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Cherundolo scores free kick goal in Hannover defeat

Steve Cherundolo 3 (Getty Images)

Steve Cherundolo and Hannover 96 suffered their latest lopsided loss at the hands of FC Cologne on Saturday, and although the team remains in the relegation zone, Cherundolo did enjoy some individual success in the match.

Cherundolo made his first start since being sidelined by a shoulder injury back in late January, and netted Hannover's lone goal off a free kick from 23 yards out in the club's 4-1 loss. The goal was Cherundolo's first of the season, and comes just two games after he assisted on Hannover's game-winning goal against Eintracht Frankfurt.

If you didn't see it, here's the goal:

What do you think of the goal? Impressed? Think Cherundolo should take free kicks more often for the U.S. national team?

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  1. war,

    I’m no expert but I had a friend who was a college coach and he once told me that obviously you would like to a see player in person as much as possible but that you also miss things, which is where the tape reviews come in.

    Plus you get to look back over what the bigger picture looked like. If you spend a lot of time breaking down tapes you can get a much better idea about the little things a player does that don’t make the papers and that are hard to see from the stands.

    I don’t think it’s physically possible for Bradley to catch all our overseas guys in a short period of time. As others have pointed out, the US player pool is pretty spread out.

    You obviously are a luddite and anti technology. As someone else pointed out do you see all these Americans in person? If not I assume you watch them on the same video feeds everyone else does so how do you know what Bradley is missing? I’ll bet

    the tapes he gets are far more comprehensive than what are available to the general public.

  2. If you were the USMNT coach are you really going to learn a lot if you watch Donovan, about whom you probably already know everything worth knowing?

    Or do you think your time would be better spent watching a bubble guy like Goodson or Bedoya, Clark, Edu or Beasley?

    I think it’s interesting that you are already mad at a guy because he MIGHT do something that you don’t like. Where I’m from that makes you prejudiced.

  3. How do you know he doesn’t go to as many games as possible?

    How many Yanks Abroad are there? Is it physically possible to catch all the games since a lot of them play on the same day and are located very far apart? Capello, for example has all his guys playing in one small country.

    Could you explain what you mean by your post?

  4. At the end of the day, most wingers you willl face at the World Cup are “speedy”. Boca plays left back in France and they have lots of “speedy” wingers there.

    Defending speed, when you are not as fast, is all about positioning,anticipation and teamwork. Boca is very experienced.

  5. Landon, bless his balding little head, is about the 5th or 6th chioice in my book for USMNT free kicks. I’d rather that go to Holden, Torres, Dempsey, Cherundolo, Spector befor ehim. He often does not get the ball over the first defender. Then again just about every dead ball he took for Everton that I saw was great. Concentration is a wonderful thing.

  6. So you actually expect him to attend every Yank aborad game in person, right?

    We have players in England, Scandanavia, Greece, Germany, France, etc. all playing on the same day or within a day or two of each other and you expect him to catch all these games in person?

    Just asking. Because the flip side of that is, do you see all these guys in person? If you don’t then how do you know what BB is missing?

  7. I’ll take the bait; since I’ve been saying for years now, the US can get a bit too predictable if it’s always landon taking the free kicks, pk’s, and corners.

    Landon’s pretty good, but of the 3 I would rate his free kicks as his weakest. Better for USMNT if more players on team, and sure why not Dolo, got chances to show what they can do from distance. Some times.

  8. But that makes too much sense; instead we should start the MLS LB who was torched by…lots of teams, most recently Netherlands.

  9. If bob actually went to all these games with players who play abroad he would discover a lot of talent in a couple of years after the world cup. yet you have to realize until charlie davies no one really knew the strength of a Scandinavian league.

  10. Just last week, I believe, BB was in Europe watching at least a few US players in Scandinavia. He was even IN THE STANDS at an IK Start match. WOW

  11. The only way BB knew anything about Jozy’s or Marcus’ great showings today is if he read the messages on this site. I would love the tv cameras to show him in the stands before a game. He’s probably to busy watching Bornstein and Ching here. That’s probably unfair, but, whenever BB talks about watching his players abroad, he always talks about tapes and scouts. The one vague picture of BB Donovan’s last home game was the only slight sighting i’ve seen. Relying on Ching, or any of the fringe MLS players in a big game isn’t going to get us anywhere. He has done a lot, but, I really really feel that if he had any excuse to start a MLS player like Sacha or Ching, he would. play demps and Altidore up front against England, or Altidore and Ching (if davies isn’t 100% starting material), he’d go with the latter.

  12. I trust Bobo Bradley. I mean, i’ll criticize him, but tactfully.
    I’m wondering if he’ll consider Spector at LB vs. England since Boca could get caught by one of England’s many speedy wingers and the fact that he plies his trade there too. And yes, I like Dolo’s play. Consistent.

  13. It’s a reflection of the lack of trust US fans have in the USMNT management.

    Most seem to think Bradley is a moron who can’t log onto a computer, use a cell phone and knows nothing beyond college soccer. I think they believe him to be as lazy as they are.

    It does make you wonder how the USMNT dug up Alejandro Bedoya, who barely rated a mention on Google a few months ago. Obviously Bradley and his staff had nothing to do with that.

    Just like the fact that Bradley must hate JF Torres, even though he keeps calling him up.

    And just like the fact that if it was up the Bradley, Charlie Davies wouldn’t be on the US team. That is an interesting bit of revisionist history. In the games leading up to Davies’ breakout game (Egypt, Confederations Cup), the real issue was, with Ching gone, the US was playing Josie alone up front, apart from one game where Casey replaced Ching in the 4-4-2, and it wasn’t going well.

    Of course, red cards in the Italy and Brazil games didn’t really help. So I would argue the move to Davies was prompted by the less than stellar performance of Jozy in the 4-5-1 and of Conor Casey, who replaced Ching and was subbed out by DMB in the 75th minute, not looking that good with Jozy in the 4-4-2 in the Honduras game. It was their last game before the Confederations Cup.

  14. how long until a thread pops up on big soccer saying Dolo should take all free kicks from now on? less than two minutes, I say. it’ll just be like the next american to score a third-division goal in Europe should be called into the next camp.

  15. The Nat’s need to play Spector at LB and Dolo at RB…..they are our two best fullback’s —period as far as speed, crossing, and marking. Boca is not bad at LB, but he will get caught from time to time by a speedy RW.

    We need our best players on the field on defense and the following are our best–and Bornstein is NOT among them: Spector, Boca, Demerit, Gooch, and Dolo.

    It’s just too bad that one of Demerit, Gooch, and Boca will not be able to start.

    Best players MUST be on the field and Dolo is among those.

  16. Nice goal from Dolo, good strike. He was the captain today and Hannover had to play a man down right before the 2nd half. Hannover’s been struggling this year, with lots of injuries and Enke’s death. They’ll probably need at least 10 pts in the last 6 games to avoid relegation. I believe this is Dolo’s last yr on contract, so he might leave even if Hannover stay in Bundesliga 1.


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