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Wednesday Kickoff: Davies returns to France, Turkey hires Hiddink and more

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Some four months after a fatal car accident that nearly cost him his life, Charlie Davies has taken the major step of returning to France for the next stage of rehabilitation from multiple injuries suffered in the October wreck.

Davies recently underwent what is expected to be the final surgery associated with the accident, a procedure to remove a bone, plate and screws from his left elbow, and will now rejoin club team Sochaux for the final stages of his rehabilitation.

Davies has been targeting an April return to action, but he will first have to see how his surgically-repaired body reacts to on-field activities and training.

Here are some other stories to get your Wednesday going:


Well-traveled head coach Guus Hiddink has found his latest destination: Turkey.

The Turkish national team has hired Hiddink to lead it in qualifying for the 2012 European Championships, inking the former Russia, Australia and South Korea head coach to a two-year deal.

Hiddink will not take over the job until August, so he won't be on the sidelines for Turkey's May friendly against the United States, the final friendly for the USA before the World Cup.


Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson return to action today as they lead Aris FC into Greek Cup action against Skoda Xanthi. Adu is coming off his first start for the Greek club, a match that saw him score his first goal in two years.

Today's match is scheduled for a 9am kickoff so feel free to start the feed hunt immediately.


The New York Red Bulls' search for central midfield depth has led them to Honduran Maynor Suazo. The 30-year-old former Honduran national team midfielder has joined the Red Bulls in Florida for a trial.

Suazo spent six seasons playing for SV Salzburg and most recently played for Antalyaspor. He hasn't played professionally since May of 2008, after which he spent a year sidelined after right knee surgery. He has spent the past eight months looking for a club.

If his name rings a bell, it's because he was once regarded as one of Honduras' best young prospects, a player who earned a role on the national team at a very young age. He also happens to be the player who's foul set up Clint Mathis' game-winning free kick goal in the U.S. national team's World Cup qualifying win vs. Honduras in San Pedro Sula in 2001.


The Kansas City Wizards' international makeover looks set to continue as the club is expected to sign Moldovan winger Igor Kostrov to a new deal. A 22-year-old midfielder capable of playing on either flank, Kostrov has been on trial with the Wizards this pre-season.

The Wizards have been busy adding foreign talent this off-season, with Danish goalkeeper Jimmy Nielsen, Guadeloupan midfielder Stephane Auvray, Colombian defender Pablo Escobar and now Kostrov.


What do you think of these developments? Starting to believe Davies will be back for the World Cup? Wishing Hiddink was going to be on the sidelines for the USA friendly? Think Adu can keep it going in Greece?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. What a bargain Bradley has been!
    Hiddink didn’t even qualify Russia for the World Cup! What a way to throw $$$$ down the drain…

  2. and Ives and I aren’t the only ones either.
    This guy, who said all of this in support of Bob BEFORE the Confederations Cup.
    But you know, all coaches in these positions get criticized because they are in these positions, even your beloved potato.
    Bob has since before he took the job!!!
    The funny thing about the criticism Bob receives is that he gets the desired result and still gets the criticism. I think it is because people who only half way pay attention (MOST AMERICAN SOCCER FANS) don’t realize that we don’t have the players and infrastructure yet to WIN EVERY GAME, EVEN AGAINST BRAZIL. I don’t get it myself, Bob has increased our player base while posting a winning record, qualifying for the world cup, and showing the world what we can do at the Confed Cup, but like i say, not everyone can be a USMNT fan.

  3. typo:
    “…out of the 6 more many of those were B teams gaining experience, LIKE the 09 Gold Cup loss to Mexico which was the FINALS).”

  4. It might be interesting to see where Bob Bradley goes after winning the World Cup and retiring from the U.S. national team a hero….

    Anyways, it would be stupid to undermine Bob for this cycle by hiring his replacement ahead of time…unless you hate America.

    And he would find out, these things are never well kept secrets.

    Bob is also doing a wonderful job, so I don’t see why you don’t think he is world class.

    Consider his accomplishments for a short moment:

    Beating ITALY, Egypt, SPAIN, Mexico, Honduras, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, China, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Switzerland, South Africa; tying ARGENTINA; WINNING the GOLD CUP which mattered so we could go to the CONFEDERATIONS CUP; EXPANDING the player pool broadly by giving young an inexperienced players experiences of their lifetimes to help them develop and grow and become strong members of our A team, like starting a C team against ARGENTINA, PARAGUAY, and COLUMBIA at the COPA AMERICA, players like CHARLIE DAVIES, BORNSTEIN (not the best left back in the world, but possibly OUR best, better because of the Copa America), Pearce, Wynne, Beckerman, Guzan, CLARK, FEILHABER, Kljestan, DEMERITT- some of these have become starters, others are better back ups than we would have had otherwise and could rise again, for this move, Bob was widely criticized; Doing it all over again with a young B team in the 2009 Gold Cup and still reaching the final, even in the face of deep criticism for losing a worthless Gold Cup (no Confederations Cup on the line), even though we gained more valuabe experience; Getting to OUR FIRST FINALS OF A WORLD-WIDE FIFA TOURNAMENT-THE CONFEDERATIONS CUP, LEADING BRAZIL AT HALF TIME 2 GOALS TO NIL IN THAT FINAL(!!!); Winning every stage of CONCACAF WORLD CUP QUALIFYING (something that is not an easy thing to do, ask Bruce Arena who barely even qualified in 2002…I don’t care who you are, you are a pig if you don’t give respect for being tops in qualifying, it is quite an accomplishment, just ask the United States players, who’d probably tell you to eff off if they heard you slight this grand achievement in their careers); and posting an overall winning record in the 3+ years he has been coaching despite having the hardest schedule of any other U.S. team, a record of 34-16-6 (out of those 16 losses, 10 of those losses were to Brazil, England, Columbia, Paraguay, Spain, Italy, & Argentina, out of the 6 more many of those were B teams gaining experience 09 Gold Cup which made the FINALS).

    I’m probably leaving something off, but that is all I can remember right now.

    But you know, Potato would have done better, qualifying us for the World Cup, just like he did with Russia….way better coach for the U.S.A. way better…

    And I’m not the only one who thinks this. Reading Ives I know he generally agrees, and I value his opinion because it is more informed than I’ll ever be when it comes to the USMNT.

    But you know, that is just my opinion.

  5. These are my 23 players I see going to the world cup for the USA

    -1. Tim Howard

    -2. Jonathan Spector

    -3. Carlos Bocanegra

    -4. Michael Bradley

    -5. Oguchi Onyewu

    -6. Steve Cherundolo

    -7. DeMarcus Beasley

    -8. Clint Dempsey

    -9. Charlie Davies

    10. Landon Donovan

    11. Kenny Cooper

    12. Jonathan Bornstein

    13. Ricardo Clark

    14. Jose Torres

    15. Jay DeMerit

    16. Benny Feilhaber

    17. Jozy Altidore

    18. Brad Guzan

    19. Freddy Adu

    20. Maurice Edu

    21. Eddie Johnson

    22. Stuart Holden

    23. Marcus Hahnemann

    Jermaine Jones, Edgar Castillo, Clarence Goodson are three players that are on the bubble

    I feel that if Beasley, Adu, Edu, and Johnson continue playing well in their clubs, they will be call up for the World Cup that is why I put those 4 in the 23 players going to the World Cup

    Charlie Davies is a huge questionmark because I believe Bradley will choose his 23 before the Netherlands game on March 3 and Davies will still hit the field for his club in France in late April

  6. I’m glad to hear about the speedy progress on my boy Chuck D. I can’t wait for him to step on the field. Thanks ives!

    Suazo in the MLS, yeeahhh! NY is a perfect fit for him.

  7. Colonial backwater? Not only have I somehow been transported to the 1700’s, but it is a weird alterna-1700’s with the internet and World Cup soccer.

  8. NO STUART??!


    Spector – Onyewu – DeMerit – Boca

    Demps – Bradley – Torres – Donovan

    —-Altidore –Davies

    HOLDEN (and Demps to ST at 55 or 60)
    Casey or Cooper

    Yes Freidel and Yes Torres starts. Hopefully BB will let us get a look at a full 90 from Torres. Other wise it is Clark or Edu. Gotta play to win, and gotta score goals to win. Oh and I would take a healthy Cooper over a healthy Casey. But would I take either over an in form Beasley? Spector might allow BB to take 6 true defenders? Freidel is a must if Howard actual was to go down and the US wants to still have a legit chance. Davies off Holden on at 60, Demps to ST is the move so is 23 as ST or D or Castillo? Conrad? Goodson? NOPE. Edu , Dolo , and OO spots depending on form and healthy same for Davies clearly. Best of luck to all. Lookin forward to the WC … U S A!!!


  9. yo ives still no word on whats next for danny cepero? i read in the daily news that red bulls waived him. also mbuta and walter garcia got the pink slips too. do you think he’ll get picked up? hes pretty solid as a keeper and young with room to improve.

  10. Maynor is very much a defensive-type midfielder. That said, he does provide very good outlet passes and does get involved offensively. He was also voted the Austrian Bundesliga ‘Player of the Year’ in 2004. Unfortunately, he has had a few knee injuries in the last few years. Having seen him play, he is a very calm and collected player.

  11. Ives, do you have any insight into what’s going on with Chivas USA and what’s going on with Vegara in Mexico regarding the trademarks on the name “Chivas?”

  12. It would make sense. The final roster is that late in case of injuries.

    I remember last go round C. Gibbs was likely to make the roster but was injured in one of those pathetic warm-ups we had in the lead up.

  13. Read what Fischy said. My point is that it’s bad timing and has nothing to do with USSF underperformance. What was the USSF supposed to do? Go after Hiddink now for the next cycle? Announce that we signed Capello for after Euro 2012?

  14. Cut the following off the bench and replace them with one of the following:

    Conrad < Edu (Def.Mid/CenterDef)

    Casey < Tracy

    Findley excess Add Dolo for Right Back.

    Perkins/Hahnemann either is fine. Othwise I'm OK with the squad.

  15. And I think just the fact that Freddy is playing pro somewhere and scoring goals is HUGE for his confidence and WILL place him in the USA camp.

  16. I am getting really excited for the world cup again, with guys like Davies and Onyewu getting to 100%. Also with guys like Adu, Beasley and Altidore playing the way we need them to play, we are deffently looking at a team that could beat England in the first game. I am thinking this could be our starting 11 for England:




















  17. You don’t undermine your coach by hiring his replacement. Plain and simple.

    Moreover, to slam the USSF is silly. Who says Hiddinnk even wants to come to this colonial backwater?

  18. Yes. I told Sunil he could expect flowers. Humor has some place in these things, right?

    Dear PeterK: We all know we have Bradley through this cycle. The question is who we get *after* South Africa. Like many other die-hards, I would like a world class manager.

    MLS managers?

    Most of us are elated when US players make it on the world stage. I will be similarly pleased when American managers start getting jobs at clubs overseas. But at present, the MLS is not producing world class managers.

    It would be interesting to see if and when top Americans start spending time learning management overseas — after their playing careers are done.

  19. Did it in 08! I think Belgium are the dangerous side – fantastic u-23s who played in the WC qualifying round and should be ready to go for Euro. Turkey on the other hand need to bleed in a few new players.

  20. Seriously Dude, “flowers”?

    Though I like where your head is at regarding Gulati signing Hiddink, as one economist to another (you to Gulati), I would have thought a big bag of filthy lucre might have been a more appropriate approach.

  21. Topographical maps, weather pattern maps, geotechnical maps, maps from before the fall of the Soviet Union, maps from those online games where you have to match the name of the name of the country with its correct spot on the map

    Need any more examples?

  22. Excited to see Charlie coming back, but hoping that doctors are making extra sure that it’s not too soon. It’d be crushing to have him start field rehab only to re-injure something.

  23. Great Goal Freddy, man is on a mission to silence his haters and I love it! Cant wait to see him against the Dutch and then with the boys in SA!

  24. Good goal. The feed was a bit jumpy.

    If he intended to put it in that corner, its a pretty classy goal. If not its still a good goal scorers goal.

    Without too much knowledge on this.. isn’t the Greek league about level with the Championship where the top teams are better than that. MLS for me is upper League 1.

  25. nice goal by Adu! highlights of his goal are already up.

    i think it is safe to say Adu will be called up against the Dutch.

    Oh yeah, and Charlie Davis is certainly Wolverine.

  26. As an Adu supporter all I wanted for him was for him to play and play well heading into the Netherlands friendly, so he can earn a call up.

    Looks like he is getting there.

  27. Agreed, but CV at least scored from time to time. He also played zero defense unlike Suazo. Didn’t he just stand in the center circle and spray balls everywhere? I wish we had a guy like him in MLS right now!


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