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Tuesday Kickoff: Donovan to make Europa debut and Champions League resumes

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Landon Donovan begins the second half of his loan spell with Everton today with his first foray into the Europa League when the Toffees face Sporting Lisbon.

Donovan is coming off his best performance since arriving in England, a masterful display in Everton's 2-1 victory against Chelsea. He outplayed Ashley Cole and will now look to continue his stellar play against Sporting and (likely) left back Leandro Grimi, an Argentine former AC Milan prospect.

Today's Everton-Sporting match is on American TV, DirecTV channel 462 at 12:30pm, so you won't have to endure the web feed goose chase (unless you aren't lucky enough to have DirecTV). If you don't have DirecTV, fear not. I will be providing a live commentary on today's match so be sure to follow along here.

While American fans will have their eye on how Donovan and Tim Howard do with Everton today, most fans around the world will be tuned into today's Champions League Round of 16 clashes between Manchester United and AC Milan (2:45pm, Setanta USA/Fox Sports Affiliates/CSNE/MSG+), and Real Madrid and Lyon (2:45pm, Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Sports Espanol). For a breakdown of today's match-ups, check out Jamie Trecker's take on both matches for Fox Soccer.

What do you think of today's Champions League matches? See Donovan posting another impressive performance?

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  1. As much as I like this idea, unless Everton is suddenly either fighting for a spot in Europe, or in a relegation battle, it won’t make economic sense for them to keep him around. Maybe something permanent in summer though.

  2. Just throwing this out there, but it looks like you can watch the everton-sp.lisbon live as well on uefa site. I looked at the video previews and they look pretty good to the eye. Fee is involved however for the desperate. At least you won’t get the numerous frozen and choppy feeds.

  3. It has to do with Everton and Liverpool both being in the Europe league. They can’t both be playing at the same time like 2 miles apart so Everton got bumped to Tuesday…I guess Liverpool has a superior European record so they get dibs on the Thursday slot.

  4. It looks like both Everton & Sporting have league matches on Saturday so I assume one day off in between (Friday) isn’t enough. But don’t they usually move Saturday matches to Sunday or even Monday if a team is in Europe?

  5. But there aren’t Fox affiliates all over the country though. Some markets don’t have a Fox affiliate or choose not to put the matches on. Back in the Fall there was paid programming on my local Fox affiliate even though many others across the country had CL matches on. I emailed them and someone from their programming department emailed me back saying in the end the decision is with them n what to put on. (I guess they get more money for paid programming/infomercials…haha.)

  6. Off Topic. Charlie Davies posted on his twitter account that last night was his last night in the US for a while. He also tweeted to Jozy and Stu that he was going back to Europe real soon like 4 days ago. So i think he is headed back to France. If this has all been ok’d with the US training staff all I got to say is WOW!!!

    With that news I was looking at the FC Souchaux schedule and they have at least 8 games from April/May if they do not continue in the French Cup which cold add a game or two. Looks like Charlie has 6 weeks in France to try and play in those last 8 games. Even if he does not play in the entire 8 I think playing in 5 or 6 will be enough for him to be on the squad. The USMNT has to have a provisional roster in by May 12 and final roster by June 11. That leaves plenty of time in my opinion for Bob to make a decision.

    This might be a real nice surprise for the USMNT and a great story all around.

  7. Fox site says United game live and again at 8PM… Don’t you work for them Ives : )

    (SBI-Not sure what you’re talking about. The United game is live SOMEWHERE, just not on Fox Soccer Channel or Fox Sports Espanol. It’s live on the Fox Sports affiliates. That’s what it says on the DirecTV guide as well as the Fox Soccer preview on today’s matches.)

  8. Thursday, Chris. Dont know why this Europa is on a tuesday.

    How about THAT one Ives, any reason for a Europa on a Tuesday competing with Champions…kinda?

    (SBI-Not sure what it’s about to be honest. At least the game is an earlier game so you can watch both Everton/Sporting AND one of the Champions League matches.)

  9. I have watched every LD (Everton) match he has played and every game I saw his confidence build. The last match he was trying cute little flick ons, moved into dangerous positions and actually wanted the ball passed to him. I believe this was his plan to start slow and contribute but not stand-out. He is ready to show the LD that we have gotten used to seeing in the MLS but may go a step further based on his Everton teamates being on the same page and giving him those, David Beckham, feeds from all over the pitch. I always believe that playing around talented players make good players play beyond their potential. Just look at some of the African players, stars at the club level but not making the impact at the National level. I think club soccer is where we are going to see LD shine!

  10. I’ll have your commentary up ives looking forward to this game. Everton have been on a roll lately and shouldn’t have a problem coming home with points.

  11. Here’s hoping that you’re the Dan Aykroyd counterpoint to Trecker’s continual “Off With Their Heads!” columns.

    Jamie… you ignorant slut. See, it fits.

  12. Yeah, it’s strange that the Fox Soccer columnist wrote that the Man U game is on Setanta when it’s on Fox Sports Espanol and other regional Fox Sports channels. I hope my cable box is right.

    (SBI-According to my DirecTV listings, Man U/Milan is on Setanta, CSNE and MSG+, NOT on FSC or FSE (both are showing Real Madrid/Lyon. Fox Affiliates are showing it.).


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