least get a chance. Dolo has not played well for the nats (got torched in WC06) and is hurt anyway. Dolo by no means should be the automatic right back if Spector is left back, which he should be.

    We need to recruit this kid and call him into camp for the netherlands game!

  16. Anyone know whats up with the La Liga Game of the week on ESPN2. Its was listed on the program guide and they show fishing instead.

  17. I don’t think anyone is calling for him to get called up especially for SA. I think people just wanted him included on the site. Being included on the site doesn’t mean he deserves a call up.

  18. I think football is the only US sport that’s ridiculously expensive. I paid $14 the other day for a cheap seat in MSG to see the Knicks. I can usually find hockey tickets for $15-20, and upper deck seats in baseball can usually be had for about $10.

  19. I’m not sure much is different besides the infusion of cash to City and the injuries to Liverpool. I mean, Spurs and Everton are doing pretty much what they’ve been doing for years, and I don’t think Man U and Chelsea are really much weaker than usual. British pundits tend to draw big conclusions from tiny sample sizes.

  20. Yeah, I would imagine if Freddy wasn’t sharp today, fatigue is a part of it. As nice as it was to see he’s still capable of great play, he was bound to cool off at some point.

  21. anyone know why Daniel Williams only played a half in Freiburg’s 3-0 home loss to the bottom club??? Was at church and didn’t watch. Game was on espn360. . .

    (SBI-You should read the SBI Twitter feed. Williams didn’t play well, and got torched on the second goal in the first half, but ultimately he came out because Freiburg switched to a 3-5-2 in order to try and get back into the game. After watching Williams today I would say people need to calm down about the whole “Let’s bring him to the World Cup” talk. Nice potential young prospect for down the road, but he’s not beating out Cherundolo or Spector any time soon. Truth is right back isn’t even his natural position, and you can sort of see it watching him play. He’s a d-mid playing right back.)

  22. It’s a good question.

    I would agree that the top is getting crowded. The way things are now, if you trip, it could cost you because the points are tight.

    I would chalk the weakness of all the teams up top apart from Chelsea to bad defense. Arsenal, Man United, and Man City have all shown weakness in the back and here is where their depth is lacking. Liverpool’s defense has been woeful this year as well. Carragher is having a terrible year.

  23. Let me tell you why:
    1. Benitez
    2. Kuyt
    3. Lucas
    4. Skrtel
    5. Hicks
    6. Gillett
    7. Completely Boring Style of Play.
    8. Kuyt
    9. Kuyt
    10. Benitez

  24. oh but it’s the epl!, surely there can’t be bad futbol. i thought that only happened in mls….. maybe i should quit reading this boards so much 🙂


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