Arena on extending Donovan's loan: We're not interested

Arena on extending Donovan's loan: We're not interested

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Arena on extending Donovan's loan: We're not interested


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 Just when you think he's out, they pull him back in.

On the same day Everton manager David Moyes admitted hope that a deal could get done to extend Landon Donovan's loan, Los Angeles Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena stated emphatically that the Galaxy has no interest in doing that.

"We're not interested," Arena told MLSNet on Friday. "Landon will be back here March 15. We're being consistent with everything we've said all along."

Arena didn't completely close the door on a loan extension though, pointing out that an extension could potentially happen if MLS was forced into a work stoppage by the as-yet unsuccessful labor negotiations between MLS and the Players Union.

"Obviously the collective bargaining could change that," Arena told MLSNet. "If we didn't have a league going on we would certainly entertain the idea of allowing Landon to stay there."

What does this mean exactly?

In theory, Donovan's loan could be extended all the way to April 15 with Donovan still being able to return to MLS because the MLS transfer window closes April 15. The March 15 deadline was the deadline the Galaxy and Everton agreed to in order to have Donovan return and train with the Galaxy ahead of the start of the season.

Now, if MLS labor talks go nowhere, and a strike takes place, the Galaxy could let Donovan stay in Everton all the way to April 15 before having to make a final decision on whether to let Donovan stay for the rest of the Premier League season. At that point, we would be talking about little more than a month before Donovan would depart for U.S. national team World Cup camp.

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