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USMNT to play Czech Republic in May friendly

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The U.S. men's national team will play the Czech Republic in a friendly four days prior to its meeting with Turkey, U.S. Soccer announced Wednesday.

The international friendly will be played May 25 at an undetermined location. Between the March 3 friendly with the Netherlands and the matches with the Czech Republic and Turkey, the United States will have three European tune-ups before the World Cup.

"These games will provide a great opportunity to fine tune our plans for the matches in South Africa and test ourselves against some of the better teams in Europe," U.S. coach Bob Bradley said in a statement.

The Americans have faced the Czechs two other times, both in World Cups. They lost their opening game of the 2006 World Cup to the Czechs 3-0, and their opening game of the 1990 World Cup to then-Czechoslovakia 5-1.

What do you think of the U.S. friendly line-up now? Think Turkey and the Czech Republic will be good tests before the World Cup?

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  1. Heard the game is in East Hartford at Rentschler Field. Doesn’t get used for soccer as much as it should. DC Chigago and LA are always getting the games. Give a few to us in CT. Pitch is as good as it gets and 30,000+ fans…should be a good one against the czech’s

  2. I like these matchups. England has selected opponents very very wisely. They’re playing two teams we’ve played against recently, one having a very similar style (if we have a style) in Mexico.

    By playing both Mexico and Egypt, England can gauge how they will match up with us June 12th.

    The best thing we can do is the same. I’m not sure if either have the syle of England, but certainly are very tough tests. I’ll be in Florida May 29th so I’ll miss the Turkey match but man would I love to see them on the 25th before I fly south.

  3. NY, Chicago, Nasville, Dallas etc. etc., you all just want this game there for your own selfish reasons! I may be ignorant but where is the game against Turkey on May 29th being played? Is this a FIFA friendly week where club teams will release their players to play for country? Since the date is so close to the WC, I think the game should be played in Denver (I’m not from there, if I was being selfish I would say Seattle though) to acclimate the team to the elevation of South Africa…

  4. Exactly what I was thinking.

    Both ‘good’ euro teams but Turkey pre Guus has nothing to prove and Czech is a team getting old and it will be after a long season.

    I’d much rather see Uruguay or France or ..

  5. I too remember the ’06 WC match like it was only hours ago. I was studying abroad in Italy at the time & full of hope for the States. I love Nedved & Rosicky, but more than hated them on that day. Though it isn’t the same Czech side, I can’t wait.

  6. Since we got the shaft by the USSF in the world cup bid, how bout you throw us a bone. By all accounts Chicago has one of the best followings of the Yanks….


  7. I’m in Nashville and I’d make a trip to New Jersey to see it in Red Bull Arena. 26,000 people is a decent sized crowd, and getting that stadium on TV as much as possible needs to be a priority.

  8. I think Turkey and the Czech will be good a good warmup to the World Cup. Both teams are generally very solid in European competition, and I think they will both test the U.S., which, based on the Confederations Cup, is something they thrive on. Plus, with the Netherlands, the Czechs, and Turkey on the schedule, Bob Bradley will be able to test his A team potentials against some stiff competition, which will be extremely important before the World Cup actually starts.

  9. Why play two European teams that play the same way? Better to play an overly technical team like Japan or a powerful team like Ghana so we get diversity.

    Like the Dutch and Czechs but I’m not certain about Turkey.

    In Bob We Trust?

  10. How about the South West…Say Phoenix. We’ve had 1 USMNT game in the 15+ years I’ve lived here an while it was against Mexico would love to see a match where the fans were behind the US instead of the opposition.

  11. Nice! The Czechs are good. Only reason they didn’t qualify is because Rosicky was out injured. They are a tight knit team with tenacious play and neat passing. Let’s see if the U.S can erase some of that 06′ nightmare. Remember that Rosicky golazo? I dumped my pants.

  12. I would like it a little better if these games were away matches. But they are still good opponents for the US to challenge themselves against, alot better than the run-up to the last World Cup when they were playing Jamaica and Morocco.

  13. Awesome. This is about as tough a matchup as we could hope for. Should be great practice. I hope they play the same way they did on that fateful day in 2006 – sit back, let us have the ball, and force us to create.

  14. The game as at an undisclosed location? Why on earth would you have a soccer game at the same place the CIA has it’s Q&A sessions with captured Taliban leaders. Seems kinda odd to me…


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